Monday, October 24, 2011

Anderson: Anderson's Costco Adventure

Anderson opened today's show talking about how "thrifty" he was and showing a video of his shopping trip to CostCo. After the video, HLN's Money Expert, Clark Howard joined Anderson to evaluate Anderson's money saving skills ~

After the break there was more with Clark Howard including an audience quiz and a toilet paper challenge ~

The remainder of the program featured a producer who showed her coupon stash and a woman from TLC's "Extreme Couponing" who saves thousands of dollars through clipping coupons. A couple who have a problem in their relationship because the boyfriend has taken bargain hunting to embarrassing extremes was offered advice by Clark Howard. A woman in the audience that talked about how couponing became an addiction mentioned "birthday deals" and there were gifts for those in the audience with birthdays, from an assortment of companies that offer "birthday deals"; and more from Clark Howard who had written a new book on saving money.

The last segment was about "UpCycling" by the author of a book by the same name, Danny Seo. Danny explained that up-cycling is based on re-cycling, but uses items you have around your home and making new objects out of them. Anderson closed the show by thanking his gifts and explaining how viewers could get a $10 coupon from

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Anonymous said...

A few years back HGTV had a show called Decorating Cents which did a segment called Trash to Treasures so Upscycling is not new.

I've been in COSTCO a couple of times to shop for my office, but would never shop for myself there. Let's put it this way women are way better shoppers than men, we now the ins and outs especially if you are shopping for ourselves.

sydney said...

I really enjoyed today's show, but then I consider myself "frugal" LOL! I became obsessed with TLC's "Extreme Couponing" last season. While I certainly don't save the amounts these people do, I enjoy the vicarious thrill.

Somehow I don't picture Anderson pulling out coupons on his next shopping trip... ;-)

Anonymous said...

A purple sweater with a light blue shirt? Tim Gunn would not approve.

@ Phebe - it was flattering that you mentioned me a few days ago as a possible volunteer to write up the daily "Anderson" summary. However, it's been years since I've recorded anything and doubt I'd be able to get the summaries to ATA in a timely manner.

And I can't bring myself to watch today's clips. I just cant relate Katrina-shaming-a-Senator Anderson to use-coupons-wisely Anderson. Nonetheless, I hope viewers got some good information out of it.


Anonymous said...

How could Anderson have a show about coupon clipping, which he knows nothing about to be sure, and not mention the big dadddy of them all: Groupon, whose stock has lost some of its value lately because of all the competition.
Now that's what the theme of the show should have been, and AC should have spoken to Groupon's CEO, because he was one of the first to produce this online service.
Is the Anderson staff lame or what?
If you want higher ratings do research on EACH subject and have viable valuable content.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's episode of 'Anderson' was weird and interesting. That woman who extreme coupons is nuts. I'm sorry but these extreme couponers are nothing but hoarders. I never understood Costco, I mean if you have a large family then its fine but if your family has like 3 or 4 people then Costco doesn't really make sense since 3 or 4 people don't need items in mass quantity.

Anonymous said...

I laughed seeing Anderson run around Costco and hearing the "expert" evaluate his shopping habits, but after the first two segments I was bored silly. The last segment didn't fit and seemed like filler. Anyone else wondering why Anderson bought generic diapers during his shopping trip or did I hear the "expert" wrong??

I clip coupons for items I would buy anyway, but never have liked the "club" stores like Sam's Club, CostCo, etc. I prefer Target for those types of purchases.

@Jaanza I totally understand where you are coming from. This talk show Anderson has me banging my head on the desk most of the time. It's not the Anderson I admire as a journalist.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@anonymous 9:38pm, I too heard diapers and wondered why Anderson would be buying diapers.

MichellenLomita said...

I watched only the video of Anderson's Costco trip. He's the most interesting and entertaining person in any activity. Wish he'd do a reality show. Intended as a compliment with the highest respect for his work, as entertainment is important! The "It" personalities play a vital role. Sweet buying the stuffed bear. Still laughing at Wed preview when he dangles from the ceiling, but relieved it won't air too scary with his safety involved. That nice bright red shirt made it easier for the team to watch him closely...I'm guessing. As a shop-as-needed person, I don't go to Costco, which is overwhelming and tiring. Looking forward to the bugs also on Wed show--shudders!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading the comments posted by many of you, expressing your disappointment in Anderson for taking on this talk show format. It sounds like you all feel that he's doing something beneath himself - that this isn't up to the journalistic standards of the man who shamed the government for how Katrina was handled. You know what? You're right - it isn't. BUT, and it's a big but, Anderson himself stated, when he was promoting the show before it started airing, that "Anderson" was not going to be a hard news show - it was not intended to be. That's what AC360 is for. He said that he wanted "to laugh more, to smile more", and that's what "Anderson" would allow him to do. By his own admission, Anderson's a pop culture junkie, and the talk show allows him to express that side of his personality. The guy's 44 years old, and for over 20 of those years he's been going to wars and natural disasters and seeing the worst that man can inflict on man. I think he's just trying to take a break from those horrors and have some fun. No one can see those things and remain unaffected forever. Remember "The Mole"? Anderson did that when someone forced him to look at a picture of himself, taking a picture of a dead person along a road at some disaster (sorry, I can't think of which one right now) - he said that's when he knew he had to get out and "cover a beauty pageant or state fair or something", anything to get his perspective back. I can't help feeling that "Anderson" is a similar thing - just trying to get his perspective back.
Sorry for rambling - I just felt that someone had to take Anderson's side here.

That said, I enjoy the blog - keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

@anonymous 9:38pm and ACAnderFan

I heard diapers too. I have no idea why he would be buying those either. But it wouldn't surprise me if it were a just for this show kinda thing. Things he would buy along with things that people in general commonly buy in bulk. I mean that cart was topple over FULL.


judy said...

@Ann: While I appreciate your perspective and we all know Anderson might have needed a break, the content of his day time show sadly needs revision IF his intention was to "laugh more and smile more."
Just last week, he had two women, forgive me, without arms and legs.
I don't know anyone, who laughed at that.
Then he allowed his mother to rehash her story of his brother's suicide and people in the audience also told stories about suicide.
Are these topics for laughter???
I don't watch his afternoon show because, yes, I think it IS BENEATH HIM.
Why not do a show to elevate the discussion? It doesn't have to be profound. Charlie Rose seems to have found middle ground and is still able to manage a smile, but it is an intellectual smile.
Anderson still does Sixty Minutes, and most of what he does is, forgive me, "fluff."
I guess there just wasn't enough lightness in the "fluff," he did.
Oprah was able to find middle ground, by getting America to read and Ellen dances but she does have her serious moments.
Anderson's show needs to find not only an audience, but a theme and a voice, his own voice, IF he is to succeed.

westcoaster said...

@Ann - THANK YOU! Thank you for an excellently written post! There have been a few of us trying to express support for Anderson and his new show over the last few weeks, but most of the posters here are hell bent on bashing him for not being the exclusively hard news guy he has been for the last 20 years. I couldn't agree more that I think he needs a break from all the wars and devesation that he has been running to for the last 2 decades, and needs to lighten things up for his own mental health. You bring up some excellent points about how he promoted his new show and what HE wants to get out of it! Hopefully more supports will come out of the woodwork and support him too.

Anonymous said...

@westcoaster & Ann, you are trying to make it sound like those who disagree with your personal assessment of Anderson hate him & the new show, but you are very wrong, at least on my part. I don't hate the show AND I don't hate Anderson. The best word I can use is disappointed. While Anderson did say he wanted to laugh more and try something different I just can't seem to get into the show. Oh I do watch it when the topic interests me, but that isn't every day. I pick and choose which topics I watch because I run my ow company & don't have time to watch every day.

The show just isn't what I expected and I am disappointed, so that said I ask that you respect the opinions of others who post here but do not agree with your personal evaluation.

Also it looks like AC has discovered that the show needs changing - they hired a new Co EP. All that is well and goo, but he has to start listening to what the viewers are looking for - we are the ones who count and we aren't as stupid as some at the show may think we are.

Anonymous said...

@Judy and @Anonymous 6:32AM, forgive me if I gave the impression that I was bashing those of you who don't care for Anderson's talk show. I was actually trying very hard to NOT give that impression. I did use the word disappointed to describe your feelings - I never used the word hate, nor would I have. I honestly have no problem with your opinion of the show - as you say, you are entitled to it, as I am to mine. My only goal was to bring some of Anderson's perspective to the discussion, that's all. If you all read something else into my comments, then that's my fault for not making myself clear. We all want the best for Anderson, whatever that may be.