Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hurricane Alex Makes Landfall

Anderson Cooper began Wednesday's show with "Good evening again from the Gulf. Two big breaking stories tonight. One involving former Vice President Al Gore lewd and embarrassing sexual allegations from a masseuse. A closed criminal investigation now reopened. The potential damage to the Oscar winning Nobel laureate almost incalculable. It's a lot more than just an inconvenient story especially if it's the inconvenient truth. All the allegations and the new investigation coming up tonight."

HURRICANE ALEX NOW COMING ASHORE Category 2 storm, sustained winds of 100 mph: Reports by Reynolds Wolf and Chad Myers

HURRICANE ALEX MAKES LANDFALL Storm complicates oil cleanup efforts: Report by Tom Foreman


HURRICANE ALEX MAKES LANDFALL Storm complicates oil cleanup efforts: Interview with Julia Reed, Newsweek Contributing Editor, and John Young, Council Chairman, Jefferson Parish.

HURRICANE ALEX MAKES LANDFALL 100 Miles south of the U.S./Mexico Border: Reports by Reynolds Wolf & Chad Myers

POLICE RE-OPEN AL GORE INVESTIGATION Accused of "unwanted sexual contact" in 2006: Interview with Jeffrey Toobin CNN Senior Legal Analyst

360 BULLETIN: Report by Joe Johns

BP UNDER FIRE Company wants to shut down safety watchdog unit: Report by Drew Griffin

Tonight's Extras:

Two articles on who should be Larry King's successor:

Here's a link to one from who recommends AC takes the job.

And a People Magazine article and poll that also mentions AC when discussing who should replace Larry King. Here's the link.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Big News is in Tonight's Extras

Anderson Cooper began Tuesday's program with 'Keeping them honest tonight, are efforts to skim the oil being snarled by government red tape? Or is BP trying to slow the skimming and disperse the oil instead to limit its liability?'
AC's opening commentary:

USE OF DISPERSANTS QUESTIONED, Allegations that BP is hiding the oil: Anderson spoke with Fred McAllister
(if you missed this segment I strongly encourage you to read the transcript, McAllister has a fascinating theory)

PLEA FOR OIL SKIMMERS, Nungesser..still not enough supplies: Billy Nungesser and James Carville discussion with Cooper

V.P. BIDEN VISITS GULF, Complaints continue that feds aren't doing enough: Bill Nungesser and James Carville discussion with Cooper

BP'S OWN 'REPORTERS', oil giant sends employees to interview Gulf residents: Randi Kaye reporting

Follow up discussion with Nungesser, Carville and Cooper

SAVING SEA TURTLES: field report by Anderson

HURRICANE ALEX IN THE GULF, just upgraded from tropical storm strength: Chad Myers reporting


OYSTER AREAS REOPENED: Field report by Anderson

TOP NEW ORLEANS CHEF SUES BP: AC interviews Susan Spicer


Picture from the LA Press Club event that honored AC on Sunday night
Photo credit:Cathryn Farnsworth


We talked a bit last night about the possibility of AC replacing Larry King. Pretty fortuitous considering that King announced today he would be scaling back to specials in the Fall and no longer anchor a program. I had to laugh out loud when Bill Maher accused AC of orchestrating the coup. If you missed it take a look:

So many names have been batted about for the heir to the LKL throne. A few years back Larry said that he'd like John Roberts, currently it's reported that he favors Ryan Seacrest. And of course we've all heard the Piers Morgan rumors. I can't imagine, nor would I watch, someone like Piers covering breaking news or US politics, etc. Seems he a Ryan are one note Johnny's. But AC and Roberts both have huge pop culture knowledge, strong interviewing abilities and also the skills of real newsmen.
But today my hunch of Cooper's dissatisfaction turned much more factual. If you haven't read The Wrap article that I posted the link to yet please give it a read. I'm pretty sure that much of what is says is true. And based on AC's mood of late change is coming, one way or another. At this point I think it might be a bigger change than just moving forward an hour in the lineup.~Phebe


•From TV by the Numbers: Anderson Cooper's in the Gulf, While AC360 Ratings Head Underwater

•From Gawker: Anderson Cooper's New TV Series has a Toxic Sponsor

•From Mediaite: Anderson Cooper before he was Anderson Cooper, or The Mole 1

•From The Wrap: Troubled Times at CNN: Anchors at Odds with Cooper

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Live from Louisiana on Day 70 of this Disaster

Anderson Cooper opened Monday's AC360 with 'Live in Louisiana on day 70 of this disaster.It's our sixth week here in Louisiana. The last thing they need down here, right now, is a bad storm. Yet take a look, tropical storm Alex now in the Gulf. The question tonight is will it put the clean up and the well capping work in jeopardy? Will it deepen the nightmare?"

SUTTLES, FLOW RATE NOT RELEVANT: A commentary by Anderson Cooper

FOLLOW UP: James Carville and Billy Nungesser

MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS: Pushing BP to pay: Randi Kaye reporting

FOLLOW UP: James Carville and Billy Nungesser

DEEP SEA DRILLING BAN, workers want to be compensated for losses: Chris Lawrence reporting


SWEEPING HANDGUN RULING, Supreme Court: Chicago's ban unconstitutional: Jeff Toobin and Cooper discuss

OIL INDUSTRY LOOPHOLE, Federal agency let BP bypass environmental law: Joe Johns reporting

EXTREME WEATHER IN THE GULF, tropical storm Alex gradually strengthening: Chad Meyers reporting from Atlanta

EXTRAS: pictures from Sunday night's LA Press Club Awards dinner

Jimmy Buffett joins Anderson on Thursday at 10pm ET! Jimmy Buffett is performing a free concert Thursday night live from Gulf Shores, Alabama to demonstrate support for the people, business and culture of the Gulf Coast. Anderson has an exclusive interview with Jimmy on Thursday. You won't want to miss this!

Blogger's Commentary: When I saw Jack Grey's tweet this morning that Anderson would be interviewing Jimmy Buffet on Thursday's program I did not get how this connected to the oil spill. I sarcastically told Wonz it must be because Buffet owns a boat. She straightened me out pretty quickly by telling me that Buffet owns a restaurant in NOLA. Now that I know that, and saw the news about his concert, the interview makes more sense. I'd still rather see a little less celebrity and a little more common man on AC360.
I feel in my bones that AC360 has recently made a deliberate decision to blend more showbiz into their news biz. From the hype of 'the big interview' to the live studio audience programs that were postponed when Cooper headed to Louisiana to cover the spill........nothing, but reporting on real news, seems to boost the ratings. Maybe CNN is grooming Anderson Cooper to be the heir to Larry King's time slot and program format? I don't know but as we have said many times before time will tell. ~Phebe

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Start of Another Week

Click to Mix and Solve

There were no 'The Shots' on AC360 last week but there were some reports aired in the second hour that you may have missed, including a new commercial that we've posted some grabs from.

Monday June 21 A New AC360 commercial began airing:

Tuesday June 22 Building America:

Wednesday June 23 One Simple Thing:

Several 360 producers tweeted on Friday that AC360 would be back in NOLA this week. They didn't specifically say Anderson Cooper would be anchoring, but we are assuming he will be. We do know that AC is long overdue for a vacation and we're expecting him to take one any week now.

At the time this post was published we hadn't come across any pictures of the Los Angeles Press Club event on Sunday night that honored Anderson. We'll post pictures for you ASAP.

Not any quality pictures yet but we have a couple from Twitter:

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

AC360 Covers the World Cup

With much of the world caught up in World Cup Mania this week we thought it an appropriate time to look back at some Anderson Cooper sports moments. But before we get too carried away you need to know something about AC and sports that Aaron Brown shared with viewers a few years ago:

Now that we're all caught up to speed on Cooper's sport's prowess (or lack of such) here's his piece from 60 Minutes with David Beckham from March 23, 2008:

If you're just interested in watching AC play goalie against Beckham here's that portion of the 60 Minute clip:

In October of 2007 CNNi sent Michael Ware to cover the Rugby World Cup, which was held in France. It made for some of the most hilarious sports moments in AC360 history.
Here's Anderson telestrating former rugby player Michael Ware's often broken nose while Ware narrates:

This clip has MW on CNNi reporting on the excitement of the France New Zealand match when he's flashed by a man in a kilt. How he holds it together is anyone's guess:

And last, but not least, a clip where Ware talks on CNNi about the cold weather at game time in a not so delicate manner:

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