Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Revolution & Rage

Anderson Cooper opened AC360 with a rundown on the breaking news across the Middle East and North Africa.

KEY LIBYA DEVELOPMENTS, Reports: Pres. Obama secretly okays CIA operations: A report by Anderson


KEY LIBYA DEVELOPMENTS, Libya's foreign minister resigns, arrives in London: Anderson's interview with Nic Robertson and Ben Wedeman in Libya and Fran Townsend (by phone)


KEY LIBYA DEVELOPMENTS. Reports: Pres. Obama secretly okays CIA operations: Anderson's interview with Saddoun El-Misurat, Spokesman for Libyan Opposition in Misrata

KEY LIBYA DEVELOPMENTS. Reports: Pres. Obama secretly okays CIA operations: Anderson's follow-up discussion with Bob Baer & Paul Wolfowitz

360 FOLLOW on Eman al-Obeidy: A report by Anderson Cooper

REVOLUTION AND RAGE: A report by Anderson on the day's events in Syria

UNREST IN SYRIA, Syrian Diplomat, "My president is a reformer": Anderson's interview with Jahad Makdissi, Syrian Diplomat

PRES. ASSAD DOUBLES DOWN, Syrian reformers demand change: Anderson's phone interview with Ted Kattpuf, Fmr. U.S. Amb. to Syria

RADIATION RISING IN NUKE PLANT SEAWATER, Authorities: Levels now 4,385 times limit: Anderson Cooper reports on the latest news of the nuclear power plant issues in Japan.

RADIATION RISING OUTSIDE EVACUATION ZONE, IAEA finds spike in town 25 miles from plant: Anderson's follow-up with Michael Friedlander & Dr. Sanjay Gupta

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

And don't forget to tune in tomorrow night for ~


Anderson tweeted this evening ~


Last night's Beat 360 from the repeat hour ~


Sanjay Gupta was guest on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson last night. Larry King was Craig's first guest and stuck around for Sanjay's segment. Laughs ensued ~


More details were released today on CNN's coverage of the Royal Wedding~

On the day of the wedding, Friday, April 29, beginning at 4 a.m. ET, CNN’s special live program will be anchored by Piers Morgan, Richard Quest, Anderson Cooper, Kiran Chetry and special contributor Cat Deeley, noted British broadcaster and fashion expert, across CNN/U.S. and CNN International.

Wednesday, April 27 – Friday, April 29: Anderson Cooper will anchor Anderson Cooper 360, also live from London, at 10 p.m. ET on CNN/U.S. and CNN International.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Its about time that the Fukushima workers get some real food. Hopefully they will get it tomorrow. They're supposed to fix all the problems going on in the plant yet they're given so little to eat. That is wrong on so many levels. Not having enough protective gear is just ridiculous. It sounds like TEPCO isn't keeping up their end of the deal. How do they expect these workers to do anything when they aren't getting enough food and don't have enough/proper protective gear. There is no excuse for that.

Thanks for all extras. I am really looking forward to Anderson covering the royal wedding.

judy said...

Found 360 faster paced tonite and had a good mix of segments.
Especially thought AC did a more than compelling interview with the Syrian Diplomat who believes his president is a "reformer," and denied persecution and civil unrest.
He also accused AC of not reading a quote in its entirety about the internet and out of context in order to make a point. Interesting.
However, I was more than disturbed to see the repeated footage of blood, gore, and graphic details of the carnage taking place, I believe in Syria.
We get it. There's civil strife and brutality and it doesn't need to be shown repeatedly, unless it is being done, purely for ratings.
It's as though, management feels if AC can't be there in person, we'll keep showing ireports over and over.
I don't watch the news to see a man's head blown to bits and shreaded. News does not have to be "exciting and entertaining." It's the NEWS CNN.
And if this is the only way 360 can maintain its million plus, it too, will become old and stale.
Glad to see more of Isha and more about Japan.
Would have liked to have heard AC banter a little about the whale at Sea World but there was no time for "fluff."
It's either one extreme or the other.

Tedi B said...

Glad to see AC is going to be covering the actual Royal Wedding and fesivities. If only Piers Morgan wasn't going to be there....ick!

Heading on a vacation for a few happy to get away!

Anonymous said...

Piers is British and therefore has more knowledge of the Brits than AC, so he has more right to be there than anyone except Richard Quest.

K said...

@ anon. 10:19
"more right to be there than anyone except Richard Quest."

Well, perhaps it's just me, but I think I would prefer an American perspective on this wedding. Having been raised in Europe, I know and resent the automatic worship of Royals coming from European journalists. I like Kate and Wills, but Americans and Australians have a more healthy down to earth view of the blue bloods. Anyone have the right to be there - not just the British! ...And if I only had Richard Quest to inform me about the wedding in his manic voice, doing his over the top impression of A Real Brit I think I would go see something else. ...And AC probably reads up on the Royal's. It's an easy read, not exactly rocket science.

Nebraska Fan said...

Thank you so much for the clip of CF, Larry and Sanjay. I never would have seen it otherwise and it was fantastic for both the seriousness and the comedy.