Thursday, September 30, 2010

AC Takes on Daytime

Press Release from Telepictues:

Telepictures Productions Signs Deal with Emmy® -Award Winning Television Personality to Produce One-Hour Daily Strip for Daytime Television to be Distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution

BURBANK, Calif. (September 30, 2010) -- Anderson Cooper has signed a deal to host a new, one-hour daily daytime strip, set for national syndication launch in Fall 2011, it was announced today by Ken Werner, President, Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution, and Hilary Estey McLoughlin, President, Telepictures Productions.

"Over the course of the past few years, I've had the opportunity to work on a number of daytime programs," said Anderson Cooper. " It's fun and interesting to work in daytime television. The format is unique and you can really go in-depth on a wide range of fascinating and compelling stories. With this new program I hope to relay important information and relate to people and the audience in a completely different way. It's an exciting opportunity to show another side of myself and create something worthwhile and special in daytime."

"There is a great opportunity in the marketplace for this type of show," said Ken Werner, President, Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution. "Fall '11 begins a transition period when long established franchises are leaving the air and making way for a new generation of shows. Anderson Cooper is one of the most distinctive voices of the next generation of television. His popularity and skills uniquely position him to be the next big syndication franchise."

"The hallmark of Telepictures' success has been attracting iconic talent and building franchises based on their personalities. From my early days working with Rosie through our success with Ellen, we have been able to identify great talent at the right time that fills a void in daytime. Anderson fills that void today, and I'm thrilled that we'll be welcoming him to the Telepictures family. Anderson is one of those rare talents that has a relatable and authentic persona, a keen sense of humor and intelligence and has already demonstrated his ability to resonate with daytime viewers," said Hilary Estey McLoughlin, President, Telepictures Productions.

Cooper will bring his passionate voice and personal perspective to a topical daily talk show that will tell the stories that are capturing the daytime audience's attention. The show will have a broad palette that will cover social issues, trends and events, pop culture and celebrity, human interest stories and populist news. Cooper will tap into his compassion and fascination with the human condition and share compelling and provocative personal stories and tackle the issues that will stir debate while bringing his humorous take on what is top of mind for the daytime audience.

Cooper will address water cooler topics and interview the real people, populist newsmakers and celebrities behind these stories. From undercover investigations to hidden camera experiments, the show will give the audience new perspective in an effort to gain insight into relevant issues and social trends affecting women's lives. In addition, Cooper will hold town hall meetings on hot button issues from race to infidelity to Internet predators. When there is breaking news, he will take the audience along with him right into the eye of the storm, as he goes beyond the headlines and into the lives of those affected. The show will feature audience participation both in the studio and live chats with home viewers. Like his predecessors Oprah Winfrey and Phil Donahue, Anderson Cooper will create a daily destination for multiple generations of women looking to be informed and entertained, gain perspective, and stay connected to each other and the world around them.

Cooper will continue to anchor CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," a provocative alternative to the typical network evening newscast, airing weeknights at 10 p.m. ET. Cooper joined CNN in December 2001 and served as CNN's weekend anchor before moving to prime time in March 2003 following the war in Iraq. In addition to reporting for CNN, Cooper, an award-winning journalist, also provides reports for CBS's "60 Minutes." Dispatches from the Edge, Cooper's memoir about covering the South Asia tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and other news events, topped the New York Times Bestsellers List and other bestseller charts. Before joining CNN, Cooper was an ABC News correspondent and host of the network's reality program, "The Mole." He anchored ABC's live, interactive news and interview program, "World News Now," as well as providing reports for "World News Tonight," "20/20" and "20/20 Downtown."

Cooper graduated from Yale University in 1989 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science. He also studied Vietnamese at the University of Hanoi.

The show will be based in New York City and produced by Telepictures Productions in association with StrongChild Productions and Anderson Cooper will serve as an Executive Producer.

Received this morning from CNN PR:

Jim Walton, President, CNN Worldwide: “I am pleased that Anderson Cooper has extended his relationship with CNN and will be with us for years to come. I am also pleased to congratulate Anderson on his new relationship with Telepictures. We think it will be good for Anderson, good for CNN and good for Time Warner.”

Anderson Cooper: “I remain as committed as ever to my program on CNN, and will be with CNN for years to come.”

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EmmKay said...

I say congratulations, Anderson.

He obviously wants to do this, and I think the press release had some interesting scenarios that I can see him doing very well.

I respect that he follows his own mind and doesn't allow himself to be pigeonholed.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I guess time (or ratings) will tell how long he can keep up double duty with the daytime show and the nighttime 360.

Anonymous said...

I will watch. Heck, I'd watch paint dry with Anderson.


Anonymous said...

I'm not looking forward to the new talk show as I think it will flop. Thank God Anderson has enough sense to stay at CNN and do what he does best...reporting. I hope this new job doesn't get in the way of his time for 360. He will be spreading himself thin for sure. Guess we'll see.

This means he will have no time for going to disasters either I guess. Nor for much private time in his life.

This is just for Phebe...I didn't want to sign into Google with my account but I am THE Cindy that everyone knows and loves. LOL


Anonymous said...

Frankly, I am shocked CNN renewed him. and doing both shows.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

This is pathetic. I think Anderson loses a lot of credibility by being a daytime talk show host. How can anyone take him seriously? I have been around the Anderworld forever and I think this talk show is the absolute worst decision Anderson has ever made. I'll probably watch the talk show just to laugh at it and see if its as or worse than I think it will be. I'll watch Anderson on 60 Minutes and 360 and when he fills in on R&K, because I enjoy that. I have a feeling this talk show will tank. Many many many people get talk shows and the flop.

Mollyanna, Brad, and Maureen said...

does anyone know what time, day and channel this new show will be on or what the name of it will be? we would really like to know when anyone gets this information becase we would like to watch it and we hope it's on a channel we have with our cable station if not we'll be very disappointed.

Cherisa said...

Haven't we all reached a point in our lives/careers where we realize it's time for something different? Big leap for AC. It sounds interesting, especially if we get to see more of his personality. Wishing him all success - but wondering when he'll rest.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post :) Today is a big day!!! So happyyy. Thanh you again :D

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of Anderson. He looks like a guy who can do anything. But can he do two hour-long five days a week shows and do justice to both?

And what happens to his 60 Minutes job?

Echoing Cindy from the earlier post, it will be an incredible workload. Is there anyone else who's done two shows at once, each requiring a great deal of involvement, and kept both at a high quality for a good length of time?

Would Anderson's daytime show be "360 Light"? "Andy & Kathy With Some News"? "The Silver Fox Sunshine Hour"? (borrowed from someone else on the web).

I want Anderson to be successful and happy. But I worry about him keeping up with two shows at once. And I worry about how happy he would be interviewing the latest American Idol winner while Brian Williams and Karl Penhaul are reporting from earthquake-ravaged Athens (imaginary disaster, nothing against Athens).

(at a different computer)

aries moon said...

The plan for the talk show must have been in the works a long time since they appear to already have a clear vision for what they want to do. Anderson's a pretty ambitious guy who is willing to take some risks in order to expand his horizons and I respect him for that. Apparently he'll be with CNN for quite a while regardless of his ratings. Anyway, I wish him well and am looking forward to seeing how this new venture pans out--even if it's not a success for him, he'll still have 360--that's quite a deal he made. Saavy guy.

Tedi B said...

So let's recap for the record...

-AC 360 sucks
-Anderson in the field sucks
-Anderson in the studio sucks
-He's stupid
-He's dumb
-He's pathetic
-His clothes suck
-His ideas suck
-His choices suck
-He's mean in interviews
-He's not tough enough in interviews
-His new show will suck (even though no one has seen it or even's not even a complete idea yet)
-He won't be able to go on the road again, which will suck (how do we know?)
-He can't interview because, oh yeah..he sucks
-CNN sucks because they still keep such a sucky person around, like ANderson

So, I'm guessing he should just crawl into a hole and die, NO because that would SUCK.

Anonymous said...

OK Tedi B, are you a mind reader? I was thinking the same thing. Anderson cannot turn around without someone complaining he was too slow or too fast. I said it before and I said it before and I will say it again. I will watch paint dry with Anderson. I respect him that much.


Anonymous said...

Tedi B, I'm kind of loving you right now. <3

Lynn said...

@Tedi B: Yes that does seem to be the general consensus around here now a days.

I'm excited for this new show. We'll have to wait and see how it does but it sounds interesting and I'll definitely watch. Sounds like Anderson will be busy though. Does anyone know how often he goes on assignment for 60 Minutes? That program aside, I wonder of it'll be difficult to juggle 360 and this new show. He travels often for CNN and it could interfere with the daytime show. He knew all this though before taking on the job. I'm sure he thought a lot about it before making the decision.

Also "years to come" in regards to Anderson being with CNN? I love AC360 but the ratings aren't good right now (haven't been for a while) and unless they make a change the show will continue to not do well. I get why they want him to say though. He's a big name and they don't want to lose him. Lets hope with the new president that we'll see some changes (I think the shows fine but apparently most people don't) and his ratings will go up.

I just hope this isn't too big of a work load for him and he can still find time to have a personal life. Anyways, I'm really excited for this new show!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the new show. He could easily film several shows in one day or on the weekends to work around his CNN schedule. It is $mart of him to be executive producer. Wonder if he will get a sidekick?

I'm greatly relieved to see that Anderson signed a contract extension at CNN. With the change in management and the decline in ratings I was worried we might lose him.

A double YAY day.


EmmKay said...

@TediB - Awesome summation! I think Anderson is at his best when he goes with his gut. The greatest moments of his public life have been when he has just gone with his gut and did what felt right. I look forward to seeing how he takes on this opportunity.

Tedi B said...

Thanks, I thought I was the only one. :)

Anonymous said...

I really like the picture of Anderson in this post. I think that picture should be used for a new All Things Anderson graphic logo. A new look for this blogsite would be nice.

I'm glad Anderson has decided to extend his contract with CNN and do what he does. Not too happy about the daytime talk show, but he seems happy to do it. I doubt it's becuase he needs the money. I do wish he would rather wait though for Regis Philbin to retire and take his spot next to Kelly Ripa. One thing that I wonder is if Anderson will still get to travel around the world for his CNN show as much once his daytime talk show begins. He should wait for Regis Philbin to leave, that way if Anderson does need to travel for his CNN show, Kelly could do the show alone or get a guest host. How will he still do 60 Minutes? He has a lot on his plate including CNN Heroes, CNN New Year's Eve, etc. Good luck Anderson Cooper!

judy said...

I had to laugh at Tedi B's remarks.
I don't think constructive criticism should be taken all that seriously.
Yes, it does seem to me that AC's cutting himself way too thin. The old saying: "Too many cooks spoil the broth," rings true here.
How can any human being do 60 Minutes, a daytime talk show, and 360, and do them ALL well???
Anderson excelled at field reporting, not talk. If CNN WASN'T involved I'd say this was a big deal. But CNN is still involved which means they must get a percentage of the show. Unless of course he just stays at 360 until the fall of '011. We have not read the fine print.
And let me remind you all, Ellen left Idol after one year. I know what she said her reasons were, but the fact remains, unless you're Superman, you can't do everything prepared for TAPED AC people.

Anonymous said...

Well, we did see AC talking intently with Senior Executive Andy Cohen from Bravo.
Maybe he'll wind up on Bravo with a daily talk show.
Does Bravo and CNN have some relationship??
Or could this be some "concoction," CNN cooked up to improve their deplorable ratings? And right after Klein leaves???
Why in the world does CNN have to be involved in this deal? Kind of makes ME wonder. Is it a deal or isn't it??? We've seen CNN promos before......

aries moon said...

Let me also throw in some love for that photo of AC--he looks confident and strong--I remember seeing it on the air when they did one of those 360 specials.

While I do respect everyone's right to express their opinions I also have to agree with Tedi B's comment. I'd like to believe that we all want AC to succeed with his latest endeavour even though some of us may not think highly of his decision.

Well one thing's for sure, no one can honestly call him "lazy" anymore with the challenging schedule he's taking on.

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought.
Someone should ask Kelly Ripa if the ratings on R&K are any higher when AC is on then when other hosts are on. Maybe they have, but I know even though I watch 360, I've not once watched R&K when AC co-hosts. Not once.
Daytime audiences are completely different than nightly viewers.

Anonymous said...

"He doesn't want to be pigeonholed?"
What's wrong with being and investigative journalist? Look what's it done for Bob Woodward, and he never looked back.

Anonymous said...

That show is a year away, all of this hype right now, but it is a year away.

AC Fan in CA/IL said...

I know I should contribute the conversation about the new show...but Anderson looked so good in that picture it made it hard to concentrate. Oh, and it's my new desktop background.

Hope everyone had a good Thursday!

Anonymous said...

lmao, Tedi B, you are clearly the winner of this entire post.

Lauren--NY said...

Tedi B, I continue to enjoy your realism in the face of baseless negativity. Good for you.

sydney said...

OK, where to start.

First of all, I've so had it with that idiot in Michigan. When I saw the show leading with that I had to turn the TV off. 3 nights is enough.

Second, Tedi, LOL!! While I'll often criticize 360's content, I rarely have a bad word to say about the man himself. I've never understood why those who can't seem to find anything right with him bother to come to a site called "All Things Anderson".

Third, for those worried about Anderson burning the candle at both ends, I don't see him doing that long term. He's a smart man, keeping his options open. I have a feeling if the new show takes off, he'll be kissing CNN goodbye. And if it doesn't, well, there's always his night job. :-) I, for one, am curious to see what it'll be like and how it'll do.

sydney said...

Oh, and how could I forget:

Hot DAYUM, I found me some new wallpaper. :-P

Ms. Evans said...