Monday, September 27, 2010

Begalaisms Save the Night

SOURCES:RAHM EMANUEL TO LEAVE W.H., Expected to run for Mayor of Chicago: Paul Begala and Alex Castellanos represent the pundits tonight with John King phoning in information from his sources


You all know how we feel about panels here at ATA but any panel with Begala holds our attention. Tonight we had a few Begalaisms:

• "As a staffer I always prided myself in knowing the difference between the organ grinder and the monkey...... I was just a monkey."
• "Too many voters use the media like a drunk uses a lamp post, you know more for support than illumination."
• quoting De Gualle: The graveyards are full of indispensable men.

SCHOLARSHIP SCANDAL, Rep. Johnson insists she broke no rules: Todd Gillman (Dallas Morning News) and Melanie Sloan (CREW)

TENNESSEE MOSQUE FIGHT, Lawsuit filed: Akbar Ahmed (Chair for Islamic Studies, American U) and Frank Gaffney (Center for Secure Policy) participated in a civil debate, no yelling, just presenting their differing points of view

US SOLDIERS ACCUSED OF MURDER, 5 charged with killing Afghan citizens 'for sport': Drew Griffin, Special Investigative Unit, reporting

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN: Randi Kaye (hurry back Isha)

In an interview with the new CNN boss, Ken Jauzt, Georg Szalai asked about Cooper:


Jautz: Extremely. Anderson Cooper is the standard bearer for the type of journalism that CNN has become famous for and that we want to continue to be known for. One of the most memorable stories this year was Haiti, and nobody covered it as comprehensively as CNN, and nobody did as brilliant a job while covering it as Anderson Cooper or Sanjay Gupta and their teams.

We'll title this one: THE CLOTHES MAKE THE MAN:

I'm sure TJ Holmes would never presume to give Anderson Cooper fashion advice (in this case he certainly could) BUT we will. If you are going to wear jeans to work get jeans that are the proper wash to wear with a suit coat and the right fit and length (without rolling them up like you did last week). And loose the tennies. If that is asking too much then stay seated behind a desk, please. The shirt, jacket and tie probably cost more than most of our paychecks but looking put together from the waist up just isn't enough for the face of CNN.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I just could not get into 360 at all. Way too much politics. And I think Anderson needs to lay off that Eddie Bernice Johnson story. We all know she's an idiot, do we have to hear about her so much? 360 needed better story selection last nite. Hope tonite is better.

I like Anderson in the jeans and sneakers. He's doing what is comfortable for him and being himself. I like it.

Jaanza said...

I flipped back and forth between 360 and Lawrence O'Donnell, at the start I stayed with O'Donnell's interview of VP Biden because I was not impressed by 360's so-called "Breaking News" of Rahm Emanuel leaving the Obama WH and maybe running for office in Chicago. Many news programs including CNN reported this in the middle of last week.

Anderson's best report was the "Distorting the Truth" and discussing political ads with Begala and Castellanos. I've got one more Begalaism; "The soul of America is not in Congress."

However, I missed what made the scholarship scandal involving Rep. Johnson *new* news and went back to O'Donnell, who was doing political analysis with Olbermann.

While O'Donnell showed more of his interview with Biden, Anderson and panel discussed the mosque controversy in Tennessee. I wish they had talked about specifics of the new lawsuit with Jeffrey Toobin instead of re-hashing general points about muslims, mosques and how people feel about them.

In the middle of his show, O'Donnell had a line-up of big names he'd be interviewing this week, like Bob Woodward and Mayor Bloomberg. Nice info to try to get viewers to come back.

The 360 report on U.S. soldiers killing Afghan civilians should have led the show, I guessing Drew Griffin had a good report but I watched O'Donnell on conservatives reactions to Colbert testifying before Congress last week, kind of old news but I loved O'Donnell's challenge to Rep. Hoyer (I think it was Hoyer).

At the end of his show, O'Donnell showed the SNL clip spoofing Christine O'Donnell ("no relation" he kept having to say) and Anderson had the video of the rough landing of that Atlanta-NYC filght. I had seen both of videos several times before but O'Donnell gets a bonus point for talking to an SNL guy in the last two minutes of his show, a time (57 or :58 past the hour) when 360 is already over.

O'Donnell did a pretty good job. I was hoping Anderson would have added a little more strength or pizazz or something to 360 to keep me there the whole hour.

judy said...

The highlight of 360 was the panel on Rahm Emanuel and yes Paul Begala's quotes. AC at one point called him "Peter," but that's beside the point.
Emanuel's leaving is not a surprise to me. I read somewhere early last year, that he missed his family who stayed back in Chicago and he was the most important "go to person," for the Obama White House. His presence will be missed I'm sure.
Ken Jautz seems like a very reasonable and FAIR minded person.
He was sure to use the words TEAM and SANJAY when speaking of AC's reporting in Haiti. He realized immediately that Anderson did not do the "brilliant reporting" alone and gave the "team" credit. I like him already. Keen observer.
I also like and absolutely agree with your "dress for success" commentary.
I get the feeling that Anderson dresses down because he's actually daring anyone to tell HIM how to dress. If he can wear a suit to co-host R&K, then he should be wearing one on CNN, unless Mr.Jautz tells him otherwise....let's see how it starts to play out shall we. New boss, new rules.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jaanza for comparing the two shows.
Lawrence O'Donnell was chosen because he already had the smarts to go head to head with Anderson and he always filled in for Olberman. Someone was thinking ahead at MSNBC. Maybe thats why CNN is third.
By the way did you notice if O'Donnell was wearing "jeans?"

Anonymous said...

Hi fashion critics, thank you for your post as usual :) I really like P. Begala 's discussion style. You know, not too serious :)

bostongal said...

totally agree with your commentary on clothes, I think it would look a tad more professional if AC wore a suit. I mean you have time to put on a shirt, jacket and tie, how much more time does it take to slip on a proper trouser and formal shoes??? Apart from that Paul Begala was all I liked last night...

Anonymous said...

Last night was just OK. I just could not get into it except for the Drew Griffin story. That just sickened me and really upset my Hubby who retired from the army after 20 years.


Anonymous said...

Ha I tried to post to the 360 blog last night about how unprofessional Anderson looked in his jeans and tennis shoes and guess what? They blocked it and wouldn't let it go through

That is something else that is wrong with 360. No negative comments allowed against its anchors and it wasn't a mean comment, just that I didn't like it.

Thank you

EmmKay said...

I guess I'm a bad fan. I really don't pay too much attention to what he's wearing, but when I do notice the jeans, I actually dig them.
Paul really was great. Loved the lamp post line. I like the political ad reports. I think breaking down the truth for a variety of campaigns is far better than just hammering away at one candidate in Delaware.
The military story was fascinating. I perfer those stories with real reporting instead a lot of manufactured drama.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, where is Isha?

aries moon said...

It's difficult for me to watch any report by Drew Griffin, but the story on the accused soldiers in Afghanistan was chilling and well done. Alex Castellanos is another pundit I don't agree with, but he does have a pretty good sense of humor when he's paired with Paul.

Anderson's jeans and sneakers don't bother me a bit, I like the look, but if he's forced to change because complaints from viewers or the boss, that's the way it goes. I do agree with Judy's point about Anderson possibly being defiant in his choice of clothing and I find that sort of amusing, but I realize that others here and elsewhere do not.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Anderson is going to wear jeans he should wear shoes like Don Lemon does.

Anderson looks good like that, but it looks like he just rode to work on his bike and changed his shirt and added the jacket/tie. Now he is all ready in a second to leave work casual.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I put my Lawrence O'Donnell ratings on the post prior.
Became confused.

Anonymous said...

Anderson looks hot in jeans and tennies.

Rolled cuff jeans came into fashion on the coasts this summer. It may not have hit your area of the country yet.