Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Live on the Border

Anderson Cooper was live from the US Mexico border near San Diego and opened Tuesday's program with two breaking news stories.

INSIDE NEW BORDER DRUG TUNNEL, 20+ tons of marijuana seized: A breaking news report by Cooper from outside San Diego


INSIDE NEW BORDER TUNNEL, Reaches an estimated depth of 90 feet: AC interviews Michael Uneuzta (Special agent in charge, ICE Homeland Sec. Investigations)

PENTAGON: LET GAYS SERVE OPENLY, Review recommends Congress repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Discussion with Richard Socarides (Fmr. Sr. Advisor to Pres. Clinton) and Nancy Pfotenhauer (Fmr. Sr. Economic Advisor to RNC)

360 Bulletin: Randi Kaye

VIRTUAL FENCE A VIRTUAL DISASTER: A discussion with Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D. CA) and Fred Burton (STRATFOR)

WIKILEAKS FOUNDER ON MOST WANTED LIST, Assange has called accusations a smear campaign: Jeff Toobin speaks to the legalities of this case

THE RidicuList:

Not sure what to expect for tomorrow's 360. Is AC still in CA, back in NYC, prerecorded or with a sub? Guess we'll know when we know!


ATA would like to congratulate Erica Hill on her promotion at CBS's The Early Show. On January 3rd Erica will pass her duties as news reader onto Jeff Glor and take the title of co-host, replacing Maggie Rodriguez. Harry Smith will be replaced by Erica's weekend co-anchor Chris Wragge.
We always knew Erica was destined for great things and wish her the best of luck with her new position.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Vacation's Over

Anderson Cooper was back at the helm of Monday's AC360. He revisited some old stores that are back in the news again. From lawmakers who think the President wasn't born in the US to lawmakers who think Don't Ask, Don't Tell is working Monday's program seemed to have a recurring theme of 'idiots who get elected'.

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Birther bill: A report by Anderson Cooper

THE BIRTHERS ARE BACK, Texas lawmaker questions Pres. Obama's citizenship: Leo Berman (R) Texas State House

BATTLE OVER 'DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL': Paul Begala and Commander Kirk S. Lippold

360 BULLETIN: Joe Johns

ANATOMY OF A STING, Suspect indited in Portland holiday bomb plot: Randi Kaye reporting

BATTLE ON THE BORDER: Tomorrow night AC360 will be in San Diego to take a look at the latest sophisticated tunnel discovered this weekend. We're assuming AC will be anchoring live from CA, although he didn't come right out and say that.

THE RidicuList: Buffalo Bill's player Steve Johnson who Tweeted that God had let him down in Sunday's game against the Steelers. Thank you God! Go Steelers!

BLOGGER'S COMMENTARY:I feel that the two opening segments on tonight's AC360 had more in common than just idiot lawmakers. As unrelated as these issues seem on the surface it's possible that there may be a common undercurrent of prejudice.
I'm sure I'm not the first to suggest that many of the birthers are more concerned with the President's race than his birthplace. Many see disqualifying Pres. Obama from office as the only way to rid themselves of a Black President and are going to work to that end, facts be damned.

With DADT things are a little more subtle. People in the military tell us civilians that we can't possibly know all the ramifications of repealing DADT. They say issues will arise with working in close quarters, showering, etc. But if gays are already in the military and 'don't tell' then aren't straights already sharing close quarters, showering, etc with them? Prejudice aganist the GLBT community could be the driving force behind those who oppose repealing DADT. Gays have served honorably in the military for many, many years and it just makes no sense to have them hid/deny who they are.

A quick story that I was reminded of last night after I watched AC's report on 60 Minutes and his interview with Lt. Gen. William Caldwell . My husband and I were on a flight out of Karachi, Pakistan many years ago and were seated with a civilian contractor on his way back to the States. He had been working for 2 years with the Pakastan military to set up a more effective communication system. After 2 long years of training and teaching a U.S. government team came in to access the progress he had made. He watched in horror when a Pakistani general couldn't even demonstrate which end of the walkie talkie to speak into, let alone push the right buttons. At first the poor contractor was just so deflated but after more than a few drinks on the long flight home he found the humor in the situation. ~Phebe


Photo credit(click to enlarge) to Lorenzo Bevilaqua/CNN

Anderson's special 'Taliban' Exposes Lives and Motives of Fighters is set to debut on Saturday, December 11th at 8PM. We've blogged this before but the picture from the interview is new to ATA.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

CNN HEROES: An All Star Tribute

"And each of us can change the world."~Anderson Cooper

From The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Anderson Cooper opened the evening with the introduction of some special guests.

First this video was played~

And then all 33 Chilean Miners took the stage.

Anderson took the stage to give an overview of what the evening held in store and explained a very strange "photo" of him rocking a white mullet!


Gerard Butler introduced a background video on Magnus MacFarlane - Barrow, Feeding The Needy, Nourishing The Soul.

ARGYLL, SCOTLAND: Since 1992, Magnus MacFarlane - Barrow has dedicated his life to helping people in need. Today, his program, Mary’s Meals - run from a tin shed in the Scottish highlands - provides free daily meals to more than 40,000 children around the world.

Magnus took the stage to accept his award and offer a few brief remarks.

Marissa Tomei introduced a background video on Susan Burton, A New Way Of Life Re-entry Project.

LOS ANGELES, CA: Susan Burton was once caught in a cycle of addiction and incarceration, but she now provides sober housing and support to formerly incarcerated women in California. To date, her non-profit, A New Way of Life Reentry Project, has helped more than 400 women get back on their feet.

Marisa presented Susan with her Top 10 Heroes Award and Susan gave a few brief remarks.

Aaron Eckhardt introduced Harmon Parker's background video, A Bridge To A Better World.

LEXINGTON, KY: Harmon Parker is using his masonry skills to save lives. Since 1997, he’s built 45 footbridges over Kenya’s perilous rivers, protecting people from flash floods and predatory animals. The bridges built by his organization, Bridging the Gap, also connect isolated communities with valuable resources.

Aaron presented Harmon with his award and Harmon gave a few brief remarks.

Jessica Alba introduced a background video on Guadalupe Arizpe De La Vega, A Place To Heal In A Wounded City.

EL PASO, TX: Guadalupe Arizpe De La Vega founded a hospital in Juarez, Mexico that cares for about 900 people daily, regardless of their ability to pay. Despite the escalating violence in the city, the 74 year-old travels there several times a week to make sure residents get the care they need.

Guadalupe took the stage to accept her award and offer a few brief remarks.

Bon Jovi was the first musical act to take the stage and they preformed "What Do You Got"

Kiefer Sutherland introduced the background video on Narayanan Krishnan, A Companion To The Forgotten.

MADURAI, INDIA: Narayanan Krishnan brings hot meals and dignity to India’s homeless and destitute – 365 days a year - through his nonprofit Akshaya Trust. Since 2002, he has served more than 1.2 million meals.

Narayanan took the stage to accept his award and give a few brief remarks.

Renee Zellweger introduced the background video on Aki Ra, Clearing The Pat To A Safer Land.

SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA: Aki Ra is helping to make his native Cambodia safer by clearing land mines, many of which he planted years ago as a child soldier. Since 1993, he and his Cambodian Self Help Demining organization have cleared about 50,000 mines and unexpected weapons.

Renee presented Aki Ra with his award and he gave a few brief remarks.

Anderson announced how individuals could donate to the Heroes' causes on Facebook.com and stated that after the program he would be changing his Facebook status later from "Hosting CNN Heroes to In my jammies, eating pudding, watching Glee."

LL Cool Jay was on hand to introduce the background video on Linda Fondren, A Moving Force For Better Health.

VICKSBURG, MS: With her weight-loss challenge, Shape Up Vicksburg, Linda Fondren is helping her Mississippi hometown banish the bulge. Through the group’s free fitness activities and nutrition classes, residents have lost nearly 15,000 pounds to date.

Linda took the stage to accept her award and give a few brief remarks.

The second musical act of the evening was John Legend, who was joined by Common and Melanie Fiona to preform, "Wake Up Everybody"

Anderson,in introducing the next Hero/presenter combination said "Most of us think of coming home as a pleasant end of the day, unless of course you're Bruce Jenner and you're coming home to the Kardashians. - It's said out of love, it's said out of love."

Kid Rock was on hand to introduce the background video on Dan Wallrath, Building Homes To Rebuild Lives.

HOUSTON, TX: Since 2005, Texas home builder Dan Wallrath has given injured Iraq and Afghanistan veterans homes of their own – mortgage free. He and his Operation Finally Home team have built nine new custom homes and currently have ten more planned or under construction.

Dan took the stage to accept his award and offer a few brief remarks.

Halle Barry introduced Evans Wadongo's background video, Lighting The Way To A Brighter Future.

NAIROBI, KENYA: Evans Wadongo invented a way for rural families in Kenya to replace smoky kerosene and fire light with solar power. Through his Use Solar, Save Lives program, he’s distributed an estimated 10,000 solar lanterns, for free.

Halle presented Evans with his award and he gave a few brief remarks.

Demi Moore introduced the background video on Anurahda Koirala, A Hand Out Of The Horror.

KATHMANDU, NEPAL: Anuradha Koirala is fighting to prevent the trafficking and sexual exploitation of Nepal’s women and girls. Since 1993, she and her group, Maiti Nepal, have helped rescue and rehabilitate more than 12,000 victims.

Anuradha took the stage to accept her award and offer a few brief remarks.

The last musical act of the night was Sugarland who took the stage to perform "Stand Up"

Anderson Cooper took the stage to announce the CNN Hero of the Year 2010.

And the winner is ..... Anuradha Koirala.


Showbiz Tonight offered red carpet coverage - introducing us to the Top 10 Heroes, talking to some of the celebreties on hand and had this interview with Anderson.


A couple of photos of Anderson on the Red Carpet ~

And after the program, Anderson sat down with the winner and interviewed Anuradha Koirala.

Here's the video of the interview ~

And Anderson's 60Minutes segment ~

Part 1

Part 2

And a 60Minutes Overtime from 60Minutes.com

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