Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What is it About Wednesdays?

John King back in the AC360 anchor chair on Wednesday night. When JK did the rundown of the program's content I was more than a little disappointed. After watching the broadcast the only thing that saved the night for me was the discussion with Michael Ware and David Gergen on Afghanistan. What is it about Wednesdays' AC360? I've had three stinkers in a row. Joe John's opened the program with news that the POTUS did fundraisers and gave supporters access and special treatment. I am shocked I tell you......shocked. I had no idea that those types of things happened in Washington, DC. Paul Begala and Ed Rollins did the follow-up.
This was a ridiculous waste of air time and I agree with Begala, if it was a quid pro quo then it would be news, it's not and so it isn't.Part II of the CSU investigation into the aftermath of the tsunami in American Samoa. Three weeks after the tsunami the local government officials were almost invisible and there was no evidence of the US aid money working to save and rebuild the island.Another follow-up in the next segment, this time on the gang rape of the student in Northern CA. Five suspects are in custody and four could spend the rest of their lives in prison. Jeffery Toobin and Lisa Bloom talked with King about the legalities of the case.Finally we get to some International news about the deadly attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan today, both resulting in deaths. 5 UN workers who were were killed in Afghanistan by the Taliban to send a message against the run off election that will be held in 10 days.
Also in Middle East news was the story about the CIA paying Ahmed Karzai, the drug lord brother of the Afghan President. Joining JK to discuss was Michael Ware, David Gergen and Bob Baer (Intelligence Analyst, three panelists agreed that this payoff should come as no surprise. As Michael Ware said 'I'd be surprised if you (US gov't) weren't paying Karzai's brother'. Gergen added that it's been a standard American tactic to try and buy our way out of a problem rather than fight our way out of a problem. This was a fascinating discussion and if you missed it you should be kicking yourself. Why it was buried at the end of the program is beyond me.Back to politics with Candy Crowley talking about Sarah Palin and Levi Johnson. The only thing this report had going for it was CC. Thank God we didn't have to listen to a follow-up.

I posted Jon Klein's pep talk at ATC today too and we got an anonymous comment that summed things up pretty well. I wanted to share it with all of you:
Moving on Julie found a real treat for us today, and thanks to BA for uploading it too. This video is from Janette Barber's website. From the excitement of the two ladies that spotted Anderson biking I'm guessing they are fans. (This video was posted back in August, it is not from this vacation week.) Take a look:

It's been an odd week here at ATA and happily my weekend has arrived. My DH and the boys are heading out in a few hours for their annual trip to commune with nature. This pilgrimage signals to the women folk of the family that it is time for unbridled shopping and eating out. So I'll be back with you on Monday....many dollars poorer and a few pounds heavier. Have a great weekend everyone. ~Phebe

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Anne said...

Hi Phebe,

I thought the stories out of Afghanistan should have opened tonight's show. I agree with you that the opening story was indeed a ridiculous waste of time, it went on for 20 minutes. If Paris Hilton had a traffic ticket of some kind, I guess they would have opened with that. Sadly, I also agree with the anonymous statement about what Jon Klein is doing to CNN's programs. Anne D.

judy said...

@Annie in reference to the other ATA post: Good comment and very optimistic, but if Klein stepped out of the way, there might not be "fear and hopelessness."
He gave that pep talk in response to a NYT's article criticizing CNN's programming and his work. Obviously his job is in least it should be.
@Phebe and Julie: Cute video of the two women in the car spotting AC. I would have thought they'd have stopped or waved they were so excited. But they respected his privacy.
Have a carefree shopping spree.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

360 wasn't bad last nite. Well I wasn't suprised by Drew Griffins's peice on wasted tax dollars. At this point it seems like a regular occurance that tax dollars are being wasted. What did surprise me is that this tiny little place called American Samoa is getting so much money. I mean do they really need so much money???

I liked John's discussion with Jeffrey Toobin and Lisa Bloom. Its totally ridiculous that people saw that poor girl being raped and did nothing to stop it or report it. I can't believe none of the chaperons didn't try to stop it. Surely they knew what was going on. The whole thing is just crazy.

Interesting discussion with Michael Ware, David Gergen and Bob Baer about the brother of the Afghanistan president being on the CIA payroll.

360 wasn't that bad last nite. At least we didn't get the Texas execution story or the sweat lodge story.

Cute video of Anderson on his bike. He is so addicted to that BlackBerry though. He can't even ride his bike without being on it. Very cute :)

Jaanza said...

Wednesday wasn't all that bad. Agree that the first story was sort of a non-story, it reminded me of the Obama/Nixon thing last week.

Best parts of 360 were the report on the homecoming gang rape and especially the panel with Jeffrey Toobn and Lisa Bloom, and then the Afghanistan report although I don't think Ware, Gergen and that other guy got as much time as they deserved. Panels should never be more than two people plus the anchor, more than that and there isn't enough time for everybody.

I saw only a little of the Levi Johnston report; it sounded like he said stuff that was already in the two Vanity Fair articles. As much as I like seeing Sarah Palin get bashed, what was the new news in that segment?

The only thing I can remember about The Shot was John King trying to say something funny about it; can't remember at all what The Shot was.

aries moon said...

The dynamic roundtable on Afghanistan with Gergen, Ware and Baer is the only thing on 360 that really caught my attention so far - I haven't really been able to get into the program this week.

Nice little video of AC on his bike but once again, he's without a helmet - bad move. Just looking at the area the women are driving around in really makes me wish I lived in Manhattan, such a cool place.

bostongal said...

Have fun Phebe :), I don't have words for the show anymore (its been bad for a while now and the last three nights with an equally competent substitute anchor doesn't make it any better)the AC bike video is cute, I guess I'd be doing the same thing if it were me in the car...

Anonymous said...

it's funny to see two grown-up women being excited almost like some teenage Twilighters at the sight of Rob Pattinson :D but I'd probably react the same way :)

Lori, IL said...

I'm not sure why the first story made the news. Nor did I see the need for more on the aftermath of the tsunami in American Samoa. The corruption story seems to be more worthy of airtime than the actual tsunami?

The story of the gang-rape in CA is just so sad. Thought it was interesting that John King added the statement to the effect of they don't like covering these types of stories. If that's the case, why a 2 night report with panels?

My favorite story this week was the international news (why isn't an international story included in every program?) out of Pakistan and Afghanistan. I always love it when MMichael Ware is in the studio. You can tell he's not only knowledgeable, but passionate about his reporting. I would have led with this story and given it 20 minutes... but nobody asked me.

Thanks for posting the movie Julie found of AC riding his bike and working his Blackberry! It was fun to see the ladies reaction to spotting AC - and I probably would have acted the same way!! (They will probably have to bury him with his BB someday - it seems to be permanently atttached!!)

Hope you have a good weekend, Phebe!
Thanks for the post.

Cyn said...

Didn't get to see the program last night, but I did pull the clip with Michael Ware and posted it on my site -- and I just posted a link to it (as well as his appearance on Campbell Brown's program) on ATC.

Phebe, have fun while the menfolk are away!