Monday, April 26, 2010

Anderson Cooper & Arthel Neville

Où est-ce que se trouve Anderson Cooper?
(If your French is more proficent than mine, and most everyone's is, corrections would be welcome). I love when Dr. Sanjay Gupta sits in for AC but since this week is a vacation week for Cooper I’m going to take a bye too. It has nothing to do with Gupta and everything to do with stuff going on in my own life. So for the next three nights I’ll be posting some oldies but goodies from the ATA Archives.There has been a lot of talk the last few weeks about who is right for filling Erica Hill’s place on AC360. Anderson has had a long string of funny, smart ladies that he has worked with in the past. One of my favorites was Arthel Neville. Neville joined CNN in 2002 and became the host of "Talk Back Live With Arthel Neville". While at CNN she also anchored morning and daytime news, and co-anchored weekend news with Anderson Cooper from CNN's Atlanta and New York City bureaus. Here’s a couple of clips of AC and Arthel from May 10, 2003 where they talk about and David Letterman.~Phebe

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judy said...

Though I'm disappointed that you are not blogging about Sanjay anchoring, I do hope everyone is better at home, Phebe, and completly understand.
I did see the program and Joe Johns did the bulletin and interacted with Sanjay and both did well.
I will skip the part about immigration since I've already posted my views on the matter.
Sanjay spoke in brief detail about Bret Michaels and his brain injury.
He is able to speak and has partial but impaired vision and speech at this point and Sanjay seemed hopeful. I'm interested in his condition only because I'm a fan of Celebrity Apprentice and according to The Donald, I think he won...he let it slip and called him the "C hampion," but with Trump you never know.
I was not a fan of AC in 2003 so thanks for the extra info.
As an aside, and maybe this should be on ATC, if Sanjay's expertise is medicine, CNN should promote this and the show should center around his medical capabilities, rather than continuing with AC's regular programming. We know the ratings will be lower so this is the time to try something NEW. But we're talking CNN here....never happen.

Anonymous said...

How do you know Andy won't be present for the rest of the week?

Anonymous said...

I'm studying English.
I'm a huge fan of AC.
Everyday I come to this blog.
I like this blog since I can check AC's schedule, his video and your comments.

My english hearing is terrible.
So I need your help.
Anybody help me.
I really want to know about it.
Fill in the blanks, please.

pale skinny
gray hair guy
( ? ) chicken legs
bad conversationist
people ( ? )
enjoyed ( ? )
watching tv in sleeping

-clips of AC and Arthel from May 10,2003

I'll be happy if you help me. :]

aries moon said...

Sanjay had no magic wall to deal with so the "live" sign stayed up through most of the show--now if only that could happen when AC anchors. I liked Sanjay's interview with Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I remember Arthel Neville, she was another CNNer who had good chemistry with Anderson--I'm not sure what happened to her. Anderson's loose, relaxed and funny on those segments--always a good thing to watch, thanks for the clips.

bostongal said...

Phebe, I hope everything is well and its perfectly fine to take the time off..I am not watching this whole week either and in my opinion it somehow seems inappropriate when Dr.Gupta hosts a major News show. I am not saying he can't wear two hats,(he does a decent job) but just that it some how seems inappropriate..i want to know if he'll let Cooper do brain surgery when he takes a vacation...

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I missed 360 last nite but am sorry I did. From what my friend told me about it, it sounds like I missed a great show. I'll try ti watch tonite. I really like Sanjay in the anchor chair and think he does an excellent job.

Anderson talking about is too funny. Love his description about himself including long walks to the fridge. That is his sense of humor at its best.

MichellenLomita said...

@Judy Agree about a medical-themed week for Sanjay. He did a good job last night, but I was only interested in the "Left to Die" video and discussion, and talk about aneurysms. The ratings are already very low when AC anchors; doubt if they'll be worse with Sanjay. AC and Sanjay are both talented, personable, and attractive, but ratings will remain abysmal as long as the poor program quality continues, and 360 keeps showing the same reporters and commentators who are not popular with viewers, ignoring our preferences, and doing the opposite of what we request.

AC never smiles and relaxes with Joe Johns to the extent of the clip with Arthel Neville. Of course not. Ms. Neville is an attractive, intelligent, outgoing woman with a good sense of humor--the type lady Anderson likes and is comfortable with. I bet he wouldn't be ill and fatigued so often with this kind of woman sharing the anchor desk with him! Has anyone noticed how his health is challenged since Erica left? But do the producers care? If they make a point of opposing what devoted fans want, how much do they care about their own co-worker?! Apologies for the melodramatic tone; I'm just a really exuberant fan. lol

Wonz said...

While I miss Anderson in the anchor chair, I like it when Sanjay fills in. That said, I think he was under-utilized last night.

I thought the report on Goldman Sachs was good -- broken down so it was easy to understand. I liked Joe Johns report and Alexic Glick and Sunny Hostin's discussion with Sanjay.

I'm not big on i-Reports and don't think they belong on air. If CNN wants to encourage amature reporting, put it on the website and leave it there for those who are interested. And Alien's - who came up with the idea for that segment. With all the problems the rainy season is presenting in Haiti, the earthquakes happening aroung the world on almost a daily basis, an oil slick approaching the coast of Louisiana and protests over immigration taking place over the weekend, I don't understand how aliens are new worthy!

I enjoyed Randi Kaye's report, but was sad that there was no Q&A with Sanjay. He's a medical doctor who could have offered good insight into the situation described, he was in the studio, anchoring and instead they have him do a segment on aliens? I mean he did a good job with it and the lightening round was interesting. But to me this is what's wrong with AC360 -- story selection and what makes it to air. Since Anderson wasn't in the studio last night, it's becoming more evident to me that it's CNN who is causing the ratings disaster that is now 360. A show and anchor are only as strong as the supporting cast. When you try to produce a show with inexperienced and young staff, it shows. Until CNN starts putting the proper resources into 360, I see no hope for it improving, which is sad.

It may be that CNN hopes to capture the younger share of the viewing market, but apparently they don't realize that most young people get news off the internet, not by watching a nightly news program. They have developed a web presence to appeal to that demographic, now it's time to develop an on air show that appeals to actual viewers.

Sorry - just my opinion - rant over!

I'm hoping Anderson comes back from vacation with a re-newed passion for his show and that CNN gives him the necessary resources.

judy said...

@Wonz: Well said. And as I said and you implied, the show should have centered more on Sanjay's expertise, which is medicine....not aliens. It seems to me Aliens are now MANAGEMENT and as long as they are present CNN will fail.
There's absolutely no thought behind the program, just slap something together..., no theme.