Thursday, April 22, 2010

360 on Thursday 4/22

On tonight's 360: the new legislation passed in Arizona to cut down on illegal immigration, an interview with a ship captain who took video of the oil rig explosion and an interview with Dennis Quaid on medical mistakes that almost killed his newborn twins.First was the new legislation on illegal immigration that would allow law enforcement to stop anyone they reasonably suspect is an illegal immigrant. Anderson went to the magic wall to discuss the law further. Supporters say police won't be judging based on race. Senator McCain supports the bill however the Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police and Roger Mahoney, the Archbishop of Los Angeles, oppose it. In the keeping them honest report Anderson spoke with Rep. John Kavanagh who defended the law. One question comes down to what qualifies as reasonable suspicion. Under reasonable suspicion he says you are only able to briefly detain and question them. Only if after questioning there is probably cause could the person be held. The bill also allows people to sue local law enforcement if they don't feel police are defending the bill with enough vigor. In these scenarios if the person bringing up the suit lost in court they would have to pay for the investigation.Next Anderson was joined by Sunny Hostin who felt the bill was essentially legal racial profiling. She also felt that in practice officers would be allowed to stop someone based on what in their opinion fit the qualifications of being reasonable suspicion. Cathy Areu was also with them and agreed that it is profiling and also said that Latinos around the country are aware of and upset about the new law.
Anderson then spoke with Captain Michael Roberts who was in a ship nearby the oil rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. Roberts was able to take video and assist in the efforts to help those aboard. He joined Anderson to talk about what he witnessed and discussed the rescue efforts and intense heat that was given of by the blaze.Randi Kaye had an up close look at the mistake a nurse made when administering medicine to Dennis Quaid's twins that caused their blood to thin. The children had accidentally been given an adult dose of the medication heparin that left doctors scrambling to save their lives. Part of the problem that lead to the error was confusion on the labels of the medication. Baxter International, a maker of the medication, did update the labels but didn't recall the vials that had already been distributed.

Anderson spoke with Dennis Quaid about his story.
Next was the crime and punishment report by Ted Rowlands about Bruce Beresford Redmond, a former producer for Survivor, and his wife Monica who went on vacation in Cancun Mexico that ended in murder. The couple got into a loud fight at the hotel they were staying at and the next morning Bruce reported his wife missing. Hotel records showed that she never left the property although her husband had claimed she left to go shopping. Later her body was found on the premises. Bruce has been told not to leave Mexico until the investigation is complete. Monica's mother and sister have arrived in Mexico as well and brought with them emails they say prove Bruce was having an affair.Joe Johns was back with the bulletin which included: a tornado in Texas, President Obama called for new Wall St. regulations, the President of Georgia says they have intercepted a shipment of uranium and blamed Russia, Mr. Tourre goes to Washington to testify at a senate hearing, high definition images of a solar flare, the producers of South Park said Comedy Central cut dialog of an episode after receiving threats of violence, a missing Ohio mother was found alive, eleven suspected pirates face prosecution in the US, and a runaway saw blade goes across a yard and into a house.

One extra for tonight:

Today Anderson spoke via telecast with SUNY Potsdam. Here's a short video.

And don't forget, Anderson will be on Regis and Kelly on Friday morning.

Have a great week everyone!

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Arizona is taking this illegal immigration thing too far. How are the police to tell the difference between an illegal and someone who is here legally. And besides the whole thing seems to be racial profiling anyway. I mean how do they expect to enforce this without profiling?

The 360 interview with Dennis Quaid was pretty good. I agree something does need to be done about the wrong dosage of medication being given to people.

360 wasn't too good last nite. Wednesday nite was great. Guess it was too much to hope that thursday was just as good. Can't wait to see Anderson on R&K. I love seeing his lighter side.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting :)

Anonymous said...

Envy those students their chance! :)

judy said...

Julie, thanks for your summary tonite, but you missed an important but brief, part. AC was seen giving his director some short but brief an "angry" signal to move on. He felt the need to explain later, but the question remains, it was TAPED. Doesn't CNN review their tapes BEFORE they air?? As it happens, what he was doing was possibly not a big deal, though it will most likely hit the internet if only because he looked ANGRY. Something we seldom see behind the scenes...perhaps even "too tightly wound." JMO
Sorry, I agree in some profiling and it has to be done, but not unlawfully. We must stop the flow of unlawful immigration, and I'm all for it if it is done in a "reasonable manner." Having friends who live near the Mexican border in Tucson, this is a MAJOR concern and there has to be some way to stop the tide of unlawful migration.
The Dennis Quaid story was old. I like Dennis but he is a celeb and MOST OF 360 SHOW WAS TAPED. How annoying is that?
What exactly did we need a live AC for, to speak to Joe Johns???
Maybe he just wants us to get ready for a good dose of TAPED AC. I don't watch taped AC shows, and I don't intend to start now.
AC will be on R@K "promoting his lighter side," and his new improved audience TAPED 360'S, for Friday.
Thanks for the clip of the SUNY presentation.

bostongal said...

AC seemed to be very distracted during the Kavanaugh interview and that's probably why I felt Kavanaugh got away easy, not too many questions asked. Kavanaugh certainly didn't go down the way Ash did.

And it looks like in spite of taping, AC still has trouble with the magic wall. He should probably just stop using it as there's very little info that comes our way via the wall anyway!

The segment on Heparin overdose, maker liability, medical negligence was decent.

Everything else just OK.

MichellenLomita said...

I thought Thursday's 360 was technically well-done and the stories interesting, but I did not enjoy it. The show has no character now, no distinctive tone to attract a large audience. It comes on, they play story after story, and that's the end of it.

@Judy Totally agree about all the taped segments. I don't watch taped AC either.

If 360 is wondering why they're not bringing in the numbers even with fairly interesting stories, why don't they just heed viewer feedback? Cut out the taped coverage. Give the show character, its own special stamp. Be bold and more innovative with the format and subject matter. Bring in a co-anchor who the audience likes, and don't make it a point to air what viewers oppose. The more we yell, the more they do what we don't want. That is infuriating. This is the show Cooper's on, and I'm still watching because I'm waiting for the next time he does excellent work, and also hoping to see his sweet, ingenuous side again. It's unpleasant to watch obstinate behavior, and people who go on the air and with cold precision deliberately disappoint thousands of fans. However, I think he's just going through hard times with the show. I still love him. lol

MichellenLomita said...

Watch, if AnderC decides to brave anchoring old Studio 360 tonight, he will be more like his happier, free-spirited self after hosting today with Kelly Ripa. She affects him like the proverbial tonic. Wish CNN would find someone like Kelly to be his co-anchor--not necessarily praising her, but because Anderson likes her and she's good for him.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to ur CK (Cooper & Kelly, not Calvin Klein :)post.
Merci :)

judy said...

MichellenLomita: Having heard the show's monologue, AC's mother tried to fool him about being a contestant on DWTS. At first I believed it too because Cindy McCain had actually been asked to participate and John, made her decline. Wondering whether she'll actually BE asked now. The producers of the show probably didn't even think of Gloria.