Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Anderson: Anderson's Food Intervention

Anderson opened the program from his kitchen and showed us what was in his fridge. He then went on to discuss his relationship with food, what foods were the mainstay of his diet, and we met his assistant Joey who's responsible for the daily run to Boston Market for Anderson's lunch ~

Anderson's first guest was Sondra Kronberg, an eating disorder specialist and nutrition therapist, with whom he discussed his eating habits and she suggested reasons for why he eats the way he does ~

Next we were introduced to Joyce and Marla who have extremely limited diets - think french fries and bread - and after hearing their story Anderson offers a taste challenge to them. They decline, but Anderson tries coffee, brussel sprouts and...

...spinach! (I agree with Anderson !)

Next Anderson took to the audience where Sondra discussed types of disordered eaters ~

and then some audience members shared their strange eating habits, and there was a discussion of people having varying amounts of taste buds and how that effects our eating; and the audience was given an opportunity to take a sour taste test to test their taste buds. (Apparently Anderson has few to none?)

Next we met Anderson's friend, Antonia and her five children, who were Skyped in from Boston, MA. They talked about the challenge of getting the family to eat together...

and Laurie David, author of the book The Family Dinner joined Anderson to discuss, you guessed it, the family dinner and why it's important.

Next we were introduced to the Lord family (via a video)and they shared the challenges they face with sitting down to a meal as a family. Anderson offered them a challenge ~

After another video of a camera crew documenting their challenge, they joined Anderson and Laurie David at a table to discuss what they learned from the challenge ~

Anderson closed the program by offering the studio and at home audience a chance to join Anderson's Sunday Supper Club ~

And a couple of extras from andersoncooper.com (click on the hotlink below for more info.)

First is an audience question about Anderson working out ~

And the second is a backstage peek of Anderson meeting today's food guests ~


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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I liked today's episode of 'Anderson'. My eating habits are just was weird if not weirder than Anderson's. Glad to know I'm not alone...LOL!

sydney said...

Oh Anderson, you're so wonderfully weird! What a fun show.

Actually I'll go through spells where I eat basically the same things for weeks or months at a time. But that's because I have digestion issues and if I find something that doesn't make me sick, I tend to stick with it. But I am at least willing to try new things.

Brussels sprouts are nasty, no matter what you do to them. Spinach, OTOH, is good raw (like in salad) or cooked into something, like pasta or pizza. I think if you're going to try to introduce something like that to someone who's probably not going to be receptive, you don't pick the slimiest, least appealing presentation.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper was on Regis and Kelly some time ago and said he had love of compost cookies from Momofuko's. He did not mention that or has given them up. I went with a friend to try them out and they were delicious. Wonder if he still eats them.

MichellenLomita said...

I just watched the clips from the Anderson site where he tries the greens and coffee. Easy to guess he wouldn't like them. For some reason I imagine he ate sugary cereal with milk every morning. I've watched about ten minutes of video clips altogether since the show premiered (ATA's optimization from mobile is way better; it's poor quality from the show site). The lighter subject is a good idea, but Anderson needs a lady co-host to play off to give the show energy and make this sort of thing fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

No one has said anything about all the commercials, at least on the east coast.
That's why I don't watch daytime TV.
The cheaper time slots get all the commercials, especially on channels that are not broadcast channels: 2,4,7 and they too are loaded after the first 15 minutes with commercials.

Anonymous said...

Thought there would be some mention of vitamin supplements and adding fiber with these restrictive diets. Anderson needs to see a video or read a book on heart disease if that is his concern and does he even know what's in those hotdogs ? yuck!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anderson for presenting your story on TV. It feels wonderful knowing that I am not the only person on the planet to have restrictive eating patterns and an absolute disgust for most raw fruits and vegetables