Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Anderson: Cast of the Movie "50/50"

Anderson opened today's program talking about his guests - the cast of the movie "50/50" - why he wanted to do the program, his love of movies and introduced Seth Rogan ~

Anderson tried something new today - asking Seth to be his guest co-host, they talked about Nancy Grace's DWTS wardrobe malfunction, Anderson played his favorite 911-call about the cops making pot brownies (we've seen this on AC360 a number of times), the videos of Courtney Stodding (think a couple of AC360 RidicuLists), and Anderson showed a photo an "Anderfan" tweeted of his nephew who looks like a young Anderson.

After the commercial break Will Reiser (Seth's personal friend and screenwriter of "50/50" ) and actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who plays Will in the movie) joined Anderson and Seth on stage to talk about the movie ~

Next we are introduced to Angelic Huston, who plays Joe's mom in the movie and she discusses the impact making the movie had on her life ~

Finally, we meet Anna Kendrick, who plays Joe's therapist in the movie ~

Anderson took to the audience and introduced us to Amy and Olivia. Amy was in need of a liver transplant and Olivia donated half of her liver. They shared their story and talked about how humor helped them through the experience. More audience questions followed.

In the last clip we hear Angelica talking about working with her father, Will and Seth's "F-it" list, and how Will is doing health wise today ~

Anderson closed the program by thanking his guests and saying he would see us tomorrow.


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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's 'Anderson' was OK. I did like seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt Anna Kendrick. Ad Will Reiser does seem like an interesting person.

I though the first segment with Seth Rogan was odd and out of place.

Anonymous said...

Why spend one whole hour talking about one movie.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed today's Anderson with the exception of the guest co-host part. I thought it didn't seem to fit. Yes, Seth was funny, but it just didn't work for me. If they are thinking of a co-host for the talk show, then they need to really change the format, IMO. I think it will be hard to have an unrelated opening banter with a co-host when the show isn't broadcast live or taped same day. Current events aren't really an option without the live or same day taping and other things, like today's videos, are just random and don't seem to fit with the rest of the show. The only continuity today was Seth and every show isn't going to have a funny man for Anderson to play off of as a guest. The opening today just seemed to be slapped on to fill time and generate some giggles from Anderson.

I really liked the cast of 50/50 and hearing how the film was based on a true story between Seth and Will. Cancer is still a hard topic for most people to talk about, so to see these two discuss it so openly was refreshing. They didn't make light or fun of the subject, but respected it and explained how humor helped them through a rough time. It was touching to hear Anjelica Huston talk about her personal loss as well.

I watched my sister lose her husband (my brother-in-law who was like a brother to me) to cancer and I know how hard it can be, but also found out how wonderful family and friends can be. It was an eye-opening experience and definitely a journey.

My aunt had a live donor kidney transplant two years ago - from a friend from her church, so hearing the two ladies talk about how humor helped them through their liver transplant experience was interesting to me. I know what a terrifying and bonding experience that can be.

I wasn't sure if the movie would be too hard to watch and would maybe wait for it to come to On-Demand -- but now I think it's definitely one that deserves a trip to the movie theater.

I'm still finding the audience Q & A parts kind of boring and the close up shots of audience members while Anderson and/or his guests are talking distracting; but most days, I really enjoy Anderson interviewing and interacting with his guests.


sydney said...

Good Lord, and people make fun of Anderson's laugh? Seth Rogan's was so annoying I had to turn the show off.

Anonymous said...

To all those fuddy dudies.I loved that Seth Rogan was co-hosting with you,Anderson.When you showed the 911 video of the husband calling the dispatcher saying,"I think I'm dying," and Seth saying,"Amateurs," I sure got a laugh out of that.I have always liked Seth,and now I find him more endearing after hearing about how he took care of his friend Will,when he was diagnosed with cancer,and the fact that in Seth's words,he didn't "bail" on his friend, and they used humor to cope with his friends diagnose.So glad to hear also that Will is better.I always new Seth was talented,but didn't know that he is also a writer.Seth and Will wrote a beautiful story to something that isn't always beautiful and put a new take on cancer,that you don't always have to be serious,that you can still laugh while going through one of the biggest challenges of your life.You rock,Anderson.