Saturday, May 28, 2011

Anderson Cooper and the ILP 500 Festival Parade

Prior to appearing in the ILP 500 Festival Parade today as Grand Marshall, Anderson was in the broadcast booth as the parade began ~


Part 1

Part 2

Anderson in the parade ~


And a few more photos from the parade ~

Anderson spoke to local news Wish TV Channel 8 ~

And here's is a bit of an interview that aired on the evening news ~


In the evening, Anderson attended the Snakepit Ball ~

Anderson Cooper arrives on the red carpet


500 Festival princesses pose for a photo with Anderson Cooper

More press

With Carlos Diaz, a sports anchor

But this wasn't Anderson's first visit to a race track/event. Anderson Cooper & Simon Cowell, circa 2008 ~


And we'll leave you with this ~

Anderson Cooper walks out to his parade car to ride in the Indianapolis 500 Festival Parade on May 28, 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana. UPI/Amy Frederick

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Anonymous said...

really nice to see him out having fun and not covering a disaster

aries moon said...

Wow ATA, really nice job with the Indy 500 parade pics and clips--I didn't know AC would be sitting in for a little commentary on the parade, so thanks for posting that. The last woman who interviewed him seemed a little flustered or unprepared, but it still managed to be an insightful chat. Loved the sound of the marching bands and AC's moment as Grand Marshal. Great post.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Thanks for the post. The pics are great. Looks like Anderson had a good time. I will have to watch the vidoes when I get home. I`m typing this on a Kindle and it can`t play video.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only person who doesn't have the sound in some of the clips (the interviews with Andy)?

Anonymous said...

WOW THANK YOU so much for all of this.

It was good seeing him enjoying himself. Was good to see Bob Jenkins again as well. Wondered what had happened to him. He use to announce the Nascar races on ESPN way back when.

Sounds like he was going to attend the race today as well, so a full weekend for him.

I can always count on ATA for anything Anderson does. Again thanks so much. You guys are awesome

Thank you

Wonz said...

@laura wish

Not sure what to tell you. All the videos work fine for me and I tested them in 2 different browsers.

Anonymous said...

The videos all worked okay for me.

I never expected to see Anderson at a big NASCAR race; maybe relaxing in the Hamptons or Mississippi but it looks like he had fun.

I spent some time pulling out huge ferns but now I'm thinking of just letting them take over the yard.

It's All Things Anderson plus Griping About Your Yard!!!

Hope everyone is having fun on this big Memorial Day weekend.