Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It’s Wonz in for Phebe tonight.

Anderson Cooper started off tonight’s edition of AC360 with a preview of tonight’s installment of the “Scientology – A History of Violence” series.

First up was the nationwide problem of bullying. Anderson reviewed the details of 3 kids who have recently taken their own lives because of bullying.

Bullies & Victims – Holding Phoebe’s school accountable
Alina Cho was in with the report of Phoebe Prince and what the school has been doing. The school released a statement saying they have taken disciplinary action, but none of the 9 charged in Phoebe’s death have been officially expelled, though some or all have left voluntarily. Parents are upset and claim they have been speaking out for years, but the administration didn’t listen.

Bullies & Victims – What drives deadly bullying?
Queen Bees and Wannabes’ author Rosalind Wiseman was in the studio to talk to Anderson. She created an anti-bullying program called “Owning Up”. Anderson pointed out that the computer allows bullying 24 hours a day. But Wiseman said the big issue is how do you teach children to believe in adults, so they feel comfortable talking to adults when they have a problem. She said you need to give teacher’s concrete skills to deal with bullying, and also need to train parents how to deal with the problem, otherwise the kids with social power run the school.

Bullies & Victims – Parents say “Enough”
The parents (along with their pastor) of Jon Carmicheal, the 13 year old boy who hanged himself this past Sunday, spoke with Anderson about what their son endured prior to taking his life. The school said they knew nothing about what was going on and Jon didn’t want his parents to do anything for fear of retaliation. It was a heartbreaking interview to watch, but the parents wanted Jon’s story told in the hopes of helping others.

Homegrown Plot Against America? 8 members of militia group plead not guilty
8 members of the Hutaree Militia pleaded not guilty to charges alleging they were attempting to launch a violent revolution against the US. This story seems to just get crazier by the day. I loved AC’s comment that they were not “brain surgeons!”
The Hutaree Operation Plans included:
*The group wanted to create a country carved from four Michigan Counties, then defend it as the “One World Order.”
*Bombs were made from cardboard tubes containing some explosive material, but no shrapnel
*There was an audio tape of Tina Stone telling her son he needed to find work and his reply was “I can’t get a job, I’m preparing for war.” And her reply was “Well I’m preparing for war but I still have a job.”

Drew Griffin was in to talk with Anderson about the group and about while it was scary to think about how dangerous the group might have been. Drew felt after following the story for three days, the group really didn’t have the capability to do much at all. While there was a lot of dangerous talk there was no specific plot and it really is a conspiracy case and will probably come down to a “free speech” case.

President Obama's Off-Shore Drilling Plan
Drilling Down – President Obama announced expansion of off-shore drilling today. Tom Foreman was in with the Keeping Them Honest report and whether POUTS was flip-flopping on this stance. They showed video of President Obama making his announcement today and video of him on the campaign trail. Along with the reactions of various parties weighing in on the announcement.

David Gergen was in with the “Insider Briefing.” Mr. Gergen made the following points – he didn’t feel the move was political, although it has political repercussions; it’s a matter of national security to become less energy dependent; some worry about the price of energy stocks going up and crimping the economic recovery; drilling off-shore is part of a broader, more comprehensive strategy on the President’s part; the surprise was not on the substance, but that POTUS didn’t use off-shore drilling and nuclear power as bargaining chips with Republicans to get them on board with his energy bill. Mr. Gergen feels we are on the edge of a “sweeping transformation of energy overall for this country. That oil and gas off-shore drilling is a bridge to a very different energy future.” Apparently the interest in energy research is high and new discoveries will be coming, but we need a bridge to that future.

Scientology – A History of Violence, Part 3

There are competing versions of what was going on inside the “church” and Anderson questioned, why the police weren’t called. Those who have come forward are accused of working together to destroy the “church.” CNN received dozens of e-mails, declarations and affidavits from current and former Scientologists defending the “church” and it’s leader, David Miscavige, and attacking the credibility of those who have spoken out. They accuse Marty Rathbun and others of being the violent ones. Parts of AC’s interview with Marty Rathbun were shown, but the part I found most interesting video of a rather heated discussion between AC and leaders of the “church” over why if Rathbun was so violent, wasn’t it reported to Miscavige and the police. Apparently the violence took place over a period of four years and they said Miscavige “wasn’t there” and AC asked “didn’t you have a phone?” AC became rather animated during the discussion. He summed up the situation saying “…no physical evidence proving former scientologists' charges – just an affidavit supporting Miscavige and attacking his critics which cannot be verified. But surprisingly though they disagree on who was perpetrating it, both sides describe a work environment within the “church” where punching, choking, and kicking as a means of discipline and intimidation occurred on numerous occasions and no one ever filed criminal charges or even called the police.” The leaders' response was that it was treated as an internal matter. Anderson then made the comparison that if his boss beat him up and the head of Time Warner said we are going to treat it as an internal matter, it would be pretty shocking!” Stay tuned for more on this subject tomorrow night and Friday night.

Joe John’s was in with the 360 Bulletins tonight
- At a day long UN Conference long term aid for Haiti was secured. 3 dozen nations pledged $10 billion dollars in aid, with the US promising $1.5 billion of the total.
- New Russia Bombings – 2 bombs killed at least 12 people today
- New video was released on-line of a man claiming he ordered the Moscow subway attacks
- Stocks fell today, but posted a strong first quarter. The Dow has it’s best first quarter sine 1999 and it’s fourth straight quarter of gain.
- Toads may be able to predict earthquakes.
- New details on the trainer attacked and killed at SeaWorld – the autopsy was released today.
- Jesse James is entering rehab to deal with his personal issues.
- New development over “Climategate” – the scientist accused of data tampering to heighten the threat of global warming was cleared of any wrongdoing.
- A woman claims she was cheated out of $42 million dollars after winning the jackpot on a penny slot machine. The casino said the jackpot was a mistake, the gaming authorities are investigating, the woman wants her money, but all she has received so far is a free breakfast.

Tonight’s “SHOT” was called conquering the “claw” machine – it was a video of a toddler crawling into the machine and picking the toys he wanted before being pulled out of the machine. AC claimed he's sure the machines are a scam as he's never been able to win a prize. While he hyped the video as being instructional, Mr. Cooper, I don't think you'll fit!

Tonight's extras ~

Soledad_OBrien "tweeted" this tonight - Off to atlanta. Working on a project w anderson that will be unveiled in a week long series next month abt perceptions of race. #fb

A reader alerted us to this blog post -

Jason Beghe Tells Me to Shut the Hell Up About Anderson Cooper's Scientology SpecialBy Tony Ortega, Friday, Mar. 26 2010

​Just had a great conversation with Jason Beghe, the actor who famously defected from Scientology two years ago.

He understands the point I made yesterday -- that it irks me when Anderson Cooper announces that he's holding one hand behind his back as he goes into a boxing match with Scientology. Cooper said that while his special series looks at allegations of violence by Scientology's supreme leader, David Miscavige, he wouldn't be looking at the beliefs of Scientologists themselves.

I called that a big, fat mistake, and in the comments to the post, I added that it would be like doing a story revealing that John Gotti beat up his lieutenants, without mentioning that they were part of something called a mafia that extorted people.

Well, Beghe admitted that I had a point, but he also told me to shut the hell up.

Any story on a mainstream outlet like CNN which brings light to the nefarious nature of Scientology is a good thing, he says.

"It's like the health care bill. It doesn't really go far enough, but at least it's something. And it's important to get it out there."

Beghe went on to say that he's surprised the show is appearing at all. "I thought the thing was dead," he says. "It was ready a year ago, and had been held up all that time by attorneys on both sides."

Well, it's good to hear CNN's legal team finally grew a pair.

OK, Jason, we'll just shut up now and watch next week's special series, which begins airing on Monday.

And finally,

From -- The online companion to The Scott County Times (Mississippi)
Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Last modified Wednesday, March 31, 2010 1:27 PM CDT

Anderson Cooper will visit Scott County

FOREST — During an upcoming visit to the South, CNN broadcast news journalist Anderson Cooper is making a stop in Scott County within the next two months as part of an effort to help raise funds for the new Forest Public Library shelving campaign.

Cooper, who has family ties to Forest through cousins who live here, is expected to visit on Friday, May 14, according to family members who confirmed the visit late last week. He is expected to speak for one hour, from noon to 1 p.m., that day. He is expected to serve as a commencement speaker at Tulane University the next day.

A family spokesperson said Monday that Cooper, a book author in addition to broadcast journalist, will speak for approximately 30 minutes and take questions from the audience. Attempts to use the Forest Elementary Auditorium fell through on Tuesday but organizers were seeking a new location.

Cooper’s visit is the result of his local family’s membership in the Friends of the Forest Library organization which is conducting a fundraising campaign to raise $100,000 for shelving for the new library facility expected to be completed this summer. The family spokesperson said an invitation was extended to Anderson, who has visited Mississippi frequently, to make a public appearance.

Further details of his visit were still incomplete as of press time.

According to his CNN biography, Cooper anchors “Anderson Cooper 360°,” an award-winning provocative alternative on CNN/U.S. each weekday to the typical network evening newscast. Cooper, who joined CNN in December 2001, served as CNN's weekend anchor before moving to prime time in March 2003 following the war in Iraq and then to a two-hour, late evening timeslot in November 2005 following Hurricane Katrina, where he spent more than a month along the U.S. Gulf Coast and has returned regularly.

His reporting has also taken him abroad to Afghanistan, Iraq, Mexico and London. Additional international correspondence assignments during his career have included Bosnia, Iran, Israel, Russia, Rwanda, Somalia, South Africa and Vietnam.

He also anchored much of CNN’s live coverage of the funeral of Pope John Paul II in the Vatican City in 2005 and traveled to Sri Lanka to cover the tsunami in 2004.

His book, Dispatches from the Edge, are memoirs about covering the South Asia tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and other news events, has topped the New York Times Bestsellers List and other bestseller charts.

Before joining CNN, Cooper was an ABC News correspondent and host of the network's reality program, The Mole, among his ABC assignments.

Cooper graduated from Yale University in 1989 with a bachelor of arts degree in political science. He also studied Vietnamese at the University of Hanoi. Cooper was born on June 3, 1967, in New York City, the younger son of the writer Wyatt Emory Cooper and the artist, designer, writer, and heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, and is the great-great-great-grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt of the prominent Vanderbilt shipping fortune.

That's it for me tonight. I'll see you on Friday ~ Wonz

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Tuesday's AC360 opened with another tragic story of a child being bullied until they commit suicide. Phoebe Prince was a high school student in South Hadley, Mass who killed herself in January. Nine students, 7 girls and 2 boys, have been arrested and some of them will be charged as adults in the case.
Gary Tuchman brought the details of Phoebe's case in a 'Keeping Them Honest' report. According to the police report her harassment happened in school in front of students and faculty. An expert on school bullies said Phoebe's death could have been prevented if school officials had just listened to her complaints.Anderson was back at the magic wall to highlight other recent suicides by children. Among them
Carl Joseph Walker Hoover 11 years old, Jaheem Herrera, 11 years old and Alexis Pilkington, 17 years old.
The statistics of childhood bullying, he sited, are pretty shocking:
1 in 5 students admit to bullying
1 in 4 students say they have been bullied
42% of children say they have been bullied online
160,000 students say they have skipped school because of bullying
41 States have passed some form of bullying legislationDr. Phil McGraw joined Anderson Cooper to discuss bullying in schools and the specifics in the South Hadley case. He said he fully supports the charges filed and also said accountability with parents and school staffers is a necessity.A follow up on last night's breaking news of the Michigan militia group Hutaree which has had 9 members arrested. Drew Griffin shared details of the case and the accused in his report, including the news that it was other militia members who turned in the Hutaree because they felt they had gone too far with their plot to attack law officers.Another interview tonight with a former Scientology members who say that they were assaulted, or witnessed assaults, at the hand of leader David Miscavige. Again a church spokesman characterized the beating accounts as false and alleged those that spoke out to be just disgruntled 'church' employees who quit their jobs when demoted by Miscavige.
AC mentioned that some of the interviews for this series were taped back in July of 2009. I know a lot of work and effort goes into a series of this sort but 10 months caught me a bit by surprise.
The most bizarre moment of the program was Anderson's interview with 4 ex wives of those who spoke out against Miscavige. Two spoke at length about how they slept with their men for many years and knew every inch of their bodies. I just had to snicker at that one.....poor choice of words ladies. But further who is going to believe ex wives who probably have an ax to grind against the men they are no longer married to?Next up....Haiti. AC was back at the magic wall with some facts and figures:
It's been 78 days since the earthquake struck
222, 517 reported deaths
310, 928 injuries
105,000 homes destroyed
208,000 homes damaged
1.2 people displaced to rural areas
$1.1 billion dollars has been donatedHe also interviewed Sean Penn, who is still working diligently in Haiti. With the rainy season coming relocating people out of the make-shift tent cities that have sprung up is Penn's top priority. is Penn's website with information on the new crisis that is looming and how you can help. Anderson will be reporting live from Haiti on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Tom Foreman was back with the 360 News and Business Bulletin:
•President Obama signed the health care fixes and student loan reforms into law today
•French President was at the White House today
•German researchers found dark chocolate is good for your heart
(AC reveled that he likes milk chocolate, not dark. TF agreed.)
•Dating Game contestant got the death penalty in his case
•New images of Christ have been released by the History Channel
•Philly charter school leased space after school hours to a nightclubI like Tuesday's 'The Shot' of a baby deer and a black lab playing ball much better than the loris being tickled. But AC still seems to be stuck on the tickling rodent video. ~Phebe

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Militias and Scientology

Anderson Cooper began Monday's AC360 with a preview of this week's series on the rumored violence at the upper levels of Scientology's hierarchy. After the preview it was on to breaking news about another arrest in the Michigan militia case. John Avalon and Mark Potok (Southern Poverty Law Center) discussed the history of the group and the initial lack of reaction from the government. As Avalon said 'this should be a wake up call' and hate ultimately leads to violence.Who would have thought that members of the Republican National Committee would visit a California sex club on the Party's dime? And that Committee Chairman Michael Steele may have accompanied them? This could be the final nail in Steele's coffin, he's had quite a few oops moments recently. Tom Foreman brought us the story. Both he and AC pleaded innocence as how one would drop two thousand dollars in a bondage themed night club in one night.The centerpiece of tonight's AC360, and presumably the week, is Scientology. Anderson Cooper began with a brief history of the group:
*Scientology was begun in 1954 by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard
*Its stated goals are to help its members live in a civilization without insanity, criminals or war
*After Hubbard's death in 1986 David Miscavige became the leader of the group
*Scientology has 170 'churches' around the globe and claims 10 million members
Some facts and figures:
*The American Religious Identification Survey says that Scientology membership, in the US, has dropped from 55,000 in 2001 to 25,000 in 2008.
*Last year a French court found four Scientology leaders and the 'church' guilty of fraud and fined over 1 million dollars
*The 'church' was granted tax exempt status in 1993, in the US, after years of wrangling with the government
*The 'church' is a vocal critic of psychiatry and has an anti-psychiatry museum
*Scientology courts celebrities and has a celebrity center in LA

I have tired very hard not to refer to Scientology as a religion and/or a church. I'm not sure if it's because of some of its wacky pronouncements or the fact that it was established by a science fiction writer, but to me the teachings and the organization define the word cult. Time Magazine did an excellent cover story on Scientology in 1991 called The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power that stands the test of time, IMO. If you want to check it out follow the link.
AC's interview for this first installment of the series was with Marty Rathbun, a former high ranking official in Scientology. Rathbun says that David Miscavige treats people around him like slaves and beats them down. Church officials not only deny it but blame Rathbun for any violence that took place within the hierarchy of the 'church'.Tom Foreman was at the 360 News and Business Bulletin desk on Monday night:
• 32 people killed in a Russian subway bombing'
• An arrest in the Juarez murders of three people with ties to the US Consulate
•10 children and young adults were killed by the drug cartel for not stopping at a fake checkpoint
•US government will sell its shares in Citigroup
•Scientists confirm fatty foods are as addictive as drugs
•Charges announced in Mass. against students who bullied a student who then committed suicide
•The Obama administration warned the health insurance industry they better provide coverage for all children with preexisting conditions come September
•Joe Jackson is suing MJ's doctor Conrad Murray
•NY politician has urged teens to quit sagging their pants
The Shot was teased by a producer on Twitter and AC on the program as the cutest video ever. I was underwhelmed at the clip of a loris being tickled.

We were looking forward to AC's interview with Sean Penn, who is still in Haiti, that was supposed to air tonight. After the program one of 360's producers Tweeted that it was taped today but the program ran out of time and will air it later in the week. We expect AC will be returning to Haiti in the next two weeks or so and are anxiously looking forward to his updates on the country's progress. ~Phebe

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

60 Minutes - Swimming with Sharks

Tonight on 60 Minutes Anderson followed up on the segment on sharks he did for Planet in Peril-II. In his report, Anderson returned to South Africa for a more in-depth interview with Mike Rutzen aka "The Sharkman".

We begin with video clips from 60 Minutes.

The Intro

The Sharkman

Our puzzle tonight is a picture of Anderson on the ocean floor as he watches the sharks swim above him.

Click to Mix and Solve

Sharks 35a Jigsaw PuzzleSharks 35a Jigsaw Puzzle


Thanks to Wonz for sending me a link to an article Anderson wrote about swimming with sharks. The article appeared today on the Daily Beast.

My Swim with the Great White Sharks
by Anderson Cooper

CNN's Anderson Cooper, on assignment for 60 MINUTES, writes about plunging into bloody water to swim with one of the world's most vicious—and endangered—predators.

It is an odd sensation, sitting with your legs dangling in bloody water, watching enormous great white sharks swim underneath you. It is an even odder sensation knowing that you are about to plunge your whole body into that water and swim with the sharks, who are searching for food. I kept thinking of that line in The Godfather, “Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.”
I am not one to take risks unnecessarily. I don’t jump out of planes, or bungee jump. I don’t see the point. But I had agreed to dive with the great whites because I was doing a profile of Mike Rutzen, who in South Africa, where he lives, is known as the Sharkman. Rutzen is not a marine biologist; in fact, he’s not a scientist at all. He is a fisherman who has become fascinated by great whites, and has spent more time up close with them than just about anybody else on the planet.

Rutzen dives with the Great Whites to learn about them, and to prove the point that they are not mindless killers out to eat humans. He is not an aquatic version of Timothy Treadwell, the eccentric man who tried to live with bears in the wild, only to be eaten by them. Rutzen does take risks, but he is not under any illusion about what these sharks are capable of.
I’ve dived with Rutzen once before, and agreed to do it again because it is among the more thrilling and interesting interactions you can have with an animal in the wild. Great whites have been around for millions of years, and yet there is still a lot we don’t know about them. They’ve never been seen mating for instance, or giving birth. They can travel great distances, and getting close to them for long periods of time is difficult and obviously dangerous. Few people like great white sharks—or any kind of shark, for that matter—so the problem with that is that few people seem to care that some 70 million sharks are slaughtered every year to make shark fin soup, a delicacy in Asia. The sharks are caught in nets or long fishing lines, and their fins are cut off while they are still alive. Their bodies are dumped back into the sea. Rutzen believes if more people understood sharks and respected them and their role in the ecosystem of the ocean, they would work harder to protect them.
So what’s it like diving with great whites? In a word - terrifying. They are enormous. The sharks I could clearly see from the surface of the water were about 15 feet in length, but what you don’t realize until you are underwater and they are coming straight at you, is just how thick they are; their girth is massive, and what’s worse, they seem completely un-intimidated by humans. It turns out they don’t like scuba bubbles, which seem to make them nervous, and when they get nervous, they open their mouths and display their teeth. It is quite disconcerting. Mike Rutzen told me to try to “project confidence,” but I forgot to ask him how to do that underwater through a wetsuit.
I did ok in the end. I survived and did gain a new appreciation for sharks. I am glad I’ve done it, but I am not sure I need to do it again.


An appearance of Anderson on 60 Minutes wouldn't be complete unless we included a few nice pictures clipped from the segment. I'll leave you with the "pretties"...oh, and some nice shots of Anderson too! Hope you all have a wonderful week and, for those of you who celebrate, a beautiful Easter weekend. Until next Sunday, take care of you!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tasers and Sharks

In anticipation of Anderson's new shark segment debuting on 60 Minutes Sunday night here is the segment he did back in 2008.


This week Anderson seemed to be pretty obsessed about people being tasered after showing this clip that was "The Shot" Wednesday night.

On Friday's show he admits searching the "internets" for clips of others being tasered.

Surprisingly, he didn't mention one clip on You Tube. CNN's very own Randi Kaye tasering herself.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Palin, The Pope & A Drug Queenpin?

Anderson Cooper opened the show tonight talking about Sarah Palin. I so wanted to hit the fast-forward button, but I resisted. In Arizona to campaign for Senator John McCain’s re-election, Palin hit the media hard for reporting on acts of violence and inflaming rhetoric against Democrats. Claims when she talks about taking up arms, she’s talking about votes, yet she hasn’t taken the map with the crosshairs off her Facebook page, and says her pact is to target the specified areas – she will “reload.”

Anderson showed us her Facebook Page at the Magic Wall and further discussed the scary politics.

Palin & McCain Together Again – Frmr VP Candidate campaigns for Arizona Senator
Jessica Yellin was in for the Keeping Them Honest Report – 360 replayed part of Palin’s speech today which showed her inflaming the crowd. She pretty much had the crowd under her spell as she took on President Obama, the Democratic agenda and the faceless critics of the party of “hell” no. McCain followed her lead. He needs her help as he finds himself challenged by Rep JD Hayworth for his Senate seat. The McCain campaign was so pleased with Palin’s endorsement they claimed “the Mac is back.” Did anyone see Phebe outside protesting?

Palin & McCain Then & Now
Mark Halperin was in the studio with AC to further discuss the event and the McCain Palin relationship. Halperin used the analogy of a healthy marriage to describe the relationship; said their political fortunes seem to be completely different – that Palin was the draw today; she plays to the crowd; but regarding the rhetoric and things called out at campaign rallies a little over a year ago – McCain let go on to long. I’m thinking history may be repeating itself after what I saw tonight.

According to the National Catholic Newspaper the Vatican may be facing the largest institutional crisis in centuries, possibly church history. The big question is how the church handled child abuse scandal and the role the man now known at the Pope played in investigating those scandals or trying to cover them up.

AC was back at the Magic Wall to give us a timeline of the recent scandal. He started in 2005 when Cardinal Ratzinger was installed at Pope Benedict XVI and followed through to the news that broke yesterday about the sex abuse case in Wisconsin.

Sex Abuse Scandal – Sinead O’Connor speaks out
The Big 360 Interview was with Sinead O’Connor from Dublin, Ireland. Sinead protested on TV 18 years ago when she tore up a picture of Pope John Paul II on Saturday Night Live in 1992. She gets accused of being anti-Catholic, but says she cares about the church and its victims. She feels they are being lied to and gave her views as a Catholic. She defended her act on SNL in 1992.

John Allen, CNN Sr. Vatican Analyst joined AC in the studio to discuss the issue further.
The Vatican says the Pope didn’t know what was going on, but the people are looking for acknowledgment of what he knew and when he knew it. There needs to be full disclosure of the Vatican’s role and the Pope’s role.

Cristine Roman’s was in with the first 360 Bulletin
- US-Russia Arms Deal
- 11 Killed in Kentucky Crash
- New Mortgage Relief announced by the White House today
- Texas Boy’s 100mph Joyride – not a drunk, but a 12 year old

Top Model Turned Most Wanted – Accused drug queenpin on the lam
For tonight's Crime and Punishment Report - A beauty queen on the run. Karl Penhaul was in with the report of a woman once named Columbia’s Queen of Coffee is now called the Queen of Cocaine. She’s on the run and there’s an international arrest report out for her. Argentine legal sources suspect she’s running an operation that deals in millions of dollars of cocaine trafficking to Mexico, by way of the Buenos Aires Airport, using fashion models at drug curriers. Karl tracked her story from childhood to today. She updates her Facebook page and claims she’s innocent. The former beauty queen is now one of South America’s most wanted. The best part of this report was AC commenting about her updating her Facebook page – “What’s her status – on the run? Scared? With Baby (her dog)?” She did write to Karl via Facebook that she doesn’t want to go to jail and claims she’s innocent.

Next Anderson previewed the “Gangs of Hollenbeck” special which was shown in the second hour of 360.
Christine Romans was back in with the 2nd 360 Bulletin
- TSA nominee withdraws
- Arenas sentenced in gun case (avoided jail time)
- “Playing” with Fire in Iceland (volcano erupting)
- White House party crashers get TV gig (on Bravo)
- Scientists: Invisibility Cloak created (think Harry Potter)

Tonight’s SHOT – more about tasering – enjoy the clip.

Lot's of extras for you tonight.

In the repeat hour of Wednesday night's 360, Anderson narrated a new One Simple Thing segment on a clean water project in Haiti. Here's the clip -

I, for one, am looking forward to Anderson's return trip to Haiti. Here are a couple more photos from his first trip. Please remember to click on all photos to enlarge.

All photos by Jonathan Torgovnik
© 2009 Cable News Network. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved

TVNewser posted this yesterday...guess we'll have to wait and see what Anderson and 360 has in store for us.

New Anderson Cooper Talk Show Specials?
By Kevin Allocca on Mar 25, 2010 06:01 PM
Page Six's Cindy Adams mentioned this little note about Anderson Cooper at the bottom of her article this week: "CNN adding a nightly talk show for Anderson Cooper?? Eclectic-type guests? It's what I'm hearing."
A new "nightly talk show" for Cooper sounds pretty juicy, but we hear what's being discussed might not be quite so dramatic.
A CNN insider tells TVNewser, "We're looking at doing a few specials on Fridays at 11pm later this spring."

AC360 aired a Special on Hollenbeck in the second hour tonight. A compilation of the reports previously shown. Below are some pictures posted to the 360 Website today and here is the link to a blog post by Anderson.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviews Milton Bueno in a patio area where his 20 year old son Steven was killed in a drive by shooting in 2009.

LAPD detective Dewaine Fields explains to Anderson Cooper that witness intimidation, a code of silence, and fear of retaliation is a common dilemma that prevents cops from solving thirty percent of the gang related killings in Hollenbeck.

Richard Moya, a former gang member explains to CNN’s Anderson Cooper how he survived being shot six times during his twenty years in a gang.

Former gang member Richard Moya explains to CNN’s Anderson Cooper the trauma of witnessing his own father shot and killed when Moya was five years old.

LAPD detective Dewaine Fields explains to CNN’s Anderson Cooper why three out of every gang related homicides in Hollenbeck will go unsolved unless witnesses come forward.

Anderson also posted a blog on the AC360 Website about next week's series on Scientology. Here's the link to that post.

Remember to set your recorders for Anderson's piece on 60 Minutes Sunday night. Here's a description form the 60 Minutes' Website.

Great Whites: Diving With The Sharkman
60 Minutes: Anderson Cooper Takes An Unprotected Swim With Great White Sharks
(CBS) CNN's Anderson Cooper joins "The Sharkman" on " 60 Minutes" for an unprotected swim with the ocean's most feared predator.

No one spent more time getting closer to great white sharks than Mike Rutzen. He has learned a great deal about the ocean's most feared predator by swimming just inches away from the toothy creatures, completely unprotected - no cage. That's just what Anderson Cooper will do on Sunday's "60 Minutes" when he reports on Rutzen - a man so convinced great whites are misunderstood that he risks his life over and over to prove it.

How do you swim with the star of "Jaws?" With a paramedic on board and an ambulance on the shore, as Cooper reports from under the waters off Cape Town, South Africa, as they visit with a 15-foot great white.

And lastly, if you were like me and disappointed that the interview AC did with Roxana Saberi never aired, you may like to tune into The Daily Show with Jon Stewart next Wednesday night, March 31st. Roxana is Jon's scheduled guest that night.

That's it for me tonight. I hope you all have a great weekend! Wonz~
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