Saturday, November 28, 2009

Anderson's Hero - Gordon Parks

Gloria and Gordon Parks

The pic was in a July 2000 New York Times article about the two.

Wonz found a little segment CNN posted with Anderson talking about Gordon Parks being his hero. Anderson says, "He is the person that probably put the spark in me about reporting." Here is the clip.

The above pic is of Gloria and Anderson waiting in the wings at the Gordon Parks Foundation Awards in 2007. When Parks passed away a couple of years ago Anderson did a blog post about him saying "Thankfully, his work, his art, his example -- those are things all of us still have to hold onto."

Aruna sent us this March 2008 article about a school in St. Paul, MN being named after Gordon Parks. Here is a snippet from the article:

"The new $7.5 million Gordon Parks High School is the new home of St. Paul's alternative learning center, meant for at-risk kids and dropouts, just like Parks. It serves about 300 students. Parks probably would have been right at home among them. When his mom died in 1927, he was sent to Minnesota to live with his sister. Parks argued with his brother-in-law and got thrown out of the house.

At the age of 15, he survived by playing piano in a brothel, sleeping on streetcars and sweeping out a pool hall. It's the kind of struggle all too familiar to kids at the new school, said Principal Steve Lindberg. "Gordon Parks is a really, really tremendous role model for our students, because of some of the things he came through as a youngster," said Lindberg. "Being homeless. Coming to St. Paul. But that attitude of never giving up and becoming that man that he was, that renaissance man."

Parks wrote eight books and shot pictures for the cover of Life and Vogue magazines. He played semi-pro basketball and became the first black director of a major Hollywood movie.

And finally, if you missed AC360 Wednesday night they showed a behind the scenes look at the Heroes taping.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I like the behind the scenes video of Heroes. I like seeing things like that.

Nice to hear AC talk about his hero, Gordon Parks. You can tell that he really respected him and looked up to him, by the way he talked about him.

The pic of Anderson holding his mom's hand is cute and sweet.

aries moon said...

Thanks for posting the Anderson hero video, the clip didn't work for me. Gordon Parks was an interesting man who accomplished a great deal in his lifetime. That's a wonderful picture of Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson together.