Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Tuesday's AC360 opened with another tragic story of a child being bullied until they commit suicide. Phoebe Prince was a high school student in South Hadley, Mass who killed herself in January. Nine students, 7 girls and 2 boys, have been arrested and some of them will be charged as adults in the case.
Gary Tuchman brought the details of Phoebe's case in a 'Keeping Them Honest' report. According to the police report her harassment happened in school in front of students and faculty. An expert on school bullies said Phoebe's death could have been prevented if school officials had just listened to her complaints.Anderson was back at the magic wall to highlight other recent suicides by children. Among them
Carl Joseph Walker Hoover 11 years old, Jaheem Herrera, 11 years old and Alexis Pilkington, 17 years old.
The statistics of childhood bullying, he sited, are pretty shocking:
1 in 5 students admit to bullying
1 in 4 students say they have been bullied
42% of children say they have been bullied online
160,000 students say they have skipped school because of bullying
41 States have passed some form of bullying legislationDr. Phil McGraw joined Anderson Cooper to discuss bullying in schools and the specifics in the South Hadley case. He said he fully supports the charges filed and also said accountability with parents and school staffers is a necessity.A follow up on last night's breaking news of the Michigan militia group Hutaree which has had 9 members arrested. Drew Griffin shared details of the case and the accused in his report, including the news that it was other militia members who turned in the Hutaree because they felt they had gone too far with their plot to attack law officers.Another interview tonight with a former Scientology members who say that they were assaulted, or witnessed assaults, at the hand of leader David Miscavige. Again a church spokesman characterized the beating accounts as false and alleged those that spoke out to be just disgruntled 'church' employees who quit their jobs when demoted by Miscavige.
AC mentioned that some of the interviews for this series were taped back in July of 2009. I know a lot of work and effort goes into a series of this sort but 10 months caught me a bit by surprise.
The most bizarre moment of the program was Anderson's interview with 4 ex wives of those who spoke out against Miscavige. Two spoke at length about how they slept with their men for many years and knew every inch of their bodies. I just had to snicker at that one.....poor choice of words ladies. But further who is going to believe ex wives who probably have an ax to grind against the men they are no longer married to?Next up....Haiti. AC was back at the magic wall with some facts and figures:
It's been 78 days since the earthquake struck
222, 517 reported deaths
310, 928 injuries
105,000 homes destroyed
208,000 homes damaged
1.2 people displaced to rural areas
$1.1 billion dollars has been donatedHe also interviewed Sean Penn, who is still working diligently in Haiti. With the rainy season coming relocating people out of the make-shift tent cities that have sprung up is Penn's top priority. www.beattherain.org is Penn's website with information on the new crisis that is looming and how you can help. Anderson will be reporting live from Haiti on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Tom Foreman was back with the 360 News and Business Bulletin:
•President Obama signed the health care fixes and student loan reforms into law today
•French President was at the White House today
•German researchers found dark chocolate is good for your heart
(AC reveled that he likes milk chocolate, not dark. TF agreed.)
•Dating Game contestant got the death penalty in his case
•New images of Christ have been released by the History Channel
•Philly charter school leased space after school hours to a nightclubI like Tuesday's 'The Shot' of a baby deer and a black lab playing ball much better than the loris being tickled. But AC still seems to be stuck on the tickling rodent video. ~Phebe

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judy said...

360 was for the most part, taped here on the East coast and I found that annoying. I like AC live and I did notice that his Hollenbeck Special, tanked as opposed to his regular show ratings which are now on the rise. I think most of his fan base, and I know I can't speak for everyone, like him live. It's almost like going to a concert or a play. You prefer the live performance over something that has already been edited and altered.
As for the main theme, bullying, this is not new to the school systems. The only new element is the internet which is being used as an additional element of torment. AC seemed to think the "teachers" should get more involved and this is a popular notion. However, teachers are there to teach, the 3 R's. We cannot be responsible for everything and most of the bullying goes on BEHIND the teachers back and out of the range of teacher interaction and responsibilty. Young adults know the law and they know when and where to torment. Guidance counselors need to take more of an active role in this issue and make it a priority and then report it to administrators. Unfortunately a lot of administrators don't want to get involved because it makes them appear as though they've lost control of their student body.
There's an old saying: "Teachers are afraid of the Principal. The Principal is afraid of the Parents and the kids are afraid of Nobody," and that holds true today.
I am one who is looking forward to AC's return to Haiti. This is his job and he obviously wants to go.
I'm sure he will stay at a hotel and not live in a wet Haitian dwelling. But I also hope he takes precautions and doesn't do anything foolish to endanger his health. The rest is up to him.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Good piece by Gary Tuchman about the 15 year old girl who committed suicide becuase of bullying. These schools need to do more about bullying. Its sad that she was bullied in front of faculty and they did nothing. That is just wrong on so many levels. I could have done without the Dr.Phil interview. Surely there was someone else Anderson could talk to.

Am loving this Scientology reports by Anderson. Its fascinating. Those Scientology ex-wives are weird and freaky. They sound like they've been brainwashed. This Scientology series is the best thing on 360 this week.

Yet another good interview with Sean Penn. I like hearing his take on what's going on there. And you can tell he really does care about what's going on down there.

I am sure I am in the minority but I am not looking forward to Anderson being back in Haiti. There's just something about his reports from there I don't like.

MichellenLomita said...

@Judy I feel the same about the taped segments--mentioned it on Twitter. 360 is supposedly live, but two nights running the magic wall was taped, which makes the viewing experience bland. I rarely watch AC taped.

I thought Tuesday's show was interesting though, especially the bullying and militia stories. Scientology could be a fascinating series, but I'm quickly losing interest because AC is just talking to these people making accusations and calling one another liars. I'm thinking who cares? It's becoming irritating.

Ratings might dip during Haiti reporting. AC loves Port au Prince and the people, but two former U.S. presidents are working hard there, as are Sean Penn and many other humanitarians and relief workers. 360 airs regular updates on their progress. Here in the L.A. area, homeless are spending nights in jail because the shelters are overcrowded and the city won't allow them to sleep on the streets. Haiti is one small nation; people in the U.S. and around the world are also suffering desperate situations. I believe CNN is favoring Haiti. If AC anchors from there live, I'll watch, but not taped portions with another reporter anchoring.

Just Joan said...

I can't believe how bad it is in school today for our young ones. And when school staff won't protect their studens, who will? It boggles the mind.

Jacq said...

Judy, I agree with your view on bullying. I've been an educator for 23 years and I have tried my best to observe my students not only in the classroom, but also during lunch time etc. The bullies are smart and they won't bully someone in front of the faculty or administration-it is when the student is alone or on his or her way to school etc. Consequently, our guidance counselors take a proactive role in heading off some of this nonsense when they get a "tip" from a student that bullying is going on. My school faculty is on the lookout and we sincerely try to punish this behavior to the best of our ability. Yet, we have parents who even after being presented with information that their child is a bully; refuse to do anything about it, and accuse us of "picking" on their child. It is a vicious cycle of trying to keep up with this nonsense and also teach the academic lessons. Moreover, our governor in NJ is cutting after school programs and school instructional personnel.

This is a sad case in our world when children are so young and so cruel to each other...parents need to step up and work with the schools on this one. My heart goes out to the young girls family.

On a lighter note, the deer and the lab made me smile, but I agree with AC the Rodent is still cuter.

judy said...

@Jacq: I feel your pain with "Governor Christie."