Thursday, March 31, 2011

AC360: A 360 Degree Look at The Day's Events in Libya

Anderson Cooper opened Thursday's AC360 with, Breaking news, everyone. Tonight, with signs of Gadhafi's inner circle is shrinking, perhaps even splitting, late word that Colonel Gadhafi might -- and I say might -- be looking for a way out. Britain's "Guardian" newspaper reporting tonight that the regime has sent one of Saif Gadhafi's most trusted aides to London for confidential talks with British officials, the paper's sourcing, British government officials familiar with the meeting, a British Foreign Office spokesman telling "The Guardian" the envoy was told that, bottom line, Gadhafi has to go and he will be held account an by international courts. Meantime, on the battlefield, in Libya, opposition fighters today fired rockets outside Brega. However, for the most part, they are still largely regrouping and waiting for the weather to clear, which would allow greater allied air support. For now, it's a strategy of shoot and run.


GADHAFI EXIT STRATEGY?, Guardian: Envoy told Gadhafi will still face accountability: Anderson explained that CNN was able to send correspondent Frederik Pleitgen into Misrata. He got remarkable access to the opposition forces still fighting in that city. Here's what he saw.


GADHAFI EXIT STRATEGY?, Guardian: Envoy in Britian for secret talks: Anderson's discussion with Fred Pleitgen in the Mediterranean & Ben Wedeman in Ajdabiya, Libya


GADHAFI EXIT STRATEGY?, Guardian: Envoy in Britain for secret talks: Anderson's Keeping Them Honest report on Moussa Ibrahim, a Libyan Govt. Spokesman

The British newspaper "Guardian" reporting a Gadhafi envoy traveled to London reportedly making peace overtures. There's also new word tonight of a fresh crack in Gadhafi's inner circle, another apparent defection, a former foreign minister now in Cairo denouncing the regime. The most recent foreign minister, Moussa Koussa, this man, meantime, is in Britain. Officials say he's talking to them willingly and that no deal was made to secure his cooperation. They say he's as close to Gadhafi as someone can be without being family. Yet, to hear the regime tell it today, his departure was no big deal and neither is he."Keeping Them Honest," even if that scenario were not absurd on the face of it, it also runs hard into a freight-load of facts.

GADHAFI EXIT STRATEGY?, Guardian: Envoy told Gadhafi will still face accountability: Anderson's follow-up discussion with Nic Robertson, Bob Baer & Anne-Marie Slaughter (Is the defection of Moussa Koussa is a big deal; is it actually a success of the coalition strategy?)

360 FOLLOW on Eman al-Obeidy: A report by Anderson Cooper

As you know, she was last seen on Saturday when she stood up before cameras in Tripoli in a hotel and said that she had been gang- raped by Gadhafi troops. Plainclothes officials, thugs dragged her away, and ever since, authorities have been -- well, they have been blowing smoke about what's become of her.

JOURNALISTS IN TRIPOLI, Reporter's describe the experience as "surreal": Anderson's follow-up interview with Jonathan Miller, ITN Reporter present when Eman al-Obeidy entered the hotel, told her story and was taken away by officials

BOUND & BEATEN IN LIBYA, N.Y. Times journalists on their ordeal in Libya: Anderson's Exclusive interview with Tyler Hicks, Anthony Shadid, Lynsey Addario & Stephen Farrell


360 Bulletin: Isha Sesay

CNN won a Peabody Award for their coverage of the Gulf Oil Spill ~

There was a "Perry's Principle" at the end of the second hour ~


I'll see you tomorrow...


Anderson tweeted tonight about his interview with the 4 NYT Journalists and also a little explanation of why he's sometimes unable to live "tweet" during 360~

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aries moon said...

Standout reporting on 360 Thursday--with Fredierik Pleitgen's exceptional report out of Misrata--quite a feat to get up close with the opposition fighters. Nic Robertson and Anne-Marie Slaughter differing with Bob Baer's assessment of Moussa Koussa's defection and its possible impact on Gadhafi was also interesting to watch--Nic was also being very careful about the info he was relaying to AC. The interview with the NY Times journalists was very compelling--Lynsey Addario's account of being punched and then treated gently while at the same being told she would die was unnerving. Looking forward to hearing more.

Happy to see that CNN won a Peabody. I wasn't thrilled with 360's overuse of Billy Nungesser, but overall they did a good job of reporting the Gulf Oil spill.

On a much lighter note, it was nice to see AC and Isha having a little fun again--it's been a while since either of them had a reason to smile during the bulletins.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I really liked Anderson's interview with the NY Times journalists, well what little we saw. I hope 360 keeps their word and does show more of the interview and eventually show a special devoted to the interview. Anderson's strong point is doing interviews like this and he did a great job with this one. So sad to hear what the journalists went through during their time in captivity.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon I saw Fred Pleitgen's report earlier in the day on Newsroom and was riveted by it. There's more to the hospital visit. I'm hoping maybe 360 will air that part tonight. As I understand it Fred is embedded with a group prodiving humanitarian aid.

Hola Gorani is anchoring live from Amman, Jordan. Hope we get a report from her tonight, as well. Makes me wonder....will Anderson be popping up in the region sometime soon?

The NY Time interview was great and I can't wait to see more of it.

Great program Thursday night and it was fun to see Anderson banter with Isha a bit.

aries moon said...

@anon 12:46 pm, you used the right word for Pleitgen's Misrata report--riveting.

Anonymous said...

Disapointed that last nights show was third in the ratings. I hope they still show the rest of the interview. i thought Anderson did a great job with the interview. Is anyone else surprised that he is still at the anchor desk with everything that is going on?

judy said...

Have to agree with you all about the AC's interview with NYTimes journalists. To me that was riveting.
Especially Lynsey Addario's account
of her assault and punching episode. She should consider herself very lucky that she lived to tell the story.
As we know, the Middle Eastern culture has a total disregard for women and as the journalists acknowleded to AC, the word American, seemed to resonate in a good way.
AC's strength, and most would agree, is in the field, and by the looks of TVN's Thursday ratings, he might start thinking about heading on out.
Ed beat him by interviewing a firemen, which tells me some of us want to talk about things domestically.
Finally some banter between Isha and AC, who will be, "standing right by Isha's side," hopefully, during the blessed event.
Interesting that Prince William declined to wear a wedding band.
Hm, good for him and a royal first.

Anonymous said...

Ac ratings might be better if the show was not replayed 3 times each night.People can chose to watch during each of those hours, hurting the 10pm showing. Why did his show get cut an hour? the second hour is a re-run?