Monday, September 19, 2011

Anderson - Anderson Cooper & His Mom

Anderson opened Monday's show from his office talking about his mom, Gloria Vanderbilt and why he was excited to have her as a guest; before walking on stage and introducing her to the audience ~

Gloria's early life story ~

Gloria on loss ~

Gloria's surprise message for Anderson

and Anderson visits his mom at home ~

Anderson's career of "fibbing" to his mom ~

Anderson surprises his mom with a message from friend Diane von Furstenberg and an appearance by Kathy Griffin ~

Anderson's final surprise for his mom was singer/friend Judy Collins who talked about their bond through loss and sang "Amazing Grace" ~

And Anderson closed by thanking his mom and expressing his appreciation of her ~

A few screen grabs of Anderson talking with his mom ~

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

This was by far the best episode of the talk show. I don't know how he will ever be able to top this. It was funny, it was sad, it was a great show. Gloria is such an interesting woman with an incredibly interesting life. The was probably the best hour of TV Anderson has ever done in his entire career.

Anonymous said...

I loved this show.

Anonymous said...

Anderson may need a bigger audience, but he's not going to get it, at least not from me.
After wiping away a purposely provoked tear on camera, after his mother's tale, I couldn't believe I wasted the first ten minutes of my life watching a man I formerly admired, promote himself through his brother's tragedy.
Shame on you Anderson Cooper, and shame on me, for giving you the chance.

Anonymous said...

Anderson needs a bigger audience?
That's not surprising.
But someone needs to remind Mr.Cooper that he didn't support labor, didn't support the unemployed GM workers, and very rarely even recognizes the homeless, unless of course its in front of a camera in NOLA.
And guess who makes up his audience daytime? Duh?
All the people he never supported.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU so much for posting this. I really wanted to see it, but knew I wouldn't get to, but was sure ATA would do their fine job of keeping us posted. I really enjoyed it and hearing what they had to say to each other.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

What Anderson was talking about today with his mother made him the man he is today. I see no reason why he should not talk about his life.Loved the show

Jazz said...

This was a great show. It was great to see the way he and Gloria interact.

Anderson still needs to slow down with the questions and not talk over his guests. He asked his mother questions and I wanted to hear the answers but he never gave her a chance.

Some shows have been better than others but he's just starting. I will continue to watch. Thank goodness for my DVR.

Dorothy said...

@ACAnderfan - I so totally agree with you - this was or might be one of the most heartfelt shows I've seen him do. I really think you saw the true hearts of two people. I know by sharing this story and the wonderful strength that Gloria shows will help many going through the same thing if not any difficult thing that life throws at you. Cudos to Anderson for doing this show and I really want to be like Gloria when I grow up and have such a positive outlook on life and the strength to put on foot in front of the other through hard times. I think this show made me admire both of them more and I already admired them quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for Gloria Vanderbilt, she had no parents, yet she thinks that Kathy Griffin is the daughter she always wanted? Her judgement is still lacking even at the age of 87.

Anonymous said...

Thank you , ATA, for all of the clips, looks as though the show was touching and relevant and well-done.

As for using a family tragedy for a show, I"m willing to let Anderson do it one time. However, I don't want to see Carter's suicide come up again and again.

"Anderson" covers it once, gets it out in the open, fine, that's done, move on. More than once then I'll agree with others that it's exploitation.


SM Pratt said...

I truly enjoyed this show. The best for me was the tour of Gloria's studio and apartment - so many beautiful items around, many she had created herself. I was surprised by how much AC looks like his father - I have always thought he looked like his mother more - especially in bone structure - both are quite small.

I don't think AC is promoting himself any more than anyone else that appears on television. Everyone on a show is there to promote themselves; Anderson just has more opportunity and a lot of interesting things to talk about. I got a lot from Gloria today talking about taking one breath and then the next and taking things one moment at a time. Its advice I needed right now.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that Gloria said her thoughts of Anderson kept her from jumping, and not her other two sons as well, just Anderson. I'm not saying its wrong, I simply find it interesting. Who knows she probably did think of them. I can't help think though if I were one of her other sons how I would feel if she may have only thought of one child.
However I did notice that is the only time I have ever heard Anderson mention his two older brothers; albeit brief and obscure. Has anyone else ever heard Anderson or Gloria mention them? I know they are much older than Anderson but I am curious if he is close to them (although I know one is estranged). I just wonder why he never mentions them. Withought google or I doubt any of this would know of them.

MichellenLomita said...

This was the first Anderson broadcast I wanted to see, but was unable to play the vids from my smartphone, and DVR inconvenient as of now. Thanks to ATA, I at least saw the short clip with Judy Collins. No problem playing the Ask Anderson clips on his site, but the show clips won't play. Maybe not such bad luck I can't watch, since he keeps bringing Kathy Griffin on...never want to see her. Waited a long time to see him in a new show, but it's just not working out. Guess I'll keep waiting to his next gig....

Anonymous said...

10:35 PM She said in her book that Anderson was what stopped her from jumping, because he was as young as he was and she felt he needed her. That was also his brother who jumped and they had been a close family unit. Anderson's half brothers are much older and they were raised differently (Gloria learned a more involved parenting style from Wyatt). One is estranged but the other is just private.

Shame on you 6:40 and 7:06 for your ugly minds and ugly comments. The show was a celebration of his mother, her strength and their relationship. Wyatt and Carter's death were relevant, and all the people their who had been touched by suicide clearly regarded talking about it beneficial to themselves and others. Talk show hosts talk about themselves and their family traumas, it's part of the territory and Ellen, Rosie, and Oprah did it too and helped people as a result.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these videos. I do not know when the program will be seen abroad or if it will ever be.
It seems that Anderson is better when he is doing news ... but he has been in the news business for a very long time so he will improve at this as well. It was really generous of him to interview his mum (it is always a teaching moment to hear older people) and who else could do this job better than him. She probably thought of Anderson and not her oldest sons because they were already independent. I have already heard Anderson mention his nephews. I guess he and his mum only mention the ones in their family who are in the public eyes ... when you see the age difference, Anderson has probably never lived with his older brothers! Why always scrutinize people, just take what they are willing to offer and forget the rest.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how he let's Kathy Griffin worm her way into his & his mother's lives. Does he think he needs publicity THAT BAD - cuz it's gonna backfire on him. She's not exactly the kind of person who he needs around him. She's such a fame whore!

Anonymous said...

@2:22 say that there are "unemployed people out there" is ugly to you?
I am an unemployed person and I think what you are implying is ugly. Shame on You in this recession.
Thank you 7:06 for saying it like it is.