Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last Week in Shots ~April 19th - April 23rd

AC and Joe Johns are featured in our puzzle tonight. Joe's reaction to Anderson's teasing about the Willie Nelson clip was priceless!

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AC and Joe1 jigsaw Jigsaw PuzzleAC and Joe1 jigsaw Jigsaw Puzzle






BTW, tomorrow is "Hug an Aussie" day. In honor of the day, here's a nice pic of Anderson and one of our favorite Aussie journalists.

Until next Sunday, take care of you!

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The best shot of the week was tuesday's. It was funny to begin with And Anderson's commentary made it that much more funny. I love when his snarky side comes out.

Friday's shot was good too. Love how Anderson couldn't get over being told he looks weaker in person...LOL!!! Too funny!

judy said...

The only shot I didn't see was Friday's and what a nice tribute AC made to his long time producer.
I think he and Joe Johns enjoy working together and I hope it continues. They have a good rapport.
The photo of Michael Ware made me think, whatever happened to Michael Ware? Why have we not seen him here of late?
As always thanks Em.

bostongal said...

Thank you so much for posting the shots of the week. I had missed the flip flop one and it sure is cute..

Thanks again..

Madkat said...

have a good week! Are you taking the week off or is Anderson? His commercials are showing Dr Gupta! I am a new fanof Andersons since haiti and love getting my news from him

Anonymous said...

I don't know who came with idea to put the shots from all week in one post but that person is a true genius :D

Cyn said...

Judy, Michael Ware is currently on a short sabbatical in order to work on his book. (Yay book!) They seem to expect him back in the next month or two. Hope he knows how much he's been missed!

MichellenLomita said...

Regarding The Bulletin and The Shot, looks like I'm the odd person out on ATA. I never enjoy any of them now, or Beat 360. They laugh and joke, and from the comments here, some fans enjoy the new duo, but I couldn't be more disappointed. In my opinion, this is just one more aspect that lessens 360's already poor quality and contributes to the low ratings. Sorry to be so negative, but I know ATA gives voice to all perspectives, and I'm definitely on the negative side of this one.

Anonymous said...

According to DanielleCNN, Dr. Sanjay is anchoring 360 all week.

MichellenLomita said...

Sanjay Gupta tweeted today that he would be anchoring for Anderson all this week so AC can rest. No surprise, as AC did look either exhausted or sick or both on Friday. Hope he is resting in some beautiful stress-free tropical paradise. Will probably check out the show this week; Sanjay did a great job last time.

Em said...

Glad most of you are enjoying the shots.

@MadKat...sorry to scare you, I generally end my posts with a take care or have a good week as I only blog for ATA on Sunday nights. As far as I know, the other ladies will keep on giving you a wonderful blog the other 6 days a week :)

@Cyn: Just knew you would catch us up on Mick's whereabouts. His book should be very interesting but can't imagine him sitting still long enough to write one!

Jacq said...

The shots were great, also thanks for the Live With R&K on Friday. AC did a wonderful job as usual.

Anonymous said...

So as we expected Anderson is on vacation this week.