Sunday, September 26, 2010

This Week in SHOTS +

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We bring you this week's The SHOT and a One Simple Thing from Wednesday night's AC360, and a couple of extras. Enjoy ~

Monday - The SHOT

Tuesday - The SHOT

Wednesday - The SHOT

One Simple Thing

Thursday - The SHOT

And I just happened to have the video of AC on THE GNN Network (Seseame Street)

Friday - The SHOT


Anderson appeared on Friday night's edition of TMZ. The video apparently was taken at the same time the photos on were shot. ~

And these appreared on I Need My Fix today. I'm not convinced they were taken today as someone pointed out to me the weather in the photos doesn't jive with today's weather in NYC.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Love the clip of Anderson on Sesame Street. GNN is funny, I love their anchors, Dan RatherNot and Walter Crankey. its too bad Elmo wasn't involed in the skit somehow.

The TMZ clip was great. I like that at the end you can see Anderson smiling. He's cute when he has a big smile on his face.

judy said...

Thanks for your extras.
Missing your commentaries on whatever, but loved your comment to the annonymous poster about AC's help with an insect on the post prior.
Perhaps the person is mixed up between the definition of journalist and exterminator. It happens.
Yes, the ATA Team has its work cut out for them, that's a given.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clips. Anderson on Sesame Street is sooo cute.:)

The TMZ shot was funny. Anderson is cute pulling that chain out.LOL


aries moon said...

Anderson looks like he's holding his reading glasses on one of the bike pics--maybe he should consider getting a case for them. Thanks for the TMZ clip--I kept seeing people talking about it online but I couldn't find it anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Does the person who pointed out the weather in New York actually live in New York?

it was warm enough for shorts and short sleeves

EmmKay said...

@weatherpeople - It wasn't the temperature that didn't jive yesterday. It was the sunshine. Or more specifically... the lack of sunshine on Sunday along much of the east coast.

Anonymous said...

I live in New York. It was warm and sunny, short sleeve weather, all this past weekend. Rainy today. So yes those pics could have been taken over this past weekend.

Anonymous said...

It was 80 degrees and sunny here in New York on Saturday.

Yesterday, when that picture was taken, it was cooler. But it was not raining, and it was around 65-70 degrees, so for someone doing a physical activity like riding a bike, a tee shirt would have been perfectly appropriate.

It didn't start raining until the wee hours of this (Monday) morning.

Lauren--NY said...

Hey, ATA!

I live up by West Point, where it's usually about five degrees cooler than it is in Manhattan, and I was out and about in a tank top and flip flops yesterday. Had the windows open with the central fan on all day and was perfectly comfortable. The temp didn't drop and the rain didn't start until after dark. It's gross today, but the weekend rocked.

If I was being lazy (driving) in a tank top, I can't imagine anybody who was riding a bike or otherwise exercising in the tristate area was wearing anything heavier.

Brought to you by your official weather bug of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Keep New York fresh; please pick up after your pooch. :-)

The ATA Team said...

Just to set the record straight we have learned that the pictures that are creating such a discussion were taken on this past Saturday in NYC in the afternoon.

Thanks to all you weather reporters, we appreciate the information.

Anonymous said...

Someone has to tell Anderson that he may be CNN's brand but he's a far cry from cable's brand.
Lawrence O'Donnell debuted at #1 with a 926, according to TVN and a 266 in demos.
AC360 got one of its lowest scores to date with a total of 420.
While O'Donnell may well be the new kid in town, he's no kid and AC
better start "suiting up" for the occasion.