Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Anderson: Are Parents Playing Favorites?

Anderson opened today's program explaining that the topic for the show came from a Time Magazine cover story a few weeks ago. His fist guest was Jessica Katz who admitted to having a favorite child and they were joined by Jeffrey Kluger, Senior Editor of Time Magazine ~

Also on today's program was a mother of six who admitted to having a favorite child, a mother of two angered by mom's playing favorites, Vanessa & Angela Simmons from MTV's "Run House" who talked about sibling rivalry, and Dr. Catherine Salmon a psychologist & sibling expert. There were audience questions and a family in the audience that shared their experience and the impact it has on them to this day, along with a lot of discussion on the topic. In the last segment Dr. Salmon offered a quiz of 5 questions to ask yourself to determine if you play favorites and 3 take-aways for parents. Anderson said he went into the program thinking he was his parent's favorite child, but after the show he wasn't so sure...

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Anonymous said...

Oh my.
What an important topic!!
An hour long discussion on a favorite child or is it really 40 minutes because of all the commercials.
Why not interview a group of the formerly trapped miners of Chile.
That would make an interesting show and they were featured in the NYT last week OR INTERVIEW a group of people with varied ages who are now OCCUPYING WALL STREET??
This may not interest the soccer mom crowd but viewers who watch the news and 360 would welcome some intelligent chat for a change.

Anonymous said...

If kids play favorites with parents, why wouldn't parents play favorites with kids?
Anderson needs new producers who think creatively.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Maybe its because I am an only child, but I found today's show funny. I can't believe parents actually feel this way about their kids and actually have favorites. If this really is the case it makes me even more glad that I am an only child.

Anonymous said...

Only chilren are at a horrible disadvantage as they age.
They are responsible for both their parents, and they have no siblings to share both good and bad times with. They can never become uncles or aunts and never have nieces or nephews, so they are dependent on cousins, in relationships that don't always work out.
As a child you like it because all the attention is given to you.
As an adult it is a burden and a half and it can be a lonesome one at that.
I know, because I am an only one, as well.
However, on the bright side there are more Onlys being born today than ever before and Anderson should make this a topic and have all onlys in his audience.
That is something Oprah would do and it would make for an interesting show theme.

Anonymous said...

I did not watch this show but did Anderson give any indication as to whether he was favored over his brother?
I've always wondered if Gloria favored Anderson.
She had pictures of him on magazine covers as a baby and somehow he managed to wind up on 'what's my line,'as an animal trainer to fool the audience.
He has never told us exactly how he got there, to my knowledge.

westcoaster said...

@anon 7:23 and 7:26 (imagine that, two negative posts from anon close together!).... the topic came from an article that was a cover story from TIME magazine...Is that current enough for you? Anderson said he found the article interesting and wanted to do a show about it. It must be getting really crowded on Anderson's back with all you anon posters piling on there! Good grief!
Kids play favorites with parents because they have the minds of children and haven't developed the kind of love that parents should have for all of their children! The woman on the show who proudly stated that she loved her older daughter much more than her younger daughter was sickening, and the mother who pretty much bribed her children into behaving so they could be her "favorite" child was tacky. I can't believe there are actually parents out there like this. It makes me sad for the children.

Anonymous said...

Dear westcoaster, I am going to try to remain nice, but . . . We are entitled to our opinion just as you are, so don't get bent out of shape when someone's opinion doesn't agree with yours, just skip reading the ones that don't agree with you and move forward.

And yes I post as an Anon - deal with it.

Anonymous said...

I subscribe to Time Magazine and I read that article when it appeared in the October 3rd issue.

When I saw Anderson was making it the topic of a show, I was kind of interested to see how they would approach it. I was appalled at the first two moms who came on the show and made no bones about having a favorite child. How could they do that to their children? Me thinks they were looking for their 15 minutes of fame and that sickens me. Kudos to the third mom!

I'm the youngest of three children and while there were remarks as we were got older of mom and dad having a favorite -- it was always a joke. We knew we were loved and that's what mattered. They made each of us feel special in our own way. They were careful to make things as equal as possible and put all three of us through college.

I used to tease my mom that my brother's baby book (he was the oldest) was completely filled in, my sister's was up to a point and mine had a couple of clippings and a recipe stuck in it! She used to say that I was the third child and she didn't have time; same with the number of photos. In the end, what matters is that we were loved and each made to feel special...

When my mom passed and we were going through her things, we found cards, school art projects, photos, etc. she had saved and once we sorted through everything and had a lot of laughs with what we found, in the end our stacks were pretty equal.

My heart goes out to those children who are clearly not their parents "favorite" and it's obvious/known. I can't imagine, let alone having my mom go on television to talk about it.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't my mom, but my grandmother who played the favorite kid card with her grandchildren. After awhile it became obvious that it was the oldest male cousin, whom she deemed most worthy, but the worst part was that she let her obvious favoritism toward him include his wife and their daughter. As for the rest of us we were liked, but those she really didn't care for(yes it happens)she let it be known.

While I didn't watch the show the thought of any mother going on national TV and saying she favored one child over another really is horrible and as Wonz said was for 15 minutes of fame, even just the thought of that is horrible.


Dorothy said...

@Judy - Anderson started the show saying that he thought he was the favorite and by the end of the show he was questioning it after the test they gave. But I think it was more joking.

@anon9:28 - I'm with westcoaster and I think the problem is that there are so many annoymous posters that you cannot identify who you are reading until you are well into the post. If you have names on the post people can identify who is writing and stay away.

There was a large discussion the other day with maybe 20 posts on it and most were done without sarcasm and bashing and it was a great discussion and interesting thread even with the difference of opinions. If someone posts with sarcasm and bashing I think it for attention only and to stir up things.

westcoaster said...

@anon - Really? I am the one who needs to not get bent out of shape and move forward? Interesting advice! Perhaps you might want to try your own advice when Anderson does a show that doesn't appeal to your apparently superior standards! "Don't get so bent out of shape and move foward"