Wednesday, October 26, 2011

360 on Wednesday October 26th


SPARRING OVER PARTISANSHIP: Discussion with Ari Fleischer and Bill Burton


ROMNEY LEADING IN KEY STATES: Discussion with Ari Fleischer and Gloria Borger


360 BULLETIN: Fredricka Whitfield

FAITH AND DISCIPLINE: Interview with Michael Pearl


360 BULLETIN: Fredricka Whitfield

THE RIDICULIST: Dustup on "Dancing with the Stars"

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The only good part of 360 was Anderson's interview with Michael Pear. He's nuts if he thinks his book doesn't use corporal punishment. Hitting a kid with a branch or ruler or belt is wrong, yet this guy thinks its OK. Anderson did a good job with this interview.

Dee said...

I guess I'm "old school" since I grew up with switches and paddles being used in school and parents that did not tolerate disrespect. I think I turned out ok - college, successful career, empathy toward others, etc. I did witness some parents beating their children with belts and I think that did harm to those children throughout their lives.

The ATA Team said...

We're sure some of you noticed that both editions of Wednesday night's AC360 were prerecorded. The only live segments were the 360 Bulletins with Fredricka Whitfield in the first airing.

Cooper was not live in the studio at 8 because he was hosting the Elton John benefit at Cipriani honoring John Demsey, Greg Gorman, and Bob and Tamar Manoukian. We'll be posting pictures from the event Thursday afternoon.

aries moon said...

I'd heard about the Elton John benefit, Anderson seems to be the host every year now, or maybe he was the original host.

Ari Fleischer is so slimy, he reminds me of a snake and the way he sits there with that smug, bleep-eating grin makes me sick--who needs to hear from useless and corrupt former Bush aides? None of them have any credibility. Where are Alex Castellanos and Ed Rollins? They are far more tolerable, IMO. But Anderson appears to enjoy having Ari on the show.

Instead of a silly reference to Occupy Wall Street in The Ridiculist, why not do a report on it? There were some controversial incidents involving the police at the Occupy Oakland event last night--I saw reports of it on other news programs, but nothing on 360 as usual. I didn't find the interview with Michael Pear interesting, it went on too long and seemed more like a time-filler. 360 really needs to work on story selection--it seems to me that they're always missing the mark and not talking about things that really have relevance right now. MSNBC is killing CNN's prime time line up now and for good reason.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon:
You said everything I was thinking and I just now wrote up a disparaging comment about the Ridiculist but Blogger refused my comment!
Who do you think is more slimy, Ari Fleischer or Rick Perry?
My vote is on Rick Perry, but Ari is a close second and I do miss Alex Costellanos. He was always very objective for a conservative contributor.
I refuse to rehash what I wrote, but I will say this:
Ruth Madoff is far more important than Amy Whinehouse or Winehouse and Anderson should have realized that when he did his promo for the bulletin and whatever happened to Isha Sesay?
Content matters and we are not all nine years old and some of the content on 360 has been deplorable.

Phebe said...

@Judy, Isha Sesay is on vacation and tweeted that she misses Team Cooper and will be back soon.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice the weird goings on before the Ridiculist? I thought it was weird and wasn't sure I saw what I saw.

As for OWS/OA(occupy america) it seems really awkward that AC/CNN would cover protests throughout the world, but when it comes it those in the US they only show the bad parts. HLN did talk to people at one protest and it was quite interesting because they had a regular city there including a recycling center.

However, it's not just CNN that's not covering the protests, we have one going on in my city and if it gets a 20 second sound bite the protest is lucky.

CNN/AC/et al are part of the 1% who don't care about the 99% especially if they are in the US.


aries moon said...

@Judy, the direction 360's takes on any given night has become completely baffling and I agree with you about Rick Perry, not only slimy, but not especially bright either--I knew he was going to be bad prior to his announcement as a candidate--and it's not enough that he's "denounced" the birther issue, it's the idea of him having seen it as some kind of joke that can be tossed around in the first place--he doesn't even get it. He should never be President.

Claire said...

I think Rick Perry is taking a page out of Herman Cain's book. Say anything you want, then when you get blow back, say it was a joke, people. Lighten up!

OWS Oakland was the opening story on Morning Joe this morning. I don't get CNN's policies on what it covers either. When all the protesting was happening in many cities on bargaining rights, and then the recall elections, all this was barely covered.