Friday, April 01, 2011

Situations Worsen in Japan, Libya & Syria

JAPAN'S NUCLEAR CRISIS, TEPCO battles reports of lack of transparency:Anderson spoke with Kyung Lah in Toyko, Michael Friedlander in Hong Kong and Tom Foreman in DC about the growing distrust of TEPCO

BATTLE FOR LIBYA: Switching gears from Japan to the Middle East with new amateur video showing an armored vehicle being destroyed by the opposition and Gadhafi loyalists shooting an opposition member

A VOICE OF DISSENT IN TRIPOLI SPEAKS OUT, Morale high after top Gadhafi official defects: Anderson speaks by phone with an anonymous source in Tripoli

LIBYAN GOVERNMENT REJECTS PROPOSED CEASE-FIRE: Ben Wedeman reporting from Ajdabiya and Nic Robertson from Tripoli

CRACKDOWN IN SYRIA, Witness: Govt. uses deadly force against peaceful protesters: Anderson speaks by phone with 'Abu Adnan', citizen journalist and Wissam Tarif, Exec. Director ISAN

BOUND & BEATEN IN LIBYA, N.Y. Time's journalists on their ordeal: Part 2 of Anderson's interview



Friday's program closed with a good news story out of Japan, the rescue of a dog washed out to sea by the tsunami 3 weeks ago. Take a look:


Several members of the AC360 staff tweeted this picture today of producer Charlie Moore and Anderson Cooper enjoying celebratory cupcakes. It was Moore's 15th anniversary with CNN.

On Tuesday night this week there was a Building Up America in the second hour of 360.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I liked that 360 began with Japan last nite. TEPCO should be ashamed of themselves. Not having radiation monitors for the workers in the first few days after the earthquake/tsunami is inexcusable. They need to be doing everything they can to ensure as best they can, the safety of those workers, not the bare minimum they seem to be doing now.

Part II of Anderson's interview with the NY Times journalists was very good and moving. I think part II was even more moving than part I. This is by far one of if the best interview Anderson has ever done. Looking forward to part III next week.

Congratulations to Charlie Moore for 15 years with CNN. Cute pic of Anderson standing next to the cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

I love that pic of Anderson in glasses and tie :D it brought a huuuge smile to my face

Anonymous said...

Anderson has said, in the past, that he doesn't check the ratings but I'm thinking someone on his team must. AC360 got trounced on Thursday night so last night they switched things up and opened with Japan news. Personally it's what I've been hoping for all week. It was an excellent show last night, no politics and no Ajami. Now if we could just get some CNN boots on the ground reporting the Ivory Coast story we'd have an even better picture of what’s happening in the world.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the show is repeated three times a night does not help the 10pm showing because some people will just catch it later.if I miss the show at 10pm, I know I can just watch at 11pm.Than an hour later it comes on for two straight hours.why did they make the second hour a repeat of the first?

qwkikissit said...

Fake News