Monday, September 19, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday, Sept. 19, 2011

KEEPING THEM HONEST, THE ECONOMY COMPROMISE: Anderson Cooper and Jessica Yellin reporting

RAW POLITICS FOLLOW UP: Ari Fleischer and Roland Martin


DEATH AT SEAWORLD: Randi Kaye reporting
Follow Up Discussion: Carol Ray (former Seaworld trainer) and David Kirby (author)

HOME INVASION TRAIL: Randy Kaye reporting
Follow Up: Anderson interviewed Sunny Hostin who was in court today



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judy said...

President Obama has finally hit upon something tangible that might just deter the Republicans....taxing the rich, not just the idea, but actually DOING IT.
Of course this will not be popular with millionaires or multi-millionaires like AC, but for most of the middle class, what's left of it, yes, this will put him over the top. If only he has the stomach to carry it through.
Really enjoyed the revisit to the sea world tragedy. Now it's OSHA's turn to go after the "private sector and win this case."
Sea World is a big concern and money making operation and the victim is dead because they were negligent and luckily for us all, the Killer Whale is unable to testify or CNN and HLN would have a field day.
AC's ratings dayside should be higher now that Gloria made her appearance.
I was impressed with her attitude, until I heard her say Kathy Griffin was like the daughter she never had. What? (Well, there went that show!)

Anonymous said...

The first half of 360 Monday was better than the second half. Roland Martin and Ari Fleisher had a good discussion about Obama's new plans. The report from Libya was exciting and a marked change from the usual reports on Libya's muddy foggy civil war.

Was the report and interview about the Seaworld killer whale a repeat of a report from when it happened or did it just seem that way?

Two more items about today's "Anderson" -
1. If Gloria Vanderbilt had a daughter I very much doubt she would be as crass as Kathy Griffin.
2. @Anon about Anderson and his older brothers, there is an adorable showing photo somewhere out there showing Anderson sitting on the floor with Stan and his son. And a few years ago there was a trashy news report of Anderson having lunch with a new boyfriend but the guy was actually Stan.
Maybe Stan takes the Amy Osborne route and doesn't want any publicity?


SM Pratt said...

The whole tax code needs reworked. It has so many loopholes and ways rich people can shelter their money that until that is done Obama can try all sorts of ways to tax them more but he'll never get it to where they pay a larger percent of their money than us poor folks do. I wouldn't want this congress redoing it though - I don't think I trust them to restock the toilet paper in the facilities.

I saw somewhere that the P51 Mustang that crashed at the air show Friday had lost its trim tabs off its tail just seconds before it crashed. The investigators are looking a lot at this (they found the trim tabs out in the area of the race) because losing the trim tabs would cause the plane to go into an uncontrollable nose dive - from what I read there was no way to pull out of this. If it is that I wonder if the NTSB will rule it as a unforeseeable accident or what. They had other video that they looked at and could point to where the trim tabs were missing.

I liked Anderson's talk show today. His mother is always interesting but she seems like she is starting to feel her years from the way she walked. I loved her surprise for Anderson and how she said it was a Valentine to a special friend! Anderson must have gotten some of his droll humor from her.

Anonymous said...

Gloria lost all respect I had for her when I heard her say Kathy Griffin was like the daughter she never had.

aries moon said...

I have the feeling Kathy Griffin has a completely different persona when she's not in her comedic mode (I'm in the minority here in that I like her and her sense of humor). I've seen her on talk shows and she's actually very smart and aware politically. I think she has a serious, thoughtful side that she doesn't show to the public often because of her act, but is probably evident with her good friends like AC and his mother. One thing I admire about Gloria Vanderbilt is that she seems pretty accepting and not overly judgmental or uptight for someone in her age bracket (and I'm not saying that to malign anyone here who has a different perspective about Kathy Griffin--everyone has a right to their own opinion).

I hope President Obama sticks to his guns with this tougher tone and acts on it--I'm fed up with him and the Dems caving, the public is NOT on the conservatives side as polls show over and over. Roland Martin was right in all he said last night and Ari Fleischer is just plain ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon: I always admire your perspective and I had that same feeling about Kathy Griffin even though I'm not a fan.
Barbara Walters should have hired her for The View.
She probably would have toned herself down and made a good panel member and an interesting one.