Friday, October 30, 2009

Mr. President, I don't need to see your nipples!

Ah, a nice catchy title for tonight's post. Tedi B. here, and I'm sitting in for Julie tonight. I'll give you the, not so detailed, run down of tonight's show. It was okay but lacked that certain something....that certain something being in India, apparently (see the end of the post!).

Also, before we begin I'd like to thank Wonz for the caps tonight. Let's all give her a bow!

-John King was in again for AC and began the program with a story of an American contractor, Chris Turner, who helped save others by fighting the Taliban in an attack they executed in a U.N. safe house. Michael Ware talked about the story and interview the American, Chris Turner.

-Are you sick of hearing about getting sick? Seems, as Randi Kaye reports, there's a lot of misinformation about H1N1 floating around the net. That's probably because people listen to the hype about things instead of researching it for themselves. I suppose it's up to each of us to make an informed decision about getting the vaccine. The important word in that sentence being "informed". Dr. Gupta came on again to answer a few more questions about the H1N1 and gave us the startling info that potentially over 1/2 the country may be infected with the swine flu this season!

-The Economy is getting better! John talked with Christina Romer about the growth. We've seen a 3.5% increase in the economy but leave it to the Republicans to look on the not so sunny side of that fact. As, Wanda Sykes noted it's nice that Obama has given the country CPR. Man, I can't believe that he hasn't done more yet! He hasn't saved the world? Gotten rid of nuclear weapons? Solved the poverty Issue? Gotten rid of bigotry? Boy, Obama is slacking. Get with it, Barack!

-More on Sarah Palin. (Can you tell I'm thrilled?). Apparently, she is campaigning against the Republican candidate in a New York race and backing the conservative party candidate. Is that really weird? She' more conservative than a black suit at board meeting. Puleese! Anyway, John spoke with Paul Begala and David Frum about it.

-Finally up was an interview with Wanda Sykes. Her speech at this year's correspondent's dinner left some speechless but I enjoyed it! How many people can talk about the President's nipples and get away with it?

-We didn't clip the shot tonight because it really wasn't that funny but it did show some animals with pumpkins. 'Tis the Season for gourds!

Some pictures from Phebe :

I'm sure most of you received multiple alerts today about where Anderson is spending at least part of his vacation. From the NY Post's Page Six to the big news of the day is Cooper is staying at the Rambagh Palace Jaipur near Rajasthan, India. Here are a few pictures of the property.

Here's my personal wish for you all....


Tedi B.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Wonz, great job with the caps tonite!!! Why didn't you tell me you were doing that??? No wonder you were on the BB.

I like that 360 began with Michael Ware talking to Chris Turner about the attack on the guesthouse in Kabul. That is the type of story 360 needs to start with. Something that is actually pressing and relevant. We definitely need more Michael Ware on 360. He really knows his stuff.

Regarding swine flu, if they don't want people panicking then maybe they shouldn't talk about it so much. The more its talked about the more people are going to panic. I did however like seeing Dr.Gupta on the program. He can talk about anything and I'll pay attention. I like the way he presents medical news.

I really couldn't get into 360 last nite, however the first 30 minutes were better than the last 30 minutes. I can't wait until Anderson is back. I miss him and 360 just is not the same without him. Hope he's back on monday.

Well if Page Six is right and that's where Anderson is staying I hope he's having a a very nice, relaxing vacation. It looks like a nice place.

Love the Snoopy picture, Tedi B :)

aries moon said...

Funny title for this post! If for some reason I was somehow FORCED to see a President's nipples, I don't think I'd mind so much if it were Obama's. :P

I liked seeing Michael Ware conducting that interview with Chris Turner, hope they do more of that. The Wanda Sykes piece was kind of random and it would've been fun to see Anderson interviewing her. The positive economic news was welcome, but I guess it's hard for some people to get off of the idea that Obama is "destroying" the country with all the government spending--given time, things may turn completely around and the even the job market might improve, but it's not going to happen overnight.

It's crazy how Anderson can't seem to take a vacation without someone somewhere finding out about it. Does that happen to any other news anchors? I couldn't believe the number of Google alerts that stemmed from that one article in the New York Post. Anyway, Anderson's very fortunate to be able to travel to these incredible parts of the world and stay in such amazing places--the hotel in India looks enormous and lord knows it's very expensive. Some may begrudge Anderson's ability to live this way, but he's in a business that pays a great deal and he has worked hard over the years and has earned it. I hope he's having a good time and not concerning himself with all of the bad news about 360's ratings. That can wait for now.

aries moon said...

Ah, I wanted to add also that I love the Snoopy on the pumpkin cartoon. One of my guilty pleasures is watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", with my young nieces.

Isabel Siaba said...

Guys! What is this place? Wonderful!
Together with Anderson Cooper should be your own paradise! Hahahaha...

Without AC, I have not been excited to watch the show because my time zone is 3 hours now. ATA has been the best of the week. You all are great!


judy said...

@aires moon: You hit a nerve and I'd like to explain why. When you said some people might begrudge Anderson his ability to afford such expensive places...and etc. I don't begrudge him a vacation and yes he has worked hard, but so have other anchors/journalists. Here's the thing, this particular hotel is not only expensive, it is by far the MOST opulent. How can he reconcile his lavish tastes with all the reporting he did about poverty stricken areas? The first thought that popped into my mind was how he can reconcile this opulence with those that live in FEMA trailers? How can he reconcile this opulence with people who lost everything and still don't have homes? How can he reconcile this opulence with the African atrocities. And, to make matters worse, India is plagued with poverty. Yes, I agree he does not have to live in squalor just because he reports on it and he deserves a vacation, but does it have to be an "in your face," over the top, the MOST EXPENSIVE, place during a recession?
We ALL admired his sensitivity during Katrina. Where is his sensitivity now?? I know this is negative, but it needs to be asked.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Judy, I see nothing wrong with him staying at that hotel. If he can afford it why not. Yes he has reported on the poor, but why should he have to alter his lifestyle??? I don't think him staying in such a nice hotel should make one question his sensitivity. People do what they can afford. Why should he not do something he wants to do or go somewhere he wants to becuase others can't afford to or becuase some see that as insensitive.

Jaanza said...

Judy - maybe it's his Vanderbilt childhood that lets him live the disconnect of reporting from places like Ghana and Niger and the post-Katrina U.S. Gulf Coast but still enjoying the good life.

If I were someone famous, I'd pay extra to have a vacation in privacy. However, that didn't seem to work this time, wonder how the NY Post found out Anderson was not only in India but also in that particular hotel. I'm curious if they would be as intested in where Charlie Gibson went for his vacation.

Didn't see 360 last night, looks like I missed a good one.

olsond said...

@judy - being an anchor and reporting the news is Anderson's job, just like mine or yours. What he does with his money is nobody's business - not mine, not yours, not the homeless or those less fortunate. I have sympathy for those less fortunate, but I don't live my life according to them.

Lori, IL said...

I thought AC 360 did a good job with story order last night - leading off with the "Big Interview" and I loved that Michael Ware conducted the interview. He's so knowledgeable about the area...

I think that John King is doing a good job filling in for Anderson this week -- but will be glad to see Anderson back in the Anchor chair next week.

@ACAnderFan - I agree with you. I think they are feeding the fear with the constant reporting on the H1N1 vaccine debate.

@Judy - Anderson reports the news, he doesn't have to live it - and because he vacations at a luxury hotel doesn't mean he doesn't have compassion for those less fortunate.

@olsond - Well said. What Anderson chooses to do when he in not in the anchor chair is his business and his alone.

Looks like a great place, wish I could visit, but if I can't that doesn't mean I think Anderson shouldn't. I feel bad for him that he can't even go on vacation without being "hunted down" - give the man a break. I sure wouldn't want someone following, reporting and judging my every move.

I hope Anderson is enjoying his vacation and will be refreshed when he comes back next week -- we all deserve a little time away.

Thanks for the post and the Halloween Greeting, Tedi!

aries moon said...

@Judy, I respect your opinion and strong feelings about this issue, but I have to agree with olsond and ACAnderFan, it's simply no one's business what Anderson does with the money he's earned. Furthermore, it wasn't his intention to flaunt the fact that he was staying at such a fine hotel, the New York Post stuck their noses into his personal life and plastered it on their site--they have a specific agenda since they have connections to Fox News. I can't go into it here, but some of us are aware of certain facts and recognize the NYP's real motivations. We don't know what Anderson does for charity just as we don't know how someone like Brian Williams, who has also spent time covering NOLA, spends his vacations. Either way, it's really not our place to make judgments about how these people spend their time and money off camera.

Tedi B said...

From the years that I've been an AC fan I have heard many stories of him staying in a tent or a mud hut while working and even vacationing. I don't think $3200 a night hotels are his norm!

None of us know how much money and time Anderson gives to charities. He could give tons to help. It is my feeling that there is a line between being extravagant with your money and living comfortably and splurging every now and again. I don't believe Anderson is opulent at all. I don't see anything wrong with his vacation plans. It's certainly not how he lives his life everyday. He's not throwing a hundred thousand dollar diamond collar on his dog or living in a 10 million dollar penthouse house on the upper west side. He seems to live somewhat frugally so I don't think there's anything wrong his vacation spot. Don't we all splurge on vacation? It doesn't mean we don't still give money and care about poverty.

judy said...

@aires moon and others who answered my concern: Thank you for your thoughtful responses. But sometimes we can all "rationalize" the actions of others.
I've no stock in the NYPost and though they do have conservative leanings, they are known to go after everybody who seeks publicity. If AC hadn't stayed in "the lap of luxury," they probably would have just let it go.
Today we are all aware that every move we make is global and when you're in the public eye, there are no secrets.