Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not Much Anderson Cooper On Wednesday's AC360

Take a close look at this first clip. It's 17 seconds long and just about the only thing Anderson Cooper said on Wednesday's AC360.

No great surprise that most of tonight's AC360 was dedicated to dissecting the President's SOTU speech. What was surprising to me was there were no new reports about Haiti. Wolf and Campbell hijacked the program and it was not the AC360 I had hoped for.
There was only one time when the program turned to AC. He and Dr. Gupta were asked what they took away from the address. Here's their response.

Because I had a feeling Wednesday's AC360 would be heavy on politics and Haiti light I saved an earlier conversation Anderson and Sanjay's had with Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room for my post tonight. Wolf asks the men what has changed since they've been in Haiti and what is the most important change that needs to begin.

There was a full house in CNN's NYC studio this evening. Campbell Brown and Wolf kept the conversation moving while Gloria Borger, Candy Crowley, David Gergen were the supposed politically neutral component in the discussion. Roland Martin, Paul Begala and James Carville represented the Democrats and for the conservatives we had Erick Erickson (managing editor, Alex Castellanos,and Mary Matalin. The Independents were represented by John Avlon (The Daily Beast).

John King was at the magic wall catching us up on instantaneous responses to the SOTU.
Soledad O'Brien gave us the polling percentages.
And Jessica Yellin was with the focus group.

Except for Mary Matalin, her husband James Carville and Paul Begala I was bored to tears with the discussion. Too many people and too little Anderson to hold my attention.

I'm sure most of you saw the Google Alerts today about Mr. Cooper buying a property in NYC. This has been in the rumor mill for quite a while now, but today's news articles made it sound definite. I don't doubt that he bought it but I won't be convinced that he's making it into a home for himself until I see him carrying boxes in the door. For now color me a skeptic.

Another 360 special this weekend. AC tweeted on Wednesday night that this will be new material, not repeated segments. Here's his tweets from today, thanks to Wonz.

That's it for my regular blogging week. The ATA team will be monitoring CNN throughout the coming days and posting AC's live spots until he heads home. Have a great weekend everyone.~Phebe

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aries moon said...

Not sure why they kept the AC360 Banner up for most of the SOTU coverage--AC's time on the show was a definite "blink and you'll miss it" moment, but at least he'll be able to make up for it Thursday and Friday.

The firehouse is a pretty cool place for a residence *if* that's what Anderson's planning on doing.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Wow a 360 special that isn't a bunch of pieces we've seen already, that's a first. I'll have to watch it now that I know its not a repeat...LOL!!!

360 last nite wasn't very good. I don't like politics and I don't like re-hashing either. I hope tonite is better with Anderson anchoring and far less politics.

I suppose the only decent part of the program was Anderson and Sanjay talking about their take on the references to Haiti in the STOTU Address. At least we got to see Anderson on his own program, even if it wasn't for long.

MichellenLomita said...

The last picture of AC on today's post is gorgeous--quintessential Anderson in all his beauty. He's really thriving working in the field. It was so nice of him to tweet and promise fans a good broadcast for Thursday. CNN deceived viewers like this on the last night of Afghanistan coverage, and this time they did it for two hours. Like CNN was using AC to draw an audience for some of the reporters and commentators who were on last night. It takes work and consideration to establish a good following. Some reporters seem not to care about what viewers think, and don't try to make themselves or their presentation interesting. The popular reporters all reach out to fans in their own way. Examples: Anderson, Sanjay, Don Lemon, Jack Gray, Rick Sanchez, Jack Cafferty. If reporters are above doing this, they shouldn't expect a lot of viewers to want to watch them. Also why many of AC's fans like Kelly Ripa and Ellen, who are warm and gracious, and not some other ladies with whom AC has shared air time.

Wonz said...

I like politics and watched the SOTU last night. I didn't feel it was necessary for CNN to give over the whole hour of AC360 to panel/pundit comments and spin. Anderson and his team were in Haiti and his program should have centered on Haiti. CNN had the other 23 hours of the day to cover politics.

That being said, I feel that if CNN spent the time and resources to cover the proposed health care legislation (and other proposed legislation) that they have spent on "The Stimulus Project" (money already voted on and spent) and dissecting the SOTU and predicting what they think may happen -- we would all be a better informed viewing public. Looks to me they are trying to feed the anger toward government, a disservice to us all.

Off my soapbox now. I am looking forward to tonight's show and tomorrow's show and special from Haiti. I think that Anderson and the entire team have done an outstanding job conveying to viewers what the situation is like in Haiti. Hats off to Mr. Cooper, Sanjay, Gary, Ivan and the whole team!

judy said...

I agree, when it comes to health care reform, CNN does not really "inform" the public. What they did in the two hours of 360 was dissect a speech that really didn't say much about anything. I was not impressed with the President's content, but he still can move an audience.
I was impressed with Sanjay's two seconds, when he said the focus should be on "insurance reform," which Obama did mention. Maybe if this administration focused more on insurance regulation and not health care reform, a piece of legislation, just might pass.
@aires moon: While a firehouse might make a "cool place" to reside, it is public and for a private person, I don't think AC would get much privacy now that the exact location was exposed.

Em said...

Had a very early morning meeting in the city today so I recorded AC360 and was pretty disappointed when I was able to watch and there was just a brief appearance by Anderson and Sanjay. It was very nice of Anderson to apologize in a tweet. I wonder what he was expecting to happen. Was there a live blog? If so, did they comment about lack of coverage from Haiti? Just wondering.

I am a political junkie and the panels were too much for me. The fireworks between Alex and James C were fun but overall I felt they hashed and rehashed way too much. IMHO they had way too many people for a meaningful discussion. Can you imagine how much it cost CNN last night for that panel? Wow! I won't go into my opinion of how Campbell did as a moderator or I will be accused of being too negative. Let's just say, politic's generally turn me on and after about 30 minutes of last nights coverage I found myself hitting the FF button...ALOT!

Jacq said...

I knew the show would be almost all politics, so I half watched.

As for the fire station AC purchased: The original rumor was he was buying it with a friend and it would be a possible upscale dining spot. I hadn't heard anything else about it until yesterday's NY Post article.