Friday, April 23, 2010

NYC in the Morning & Atlanta at Night

Anderson Cooper opened tonight’s AC360 with the story of “government watchdogs acting like teenage horn dogs” at work! Anderson quoted various reports of SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission not the “sexual explorers club” as AC made clear) employees watching porn (described as misuse of Govt. computer resources and official time) during work, including one of a Sr. Attorney downloading and watching porn up to 8 hours a day. Think 16 reports of these types of violations in 2008 – when the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme and the failure of Lehman Brothers were happening. Joe Johns was in with more on the story. The names are protected by the privacy laws, but some employees resigned, some were fired and some received a slap on the wrist. – a full range of punishment. And of course now the issue is becoming political because of the debate of securities reform currently underway on Capital Hill. Anderson made sure to say the link on the AC360 website was to the story and not the porn sites!

Gov Jan Brewer of Arizona defied President Obama and signed the toughest anti-immigration bill into law today. President Obama called the law “mis-guided.” The governor says opponents are over-reacting. Miguel Perez, CNN contributor and Rep. John Kavanagh (R) Arizona were in to debate the issue with Anderson. Supporters say the bill won’t lead to racial profiling, but Miguel made the point of who is to say what individual officers will do. Kavanaugh supports the bill and says Miguel is just “wrong.” The question is what “behaviors” will qualify a person to be questioned. Anderson played the role of devil’s advocate for both sides. (I, personally, see all kinds of problems with states trying to take on the role of federal immigration officers based on personal experience in my previous employment. I’m guessing this will not stand the test of the courts.) President Obama has asked the Judicial Department to look at the bill to see if civil rights are being violated.

And then Jeff Toobin joined Anderson (and pretty much supported my beliefs). Toobin stated he doesn’t see reasonable suspicion as the biggest problem, but rather; does AZ have the right to enforce federal immigration law. There is a doctrine of law called “pre-emption” where it says the US Federal Government pre-empts certain area of law and immigration is a classic example. AC pointed out that people feel the federal government has failed, but as Toobin stated that doesn’t change a legal document – you can’t suddenly have a state deciding to take over a federal function. AC and Toobin also discussed “what does an illegal immigrant look like.” Anderson asked Toobin if he thought the Supreme Court would uphold the law and Toobin answered by saying it’s a highly political issue and while the lower courts will likely find the law unconstitutional, in a highly charged political environment it’s hard to predict what the Supreme Court will do.

There was more on the South Park Security Threat. Apparently extra security is on duty at the Comedy Central Offices in NYC. Part 2 of the South Park episode that caused the uproar, aired this week with parts bleeped out by the network. John Avalon and Ayaan Hirsi Ali were in tonight to discuss the latest events with Anderson. Comedy Central censored a speech about fear and intimidation that didn’t mention the Prophet Mohammed. Avalon thinks Comedy Central “over-crossed” the line to protect the show's creators. The issue of free speech was discussed again tonight, as well as giving into the fear. Both felt we need to stand up to the groups inciting the fear.
Part of Anderson’s interview with Dr. Kevorkian was replayed as a segue to the next segment. Assisted suicide is legal in 3 states; Oregon, Washington & Montana. Doctors cannot be present – they can only prescribe the medications. Some doctors in Connecticut are trying to change the law in that state. Randi Kaye was in with the report of a man in CT who is terminally ill and wants to die on his own terms. At the law now stands in CT, doctors who prescribe medications that are used to commit suicide can go to jail. Two doctors are trying to get the law changed.

Next up was a report by Dan Simon about parents who were given 16 months in prison for failure to give their son the medications he needed. He died as a result. This story was covered in a previous post here’s the link. Due to technical issues Simon’s report did not air that night. This story is about the Followers of Christ Church in Oregon City, Oregon. The church group turns to religion to treat illness. About 10 years ago a law was passed making it illegal for parents to deny their children medication and as a result there have been investigations into 30 deaths over the last 10 years.

Joe Johns was in tonight with the 360 Bulletins
- search ends for oil rig workers
- new home sales were up 26.9% in March
- Missouri man hits $258M jackpot and buys a used truck
- Brett Michaels is in critical condition after suffering a massive brain hemorrhage
- Sarah Palin testified in the case involving the hacking of her e-mail account
- Hubble telescope turns 20 and provides an amazing new image
- Dog came to the rescue in a fire in Alaska

Tonight’s SHOT was from Anderson’s Co-Hosting appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly this morning. See tonight’s extras for the complete coverage.

Anderson ended the show with a heartfelt goodbye to AC360 Executive Producer Kathleen Friery who is leaving CNN to be a full-time mom to her baby daughter

Tonight's extra's
First a couple of pictures of Anderson on the street with Kelly found on this blog post.

And some more of Anderson on the street today found on this blog post. Remember to click to enlarge images.

And Anderson Co-Hosting Live with Regis & Kelly today.

Host Chat

Trivia Contest

Drew Brees

Kate Gosselin Part 1

Kate Gosselin part 2

Project Runway Winner

Worm Composting & End

And a Web Exclusive courtesy of the Live website.

And a couple more from Host Chat - just because-

A reader made reference to Anderson signaling his producer during an interview last night. Here's the clip.

That's it for me tonight. I hope you all have a good weekend! Wonz~

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EmmKay said...

Worm composting made my day.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Loved Anderson's snarky comments during the SEC piece. He needs to be like that more often.

Why is it every time Anderson is on R&K they have such bad guests? The only one I had ever heard of was Kate Gosselin. So naturally she was the best guest as she's the only one I've heard of. The host chat was the best part. Wonder if Anderson will ever get the glasses he needs and wear them on air.

Love the pics of him on the street. He looks so good in those tight jeans!

Anonymous said...

"...interview with Dr. Kevorkian was replayed as a segway to the next segment."

They segued between the two -- they did not mount a segway & scoot from subject to subject.

Wonz said...

@Anonymous - thank you for catching my error. I appreciate it. And thanks for the laugh as I visualized Anderson on a Segway!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap, my cable was out last night so no TV or internet at all!!

MichellenLomita said...

ATA is a really good, fun site. I hope the site continues covering AC and his career when 360 is finally cancelled and he moves on to a better show. Almost anything will be better than 360. In my opinion, the program is detrimental to AC and his career, and I'll be so relieved and go out and celebrate when it's cancelled. I'm just watching hoping every night to hear that show is going off the air, freeing Anderson to host something decent. Friday's show was carelessly thrown together, like no one cares about it, much of it taped with stories and subjects rehashed, even with the same guests. I can hardly stand to watch it, but AC's still my favorite person on TV, and I don't want to miss it when something different is finally announced. He looked unwell again last night. Even R&K couldn't make him feel better having to do 360. The pics of him with the bag are really sweet. He deserves better than 360, and I'm wishin' hard he moves on from it soon.

aries moon said...

The SEC piece was just unbelievable and AC's sarcastic delivery of it was priceless.

It's disappointing that the anti-immigration bill was passed in Arizona and I hope the courts recognize the implications of it and throw it out, but I'm not optimistic about that.

AC's farewell to his producer was really sweet--it sounds like she will be hard to replace.

Thanks for all of the extras--the pics of AC on the street are nice. So, in a few months we'll see Anderson wearing glasses on 360? Hmm....

Pixiedust said...

I've been very sick, and unbable to sit at the computer for much time. I ususally make a point to check out the CALENDAR to see if Anderson is going to be on another show.

I noticed that the Calendar isn't posting notices of R&K co-hosting, etc. anymore. Any chance that it can be revived?

BTW, I thought the interaction that he had with Joe Johns showed a different side of Anderson this week. He seems very comfortable with him. I've enjoyed it!

judy said...

I did not think AC looked "unwell" last nite...but then I didn't watch the show. If he flew from NYC to Atlanta, he had to be feeling somewhat better, but he did say he lost 15 pounds in the monologue. He cannot afford to lose so much weight and he didn't say why.
On Friday he is opposite Bill Maher and I do know many of AC's fan's are like me, and switch to HBO.
Have to say Kate Gosselin has nerve. I couldn't believe she danced on R@K. I couldn't believe she had the nerve to dance on DWTS, but her new book is out for promotion. Kelly is right. Next show, "A Date With Kate!"
I do have to change the subject and say I'm glad Arizona's governor is taking charge pertaining to the immigration problem. There is a problem and regardless of whether the state legislature overstepped its bounds, it did so because the Federal government did nothing. It has shoved illegal immigration aside. I personally hope that this law IS upheld, then maybe the Federal government will finally get a coordinated "act" together. Until then, this is the law in Arizona people so "deal with it." Whether it is fair and "reasonable" will be decided down the road.
Do we happen to know why AC was in Atlanta?