Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not Your Average Wednesday

On tonight's Anderson Cooper 360: follow up on yesterday's story of the college student who is being targeted by Michigan's Asst Attorney General Andrew Shirvell, a campaign ad that reenacts a senator's alleged visit with a prostitute, and an interview with Michael J. Fox.


MICH. A.G. CALLS EMPLOYEE'S BLOG 'OFFENSIVE': Discussion with Jeffrey Toobin and Jonathan Turley

SEX, ADS AND POLITICS: Report by Tom Foreman

360 BULLETIN: Randi Kaye

BULLYING TRAGEDY: Interview with Amy & David Truong and their advocate

MICHAEL J. FOX'S FIGHT: Sanjay Gupta interview with Michael J. Fox

BISHOP SEX SCANDAL: Details from Anderson Cooper

360 BULLETIN: Randi Kaye


Anderson to host his own daytime talk show? An article from the Hollywood Reporter says that negotiations could close as early as Friday on the possible new show. Here's their article:

Exclu: CNN anchor Anderson Cooper is close to a deal for a syndicated daytime talk show.

The "Anderson Cooper 360" host is deep in talks with Telepictures Productions and Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution for a program that would be pitched to stations in the next couple of weeks targeted to launch in fall 2011.

The as-yet-untitled project will not have a hard-news focus, though given Cooper's background, he'll likely bring a more journalistic approach to handling popular topics compared to most daytime fare.

The show is billed as a topical format that will cover everything from celebrities and pop culture to social issues and wide-interest news stories. Using his well-established interview skills, Cooper's show is expected to welcome a broad range of guests and tackle debate-provoking subjects.

Cooper would also serve as an executive producer.

The talk show deal is complex because its being coordinated between Warner Bros., Cooper and Cooper's employers at CNN -- who have an exclusive contract with the newsman. The deal, which has been in talks for more than a month and may close by the end of the week, calls for Cooper to continue hosting "360." With a lot of moving parts at play, however, sources caution the deal is not yet a sure thing.

Warner Bros. hopes to launch Cooper's show next fall, coming into the marketplace just as talk queen Oprah Winfrey exits to launch her cable network OWN. The vacancy has spurred a surge of talk contenders whose projects are in various stages of deployment (including Dr. Oz, Nancy Grace and Jenny McCarthy).

Cooper's show would air in early fringe in a cash-plus-barter deal, counter-programming more celebrity-oriented programs such as "Access Hollywood." It's not yet clear which station group Warners will line up as its first carriage partner to help galvanize further clearances.

Cooper has flirted with becoming a talk show host before. He recently experimented with a talk-style format during his "360" tapings. Last year Cooper was rumored to be under consideration for replacing Regis Philbin on "Live! With Regis and Kelly," a show he's guest hosted several times.

The arrival of Cooper on the syndie scene would represent the rare crossover of a TV personality from serious primetime news into the daytime space. Cooper could draw comparisons to silver-haired daytime legend Phil Donahue, though Donahue originally only hosted morning news and radio programs. "The View" co-hosts Barbara Walters and Meredith Vieira, however, both have extensive news experience.

Also, Anderson moderated a panel today on mobilizing communities in times of crisis. Here's the information posted on

The Ad Council and Google invite you to a fascinating dialogue on engaging and activating the public during times of emergencies or crisis. Moderated by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, this panel of thought leaders will feature the American Red Cross, Special Olympics, Save the Children, Facebook and Google.

WHAT: Whether it’s a natural disaster, looming social crisis or an issue that is suddenly in the public’s eye, is your organization ready to respond? Learn about the latest innovative tools you can use to leverage an unexpected opportunity to engage, advocate and take action.

WHO: Anderson Cooper, Anchor, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Moderator
Peggy Conlon, President and CEO, the Ad Council
Dennis Woodside, Vice President, Americas Operations, Google
Prem Ramaswami, Product Manager, Google
Jana Waterworth-McAndrew, Manager, Online Fundraising, American Red Cross
Tim Shriver, Jr., Co-Founder, ‘Spread the Word to End the Word’ Campaign, Special Olympics
Carolyn Miles, Executive Vice President and COO, Save the Children
Randi Zuckerberg, Head of Consumer Marketing & Social Good Initiatives, Facebook

and here's a picture that was tweeted from the event:

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

So when Anderson leaves CNN, do you think you will continue with this blog?

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I guess Anderson has lost his mind. A talk show? I mean come on. How dumb can he be? I'm sorry but the man does not have the personality for a talk show. Wasn't 360Friday supposed to be a talk show? Oh yeah that went over real well. That thing was canned after like 3 episodes because it was so terrible. I don't see this show doing any better. Apparently Anderson doesn't care about the news anymore either.

Anonymous said...

@ACAnderFan: IMO, he will be leaving CNN by the time this program begins, and he probably has no choice, this is a job for him. And he won't have to travel anymore, which is what he may want. with 60 Minutes, he would have to travel (if that was even an option)

Anonymous said...

I think he would be the perfect replacement for Regis!He has an awesome personality and is so hilarious. Calm down ACAnderFan, you are scaring me.

Jaanza said...

Well, if you loved the story about MI Asst AG Shirvell, Anderson had more of it. If you didn't, you could turn to Lawrence O'Donnell who had a smart interview with David Axelrod.

Like Judy posted yesterday: CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT!

360 broke the story about Shirvell and I'm sure Anderson is very proud of it, bringing it to the nation's attention and getting his boss MI AG Cox on the show. It's important to not let guys like Shirvell be an asshole without accountability. However, it's not a lead story.

OTOH, I did like Tom Foreman's segment on the mudslinging ad against Vitter.

I was flipping between Anderson and O'Donnell; went with O'Donnell's interview with Bob Woodward instead of Anderson's interview with the death by bullying child suicide.

Did Anderson state beforehand that the Michael J. Fox interview was going to be only a short preview? I can't watch 360 (or O'Donnell) on Thursdays. Why didn't they show more of Sanjay Gupta's interview instead of Anderson asking Sanjay about it?

The last part of the hour I HAD TO watch O'Donnell. Yesterday he interviewed Levi Johnston, candidate for mayor of Wasilla, O'Donnell "I stole all of the questions..." from Katie Couric's famous interview of Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign ("What newspapers do you read?" "All of them.") I didn't see it yesterday but today O'Donnell had a side-by-side video comparison of Levi's and Palin's answers. It was entertaining and illuminating.

Anderson doing a day-time talk show? I don't know about that. His occasional co-hosting at Regis and Kelly seems like enough, a fun diversion from the grind of hard news. But doing that all the time? Even if he does it and 360 what happens when the next hurricane or flood or earthquake hits?

Anonymous said...

Anderson seems to want to be all three at the same time - reporter, news program host, and daytime talk show host. We all know he is good being the first (especially as a field reporter), and mediocre doing the second and third. Why can't he just concentrate on doing what he does best, and excel at that?

I read somewhere about AC saying that he feels fortunate to be doing what he loves best, and doing it as a job. Good for him! There are lots of people out there dreaming of doing what they love doing best, and get paid for it in the process but things like family, health, and financial constraints do not allow them to do so. And here is AC, he knows (I hope he does!) where he is good at, has all the opportunity to do it, and he does something else which isn’t his forte. Man, AC is indeed unique for going for his dreams to become a reporter then putting it aside, and follow his bliss to mediocrity. Sad, sad, sad ....

And oh, the timing of this daytime talk show hosting gig is just perfect! At a time when all these news about AC360's ratings being the lowest are all over the place, something comes out saying there is still a place for AC in the limelight. Too bad it involves him doing something which he is not best at.

Anonymous said...

I think Anderson would do very well with a talk show. It would be nice if he had a lively co-host like Kelly, but I still think he would do very well. Just make it more fun like Regis and Kelly and I think it would do well. That Live Friday night show didn't do too good, because it was so serious.

judy said...

I have to agree with ACAnderFan. I was thinking the exact same thing myself.
As a poster on the post prior said, he would do much better if he stayed at 60 Minutes full time, but there is a lot of money in SYNDICATION. I'm quite certain his friend Barry Diller is in favor of this move, even though his personality lacks the dynamics of Oprah and Barbara Walters or even Phil Donahue. He's seems to have an inability to engage others even though he himself is engaging.
Daytime is not as easy as it looks and I can't see how he could still host 360.
Even his friend Charlie Rose has a better interview technique.
But he may feel the time has come to move on and CNN has become a dead end job as far as his career.
I wish him well, but I doubt if I'll be watching.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post :) No commemts.(Anyway, to me it is still good news)Thank your for making today's morning not an average one :) Thank you for your post.

aries moon said...

Anderson was clearly moved by the interview with the parents of the child who committed suicide because of bullying--he really shines as an interviewer in situations like this, sensitive and caring--it was heartbreaking to listen to the parents discuss what happened, no one deserves to go through what the child did or what his parents are dealing with now. I've followed this story online and expected that AC360 would cover it eventually.

I don't have a problem with AC doing a talk show--it actually sounds like something that would fit him well--he's great on R&K and he'd have a lot of control over the content of the show being an executive producer--I'm interested to see what he'd do with it and where he'd take it--I guess I'd rather reserve judgment until I see the actual show if it comes about and not necessarily base it on what happened with '360 Friday'. I do hope that an improved version of AC360 will still be a part of the CNN line up if the talk show doesn't work out.

Tedi B said...
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Tedi B said...
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EmmKay said...

For those who decided to switch last night, I think that's a shame because the bullying piece was very moving with even AC getting choked up.

As for the talk show, I think the 360Friday is a poor comparison because they were really just doing 360 in front of a live audience. When he does Regis and Kelly, he talks light news and throws around a lot of opinions and he's a lot of fun. I think having some additional people to playoff of would be wise, but at the end of the day, I think if he just brings his own personality, he'll be fine. At 360Friday, he was most engaging during commerical breaks when he was chatting and showing off the glasses, that's what he needs to put on screen.

Cindy said...

I think this talk show bit is a bad move. I see it as things getting hard and Anderson running away so he doesn't have to face it and work to fix it. This is all for the money and nothing else. Anderson always said to do what you love and it will not be like a job. Well he loves being a journalist and he is the BEST at that. Like someone else said here he excels at it. If he does do this talk show bit then in the long run he will end up being miserable and hating every day of his life because it is not what he truly loves nor wants to do. Sometimes money isn't everything.

And for those who say he had no choice. O but yes he does. He can do anything with his journalistic background. He doesn't just have to anchor. He could have gotten a job with Nat Geo or a channel like that, worked at his own leisure, traveled and still had a show of his own. So saying he HAD to do the talk show thing is nonsense. Actually I would respect him more if he left for a Nat Geo show, but a talk way!

And I don't care what any report says there is no way he can do a daytime talk show and 360 also. That would mean he would be working non stop all day and night. He'd be dead after a few weeks of that. So make no doubt about it once that ink hits that talk show contract 360 is dead and gone.

Anonymous said...

wow big news. I guess I will and see what comes of this. I will support Anderson in whatever derection he chooses to go in.

Last night show was good. I turned the channel once to see this O'Donell saw tea party bleech turned back. nope not for me.


Anonymous said...

Is this for real?
When does he have time to bike or do all those charity events, or speak endlessly to college kids, about how he slept on the floor with made up press passes?
And most of all: what about his firehouse?
Come to think of it, this would make a really good reality show on Bravo: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ANDERSON COOPER! There aren't enough hours in 24/7 to film the footage.