Thursday, September 29, 2011

Anderson Cooper on The Late Show With David Letterman

Anderson was a guest of David Letterman's on Wednesday night's The Late Show With David Letterman. Dave and Anderson had a little pre-interview fun ~

Once Anderson made it out of the back room with the Alpaca and onto the set, talk turned to serious issues in Haiti, Egypt, Syria and Libya. Toward the end of the interview, Dave asked Anderson if he was trying to be the new Oprah, since Oprah was fired. (Fans of Dave's would expect nothing less of him when talking Oprah.) Then Dave asked Anderson why he hadn't been invited to be a guest on 'Anderson' and silliness ensued! Enjoy ~

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Mrs Smith said...

Anderson talked more about world happenings on Letterman than he does on 360. He said something to the effect that his new show lets him expand on topics he wants to talk about, come on I think CNN would let him talk about things in more depth if he asked. has he asked, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

While he did talk about many world happenings last night on Letterman, it's not like he provided major revelations that haven't been reported.

Important stuff happens every day in every country, you have to highlight only a few thing, preferably ones that won't make people change the channel.

There just hasn't been a lot of huge breaking news of late, so we get politics and criminal cases. Such is the ebb and flow of news.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that Dave controlled this interview and I'm glad he did.
Anderson came to promote his day show and Dave was to have none of it.
No, Dave wouldn't be on Anderson anytime soon.
David Letterman likes to elevate the discussion and if there's silliness to be had, the joke is on his guest, not on Dave.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the audience applause was rather muted for anderson.
HM too much AC doing really silly stuff??