Saturday, October 31, 2009

Indy Andy Lambert

In the spirit of Halloween, I just had to re-post this pic Lori created last year with Anderson as Indiana Jones. As much as he works out now he could probably be a pretty convincing Indy Andy for his Halloween costume this year.

The pic below is not Anderson dressing as Adam Lambert for Halloween. It is one of nine things's suggests to help boost CNN's ratings.

The article says:

Anderson, You Look Mahvelous

Let’s talk about Anderson Cooper’s hair, shall we? Yes, the Silver Fox has gotten a lot of mileage out of his sleek gray ‘do. But when times are tough, you’ve got to adapt. He could switch to a platinum blonde dye job, or maybe grow it out into an Adam Lambert-like cut. Viewers could even vote on what look they want Cooper to rock next. We’ll tell you this much: If “Carrot Top-style red afro” ever comes up as an option, we’re voting early and often.


CNN must be thinking hiring some fresh blood may help ratings. I found two different job postings for AC360 - a head booker and producer.


Earlier today I was watching a snippet of Jon Stweart's show where is talks about the feud between the White House and Fox News. He brings up some excellent points but the most interesting thing was that Fox News itself has proclaimed that the news shows are on from
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. on weekdays. So that means Greta's show (along with a slew of others) is not a "news" show. . If it isn't a "news" show should AC360 ratings be compared against Greta's? Just a thought. Here is the clip from The Daily Show.

If your little corner of the world recognizes Daylight Savings Time have you set your clocks back one hour?

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The pic of Anderson with Adam Lambert's hair is creepy. At this point I don't even think Anderson doing 360 naked would help with the ratings. I wouldn't mind if he did the show like that, but I don't even think that would help. At this point 360 just needs a complete overhaul. Its obvious that the way it is now isn't working.

I think I'll just go to the naughty chair now...LOL!!!

judy said...

Interesting question Quitty, but as long as it is called the Fox News Channel, and it is slotted at the same time, the audience considers it NEWS, and in end it's the audience that drives the ratings. They don't differenciate.
According to TVNewser:Greta is headed to Pakistan to interview the Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton. And then she will be interviewing the former George H.W. Bush in Germany and if that's not news worthy, I don't know what is.
As for Lambert's wig, a clever graphic of AC, but I think it would be more suited, right about now, for Jon Klein's crazy fact it could be the start of a whole new show to replace Campbell Brown: Crazy Antics With Jon Klein....each nite he would think of another bad idea. Just think of the viewship!

AC Fan in CA/IL said...

I know I'm a little late, but I can finally put a face-to-a-name to this Greta person. I once read an article about how she accused Anderson of exploiting Katrina, and just have not liked her since. I don't watch Fox, so I'm only familiar with the "BIG WIGS" so to speak.

Funny pictures of Anderson. Sometimes I do wish he'd grow his hair out. But he's a brunette, not a blonde :) And that Daily Show clip was Hilarious!

thanks for the post.

Phebe said...

Kay Jones tweeted on Friday that it was her last day with AC360. She's been promoted to a new job at CNN on the 7th floor. We all know what a hard working person she is, so maybe it will take two new people to replace her? :)

Good post Quitty, thank you.

Em said...

Saw that peice on the Daily Show and thought as usual, Jon was right on the money. He (and his writers) are amazingly accurate in their commentary. I have to watch him atleast a few time a week when I can just to remind me how absurd all this partisan B.S. is!

I'm thinking Anderson might look better in the Indiana Jones shirt...