Friday, March 26, 2010

Palin, The Pope & A Drug Queenpin?

Anderson Cooper opened the show tonight talking about Sarah Palin. I so wanted to hit the fast-forward button, but I resisted. In Arizona to campaign for Senator John McCain’s re-election, Palin hit the media hard for reporting on acts of violence and inflaming rhetoric against Democrats. Claims when she talks about taking up arms, she’s talking about votes, yet she hasn’t taken the map with the crosshairs off her Facebook page, and says her pact is to target the specified areas – she will “reload.”

Anderson showed us her Facebook Page at the Magic Wall and further discussed the scary politics.

Palin & McCain Together Again – Frmr VP Candidate campaigns for Arizona Senator
Jessica Yellin was in for the Keeping Them Honest Report – 360 replayed part of Palin’s speech today which showed her inflaming the crowd. She pretty much had the crowd under her spell as she took on President Obama, the Democratic agenda and the faceless critics of the party of “hell” no. McCain followed her lead. He needs her help as he finds himself challenged by Rep JD Hayworth for his Senate seat. The McCain campaign was so pleased with Palin’s endorsement they claimed “the Mac is back.” Did anyone see Phebe outside protesting?

Palin & McCain Then & Now
Mark Halperin was in the studio with AC to further discuss the event and the McCain Palin relationship. Halperin used the analogy of a healthy marriage to describe the relationship; said their political fortunes seem to be completely different – that Palin was the draw today; she plays to the crowd; but regarding the rhetoric and things called out at campaign rallies a little over a year ago – McCain let go on to long. I’m thinking history may be repeating itself after what I saw tonight.

According to the National Catholic Newspaper the Vatican may be facing the largest institutional crisis in centuries, possibly church history. The big question is how the church handled child abuse scandal and the role the man now known at the Pope played in investigating those scandals or trying to cover them up.

AC was back at the Magic Wall to give us a timeline of the recent scandal. He started in 2005 when Cardinal Ratzinger was installed at Pope Benedict XVI and followed through to the news that broke yesterday about the sex abuse case in Wisconsin.

Sex Abuse Scandal – Sinead O’Connor speaks out
The Big 360 Interview was with Sinead O’Connor from Dublin, Ireland. Sinead protested on TV 18 years ago when she tore up a picture of Pope John Paul II on Saturday Night Live in 1992. She gets accused of being anti-Catholic, but says she cares about the church and its victims. She feels they are being lied to and gave her views as a Catholic. She defended her act on SNL in 1992.

John Allen, CNN Sr. Vatican Analyst joined AC in the studio to discuss the issue further.
The Vatican says the Pope didn’t know what was going on, but the people are looking for acknowledgment of what he knew and when he knew it. There needs to be full disclosure of the Vatican’s role and the Pope’s role.

Cristine Roman’s was in with the first 360 Bulletin
- US-Russia Arms Deal
- 11 Killed in Kentucky Crash
- New Mortgage Relief announced by the White House today
- Texas Boy’s 100mph Joyride – not a drunk, but a 12 year old

Top Model Turned Most Wanted – Accused drug queenpin on the lam
For tonight's Crime and Punishment Report - A beauty queen on the run. Karl Penhaul was in with the report of a woman once named Columbia’s Queen of Coffee is now called the Queen of Cocaine. She’s on the run and there’s an international arrest report out for her. Argentine legal sources suspect she’s running an operation that deals in millions of dollars of cocaine trafficking to Mexico, by way of the Buenos Aires Airport, using fashion models at drug curriers. Karl tracked her story from childhood to today. She updates her Facebook page and claims she’s innocent. The former beauty queen is now one of South America’s most wanted. The best part of this report was AC commenting about her updating her Facebook page – “What’s her status – on the run? Scared? With Baby (her dog)?” She did write to Karl via Facebook that she doesn’t want to go to jail and claims she’s innocent.

Next Anderson previewed the “Gangs of Hollenbeck” special which was shown in the second hour of 360.
Christine Romans was back in with the 2nd 360 Bulletin
- TSA nominee withdraws
- Arenas sentenced in gun case (avoided jail time)
- “Playing” with Fire in Iceland (volcano erupting)
- White House party crashers get TV gig (on Bravo)
- Scientists: Invisibility Cloak created (think Harry Potter)

Tonight’s SHOT – more about tasering – enjoy the clip.

Lot's of extras for you tonight.

In the repeat hour of Wednesday night's 360, Anderson narrated a new One Simple Thing segment on a clean water project in Haiti. Here's the clip -

I, for one, am looking forward to Anderson's return trip to Haiti. Here are a couple more photos from his first trip. Please remember to click on all photos to enlarge.

All photos by Jonathan Torgovnik
© 2009 Cable News Network. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved

TVNewser posted this yesterday...guess we'll have to wait and see what Anderson and 360 has in store for us.

New Anderson Cooper Talk Show Specials?
By Kevin Allocca on Mar 25, 2010 06:01 PM
Page Six's Cindy Adams mentioned this little note about Anderson Cooper at the bottom of her article this week: "CNN adding a nightly talk show for Anderson Cooper?? Eclectic-type guests? It's what I'm hearing."
A new "nightly talk show" for Cooper sounds pretty juicy, but we hear what's being discussed might not be quite so dramatic.
A CNN insider tells TVNewser, "We're looking at doing a few specials on Fridays at 11pm later this spring."

AC360 aired a Special on Hollenbeck in the second hour tonight. A compilation of the reports previously shown. Below are some pictures posted to the 360 Website today and here is the link to a blog post by Anderson.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviews Milton Bueno in a patio area where his 20 year old son Steven was killed in a drive by shooting in 2009.

LAPD detective Dewaine Fields explains to Anderson Cooper that witness intimidation, a code of silence, and fear of retaliation is a common dilemma that prevents cops from solving thirty percent of the gang related killings in Hollenbeck.

Richard Moya, a former gang member explains to CNN’s Anderson Cooper how he survived being shot six times during his twenty years in a gang.

Former gang member Richard Moya explains to CNN’s Anderson Cooper the trauma of witnessing his own father shot and killed when Moya was five years old.

LAPD detective Dewaine Fields explains to CNN’s Anderson Cooper why three out of every gang related homicides in Hollenbeck will go unsolved unless witnesses come forward.

Anderson also posted a blog on the AC360 Website about next week's series on Scientology. Here's the link to that post.

Remember to set your recorders for Anderson's piece on 60 Minutes Sunday night. Here's a description form the 60 Minutes' Website.

Great Whites: Diving With The Sharkman
60 Minutes: Anderson Cooper Takes An Unprotected Swim With Great White Sharks
(CBS) CNN's Anderson Cooper joins "The Sharkman" on " 60 Minutes" for an unprotected swim with the ocean's most feared predator.

No one spent more time getting closer to great white sharks than Mike Rutzen. He has learned a great deal about the ocean's most feared predator by swimming just inches away from the toothy creatures, completely unprotected - no cage. That's just what Anderson Cooper will do on Sunday's "60 Minutes" when he reports on Rutzen - a man so convinced great whites are misunderstood that he risks his life over and over to prove it.

How do you swim with the star of "Jaws?" With a paramedic on board and an ambulance on the shore, as Cooper reports from under the waters off Cape Town, South Africa, as they visit with a 15-foot great white.

And lastly, if you were like me and disappointed that the interview AC did with Roxana Saberi never aired, you may like to tune into The Daily Show with Jon Stewart next Wednesday night, March 31st. Roxana is Jon's scheduled guest that night.

That's it for me tonight. I hope you all have a great weekend! Wonz~
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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

John McCain must be a fool. Why would you have Pain campaign for you? Did he learn nothing from 2008?

Good piece by Karl Penhaul. Well that's a new one, models turned drug traffickers. She's afraid of getting caught and going to jail, well she should have thought of that before she got involved in the drug business. Loved Anderson making fun of her updating her facebook page. I miss his snarky side. We don't get to see it enough.

Anderson seems to enjoy seeing people getting tasered. I love when he gets stuck on weird things like that. Its adorkable.

I like the 2nd pic of the Anderson in Haiti pics. I love the look on his face. That is one of the best pics of him.

Can't wait for his 60 Minutes this weekend. It sounds like its going to be really good.

MichellenLomita said...

I enjoyed Friday's 360--all stories held my attention after several days of uninteresting subjects. Was happy to applaud 360 in an email, since I've sent many negative messages. Fri. aired the first good coverage of the Catholic abuse scandal. I agree with Sinead O'Connor's take on the situation, though she misunderstands the most important tenet of Catholicism and all Christian religions. Karl Penhaul has a fine dramatic sense--like vintage reporting. Exciting show, the type of 360 I'd like to see every night.

I watched Anderson dive with the sharks in Planet in Peril rerun; even seeing it after-the-fact was chilling. Sure, he's a grown man who makes his own decisions. He's capable and brave, but he's not invincible. Bet I know what's going through his head watching the tasering clips. If he does it, he does it, but I hope not. I didn't enjoy seeing the tasering; and our AC is special.

I'm in favor of his decision to return to Haiti, and plan to watch any live broadcasts from the region. Saturated with the coverage to be honest, but it's in AC's heart to go and the country needs media attention. Thank you as ever ATA, for your wonderfual blog, and for patiently posting my long-winded comments!

Wonz said...

While I am thankful for the lack of panels on last night’s 360. I have to question a couple of decisions made regarding what made it to air last night. First – with the anger and hate being elevated to an all time high this week and on previous nights 360 saying they didn’t want to feed into it – why were extended portions of Sarah Palin’s speech shown? She feed into the fear and anger during the presidential campaign and from what I saw last night, she’s done nothing but ramp it up a notch. Report on the event if you feel the need, but don’t give her airtime. There are enough crazies out there that upon hearing her words on TV could be spurred to action. What she posted on her Facebook page and her refusal to take it, down speak volumes to her character. To see John McCain clapping and following her lead, just sickened me. I used to feel he had the best interest of our country at heart (one of the few in Washington), but his words and actions of late, show that’s just not true.

The second decision I’m questioning was the decision to make Sinead O’Connor the “Big 360 Interview” – Sinead O’Connor – really? Earlier in the day, it was “tweeted” that AC would be interviewing Danny Glover who is in Haiti. The interview actually took place, but was relegated to a video on the 360 Website. Someone doing good in Haiti vs. a washed up entertainer in Dublin with an axe to grind against the Catholic Church? I don’t see it myself. O’Connor’s interview went on way too long for me. I learned nothing from this interview and if I hadn’t been blogging – would have hit the fast forward button after 30 seconds. The timeline and the follow-up with John Allen would have been plenty of time spent on the ever evolving story of the Catholic Church scandal and were much more informative.

I am looking forward to Anderson’s segment on 60 Minutes this week. The preview looks interesting. And I hope he makes good on his promise to return to Haiti, which seems to be getting postponed more and more.

I hope the next time they have a slow news day, someone unearths AC’s interview with Roxana Saberi, but since that’s not going to happen, I guess I’ll be watching The Daily Show with John Stewart on Wednesday night!

AC Fan in CA/IL said...

Ok, I don't know if anyone notices this besides me (or if I mentioned it before..) but my favorite adorkable feature is when Anderson adds articles before words when they don't need to be there. Does anyone notice that? "I went on the youtube..." "I went on the google..." and etc. Completely random, but it's completely adorable.

Honestly, I just think Sarah Palin needs to go away. And that's all I will say about her.

Great post! Hope everyone's having a good weekend!

judy said...

Unfortunately Sarah Palin is news. She was on the front page of the printed edition of the NYT today wearing a short tight black motorcycle jacket. This is symbolic of her hateful rhetoric and McCain deserves to lose big time. HE needs to go away. He's too old and out of touch. His most recent contribution was bringing Palin out on the national stage and she has upstaged him.
Have to admit I did not see 360 on Friday nite. Thanks for all the

aries moon said...

CNN aired large chunks of Palin today in Nevada, it's unfortunate that this monstrous, dangerous, bigoted and monumentally ignorant woman gets the kind of attention that she does from the media. I couldn't bear to listen to her soundbites on 360 last night or even look at her, she literally makes me physically ill. I say both Palin and McCain need to disappear off the political scene--McCain has no credibility or character OR patriotism, he is a bitter, angry and desperate shell of a man. Unfortunately I think we're stuck with 360 bombarding viewers with Palin's appearances.

I'm disappointed to hear that AC interviewed Danny Glover but it wasn't aired--if they are really committed to Haiti and I believe they are, they should give viewers nightly or close to nightly updates--they were doing well for a while. I could've done without the beauty queen drug dealer story, which seemed like an excuse to show a pretty woman in skimpy outfits and as Wonz says, the Sinead O'Connor interview was far too long and not especially informative.