Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It Only Feels Like a Monday

WHO: CELL PHONES MIGHT CAUSE CANCER, Same 'hazard' category as lead, engine exhaust: After a partial repeat of the previous report Anderson talked with Dr. Sanjay Gupta by Skype

CONGRESSMAN TWITTER SCANDAL, Rep. Weiner said his account was hacked as a prank: Dana Bash reporting and Jeff Toobin offered the legal prospective

BOY BRUTALLY KILLED, 13 year old allegedly tortured by Syrian authorities: Anderson spoke by phone with human rights activist Razan Zaytouni

DRAMA IN CASEY ANTHONY MURDER TRAIL,25- year- old mother charged with murdering her toddler: Tom Foreman reporting, follow up discussion with Nancy Grace and Mark Geragos


A few more pictures of AC from the Royal Wedding coverage:
Photographer: John Nowak

Anderson had a few personal tweets today about his Memorial Day weekend:

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

360 wasn't very good last nite. I certainly could have done without Nancy Grace and Mark Geragos talking about the Casey Anthony trial. Isn't that what HLN is for to cover this trial? About the only good segment was Sanjay's about cell phones, but even that's getting a bit old.

The shot was good, loved Isha comments on Anderson's guns and making fun of the way he was waving.

Very nice pictures of Anderson from the wedding coverage :)

judy said...

Very disappointed that Joplin was dropped so quickly.
Much rather have seen how those poor people celebrated or didn't celebrate Memorial Day, than to have seen Nancy Grace or Mark Garagos.
If I wanted to see either of them I'd watch HLN where they both belong, along with this case of yesteryear.
The cell phone alert is no surprise but glad that 360 is keeping it in the news.
I'd much rather hear and see Isha and AC banter as they did tonite, than to hear the Ridiculist. Isha is bright and perky and a good balance for AC.
Love her accent and could hear it the entire hour.
Agree with AC about Kristen Wiig.
She's the next big talent from SNL.

Anonymous said...

I think AC must have been tired last night. He was having trouble getting his words out. Love Isha, and was disappointed about the lack of Joplin coverage. Would also appreciate more on Syria and Egypt.

Anonymous said...

@judy you should know by now that once AC/CNN leaves someplace(disaster) it is never heard of again.

Anonymous said...

@5:42PM You are so right.
I never learn but I do keep hoping.
And to the anonymous person who said AC was tired.
What was he tired from?
He tweeted he went to the movies and just had the day off.
How's he going to manage three of his jobs then???
Sorry, unless you're really sick, you owe your viewers you're best effort and this was not his best effort.

Anonymous said...

Nor was it my best spelling of the word YOUR.