Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Morning Odds & Ends 9/19/11

Will Anderson be Jimmy Fallon's New Best Friend?

Ali Goldstein/Warner Brothers
The New York Times posted a review of 'Anderson' on Friday. Follow the link to read what Alessandra Stanley had to say.

And Variety had an article on how ratings went for the first week of the talk show. has a write up and pictures of Anderson Cooper's visit to the Wheatley School in New York on Wednesday last week. Cooper is working on a special about bullying in schools across the country. Follow the link to read the article and see their exclusive photos.

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Anonymous said...

Shameless promotion for his new show.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:55 PM - Well, Duh!

That's what you gotta do in show business - promote the hell out of your show or movie or whatever. That's why Anderson is popping up all over the place, that's why the new "Charlie's Angels" actresses were at the Emmys even though that show hasn't started yet and that's why I've been seeing "Whitney" ads every place I turn.

If "Anderson" fails, nobody can say it was because he didn't promote it enough.

The NY Times article by Allessandra Stanley was pretty good and fair. However she stated the show discussed the Armstrong suicide in the RHOBH episode but I had the impression it was barely mentioned.

Looking forward to the ATA review of today's show with mom Gloria.


Anonymous said...

No, not if you were a reporter who supposedly held people "accountable."
Using your brother's suicide for self promotion is going TOO FAR.
It is shameless and shameful and very disappointing.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza I have never seen any show promoted more and as shamefully as Anderson has with this one. As for the professional reviewers, they may have an opinion, but at the end of the day it's the viewers who make the final decision whether Anderson will or die - DUH!

Anonymous said...

If Anderson wants to find out about
bullying, why doesn't he try a public school.
As far as I know, the Wheatley School is a private school, like say Dalton, the pricey school he attended and do they have bullying?
Try a REAL SCHOOL next time Anderson or is this just another way to promote your daytime show under the guise of bullying??

Get over it! said...

sweet jesus anon.... learn a few things about how PR works, and what the definition of "shameless" is! Talking about his brother's suicide and the tremendous and devestating impact it had on his life is not shameless. Get over the fact that he has a daytime show! Your rants are getting old! You are just plain wining at this point. He is still a reporter. Why the hell does he have to be serious all the freaking time?? Do you never laugh? Do you never have a good time? I feel sorry for you that you think people can only be one dimensional or that you can no longer trust Anderson because you have now seen him laugh and have a good time.

Anonymous said...

I go to wheatley and its actually not a private school. some people may have money, but not all. And actually there is bullying, because if you dont have the nice things that others have they bully you for that, and academic wise, if ur not as smart as them you get bullied too, bullying might not happen here as much as other schools bu it deff. does happen.