Monday, November 30, 2009

AC is in the House

The Monday edition of AC360 found Anderson Cooper back from vacation and Keeping Them Honest about Maurice Clemmons. Clemmons is suspected of killing 4 police officers in Seattle this weekend. Joe Johns reported that Clemmons has a very long rap sheet and was pardoned from a 100 year sentence in Arkansas by former Governor Mike Huckabee.The follow up discussion/interview was with Judge Marion Humphrey from Arkansas. He said of course in hindsight he regrets releasing Clemmons but says we are a nation who believes in forgiveness. Cooper got a bit feisty with the Judge when he couldn't get a straight answer to his questions.Next up was Randi Kay's report on the Tiger Woods drama. I have absolutely no interest in this story so forgive me for not relaying the details. Jeff Toobin and Christine Brennan (USA Today sports columnist) joined AC in the 360 studio to do the follow up. Toobin said that Tiger has a public relations problem not a legal problem. The media is not going to let this drop and I'm sure AC360 won't either.The White House party crashers story was reported on by Ed Henry. Another story I'm tired of but at least Henry's slant on the story made it more than just idle gossip. It is important to know just how this couple has gained access to events attended by the President and other top ranking officials. I'd bet they aren't the sharpest crayons in the box so if they can get by the Secret Service then other, more dangerous, people can too.

Anderson did interviews with Kayla Williams (former Army Sgt.), Vernice Armour (1st AA female combat pilot) and Dr. Heidi Kraft (Navy psychologist) and discussed problems of military women serving in combat areas. The talk ranged from where you sleep and change clothing to feeling the burden of carrying the standard for other women. They also discussed feeling invisible as veterans. I enjoyed this segment, it's not something that I've seen a lot of time devoted to by the media.Anderson read the email that Chelsea Clinton sent to friends and family this weekend announcing her engagement to Marc Mezvinsky. Erica Hill did a follow up piece on Chelsea growing up in the public eye and also on Mezvinsky and his political parents. The wedding is planned for next summer.Erica Hill and the 360 News and Business Bulletin:
• The Supreme Court has told a lower Court to reexamine its decision to release detainee photos
• H1N1 seems to be affecting fewer people in fewer States
• The Dow rallied late on Monday
• The 12 Days of Christmas costs more than $87,000 this year
• Roman Polansky remains in a Swiss jail
• Serena Williams has been fined $82, 500 for her outburst at the US Open

Now onto a few random ramblings since I have no extras for you today.

When AC held up the letter about Clemmons' clemency did you notice that someone forgot his cuff links again?

Like may of you I spent my Thanksgiving weekend shopping and getting started on my Christmas decorating. When I got home from my Black Friday adventure I found my dear husband had hauled out the artificial Christmas tree and plopped it in its usual spot. I spent the better part of Sunday unwrapping ornaments and placing them on the tree. When I was done I just couldn't get interested in stringing the usual garland around the tree and decided to opt for something different. I have never, in my entire life, put tinsel on a Christmas tree. In fact I find it rather tacky and have always turned my nose up at it. But I, for some unknown reason, decided I could not live without tinsel on my tree this year. So off to Target I went this morning to buy 2 49 cent packages of tinsel. I now have tinsel on the dog, tinsel on the furniture and tinsel on the carpet.....but not that much on the tree. And I cannot believe how much time I have devoted to failing in my first tinseling attempt. So if any of you wonderful readers have tinsel tips I would be grateful for your help. At this point I am thinking that tinsel knows I have spoken badly about it for years and this is its retribution. ~Phebe

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judy said...

Phebe, good to have you back as well as AC. Sorry I can't help you with your tinsel problem because I do not celebrate the holiday with a tree, but it was a cute story just the same.
I really feel Jeff Toobin got it right about Tiger Woods. It is a private matter, not a crime, let it go.
I don't like beginning with a crime story, no matter how dangerous the criminal and once again, wrong lead in for 360.
The party crashers need to "crash" somewhere else other than on every flat screen TV. Tired of hearing and seeing them as well. Their best punishment would be to NOT land on a reality televsion show, but knowing how ratings work, they just might. The security gap is the real issue and someone should be held accountable.
This could well have been another event that would have gone down in history like 9/11. And speaking of 9/11, have we learned NOTHING at all about tightening security?? Oh, I forgot, our airports are safer. Well the White House isn't.
Loved the shot with the tiny kitten. I'm a cat lover so I could watch that a thousand times over.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Happy day Anderson was back!!! I always miss him when he's gone.

I am glad 360 didn't begin with news of Tiger Woods. Hopefully the police will be able to capture that Clemmons guy. That judge who commuted Clemmons sentence is crazy. Something seems off with him (the judge). Anderson was getting feisty with him. I love when Anderson is in a feisty mood.

The Tiger Woods story doesn't belong on 360. Its a private matter and if it is going to be talked about it should be on E! or ESPN.

OK I am really over the white house party crashers. Time to move on. I am really sick of this story.

I liked Anderson speaking to Kayla Williams ,Vernice Armour, and Heidi Kraft about women in combat. Interesting discussion. This is the type of thing I like to see on 360.

While it was great that Anderson is back, the show wasn't as good as it could have been.

Can't help you with your tinsel problems, Phebe. Sorry :(

aries moon said...

Anderson's feisty demeanor during the interview with the nonsensical judge and his interjections and observations in the panel discussion about the Tiger Woods case were the best things about those segments. The women in the military report was a welcome and enlightening. I hope the WH party crashers fade into obscurity, it's not likely, but they shouldn't be rewarded for this stunt with a TV show. It's hard to imagine why the Secret Service was so lax in their screening of guests--hopefully they'll have a better system in place for the next big Presidential event.

Nice to see Anderson back and Phebe, your tinsel debacle made me laugh. Your poor dog!

ana_bolika said...

looooved 360 last night, but i thought the beginning was pretty scary. in germany they had two murderers on the loose, too, and since one week or so they have still been searching for one of them. that whole story looks like one of these trashy mark wahlberg movies. can't help.
why is chelsea clinton's engagement storyworthy? yeah, she is beautiful and daughter of extremely important politicians... is that enough?
and what about that french hands thing? OF COURSE - this is a good laugh these days, but i don't get the translation. anything that pops up at google is something about napoleon and what had been in french hands during his time... (:3)...

actually looking forward to tonight's 360 and when could i say that lately?


Nebraska Fan said...

Hi Phebe,

I don't know much about tinsel, either, but my grandma loved it and I remember her putting it on her tree strand by strand. Maddening! They warn that cats like to eat it and it can make them sick but I don't know if that applies to dogs or not.

MichellenLomita said...

I thought it outrageous when the judge said he and Huckabee acted responsibly in granting clemency. He regretted the decision but didn't really admit to his own terrible mistake and lack of wisdom. Sounded like he was trying to cover his reputation. I don't believe anyone should receive leniency only because they're under 18 when they commit the crime. The young know the difference between right and wrong, so let them serve their full sentence. And forgiveness and mercy for violent criminals means being humane to them behind bars, not letting them loose to victimize people. Anderson did a great job of grilling that judge. Wish he'd do that more often; it's exciting. AC's very respectful and courteous, but I love it when his emotions surface and he lets 'em have it.

Tedi B said...

When I had my cat and we used tinsel she would suck it up like it was spaghetti! I don't know why but she loved the stuff. So we had to stop using it because it came out not a good way. LOL

judy said...

According to TVNewser, AC won the time slot with the Heroes presentation. Unfortunately, FOX still won the nite. Shepard Smith, Hannity, and O'Reilly each had over a million viewers. With all the promotion you would have thought the Heroes presentation would have brought at least a million viewers. Perhaps they should rethink broadcasting it LIVE, from NYC, where it was originally. Live presentations on CNN always seem to do better.