Friday, November 27, 2009

From the ATA Archives

I hope you all survived Black Friday and still have a few dollars left in your checking accounts? Since I'm sure I'll be all tuckered out from my day of retail therapy I preloaded a vintage clip from the ATA archives for your enjoyment. Here's an interview Anderson did, with Bill Maher, while AC was covering the aftermath of Katrina from Biloxi, Mississippi.

Have a great weekend everyone and hopefully both Anderson Cooper and I will be back on Monday! ~Phebe

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Good vintage AC clip. I liked hearing his outrage over the way Katrina was handled. Anderson needs to go back on Bill Maher's show again.

I hope Anderson is back monday nite. 360 just isn't the same without him.

judy said...

Phebe: That's the clip that put AC on the map and the clip that most saw in him, the hope and depth of future reporting. That was the Anderson full of vigor and vitality, and interest in the suffering of others. Bill Maher saw it. We ALL saw it and then, it disappeared. It disappeared when he took the celebrity route and started to believe his own press. That was the Anderson that didn't want to "hang with the celebs," but wanted instead to help uncover the truth. Unfortunately, and I really hate to say this, HE is gone.
Bill Maher has since invited him back, but excuses have been made. I don't know what they were or why. Only AC knows and I guess he'd just rather be Regis, now...and that is sad, really and truly sad. So when people say "I like to see the lighter side of Anderson, I just think, no I liked THAT ONE, the one Bill Maher saw in 2005.
Have a very happy and healthy birthday.

Jaanza said...

Fantastic clip from the archives, thanks for posting it.

I don't think Anderson's vigor and vitality disappeared but he has kept it under wraps or at a much lower level even when he does stories like Niger. Anderson's anger over Katrina was what put him on the forefront and got him huge attention, and ratings and then the 10:00 time slot.

Anderson needs to get angry. He needs to treat politicians and pundits the way he treated Sen. Landreau during that famous interview, while she was congratualtings herself and Congress for passing some bill and Anderson shot back about bodies in the streets being eaten by rats.

For some reason, Anderson won't let himself get fired up like that anymore. There's been a few examples of snippiness with politicians but he could do so much more.