Friday, October 14, 2011

Anderson: Big Family Adoption & Dani's Story

Anderson introduced us to the Hasemeyer Family; 3 biological children and 11 adopted. Here's a bit of their story ~

After the break Anderson talked to the biological children about their feelings toward their family's expansion; to the family about the challenges and blessings of living in a large family; and about a typical day in their lives. One neighborhood in Riverside, CA consists of 20 families which have adopted over 50 kids. Many shared their stories via satellite.

Next up we heard Dani's story ~

Dani's adopted parents Diane & Bernie Lierow shared their experience of adopting the severely neglected little girl. Willie Lierow (Dani's adoptive brother) and Dani later joined Anderson on stage to discuss the family dynamic. Dr. Bruce Perry, M.D., Ph.D. and Author, "The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog" joined in the discussion and spoke about how the lack of love and the physical manifestations of that love, alters the development of the brain, and that love grows the brain. The Lierow's have written a book called dani's story, a journey from neglect to love, to shed light on the effects of child neglect among other reasons.

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Anonymous said...

I think Friday's "Anderson" was for all the soccer moms out there.

This week the "Black Market Babies" appeared more like a serious news expose with the addition of Arthur Caplan. The "Psychics" one seemed to have a "KTH" quality to it when talking about Sylvia Browne.

However, topics like "Carre Otis" and "Big Adoption Families" aren't going to pull in a lot of regular 360 viewers. Of course, Anderson needs to appeal to the soccer moms out there but that's what every daytime talk show does. Many of us were expecting Anderson to raise the bar at least a little.

Maybe in the long run we'll see Anderson had a trend of bringing more serious topics to daytime. But so far... not so much.

Do people still use phrases like "soccer mom"?


On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's 'Anderson' wasn't very good. About the only part I liked was the part about Dani. That was interesting. The rest was just boring.

judy said...

Today I peeked in on Ellen, just to see what the competition was doing, and I must say that I was entertained.
She's opposite AC in the NY area on NBC.
She had a cute skit at the beginning of her delivering a baby backstage, Not really, and then sewing a dress, only a stitch, and having a last minute soda, before taking the stage.
I was energized and it takes a lot to get and keep my attention.
Ellen is a comedian so all of this comes naturally, but she has the fun Anderson talked about but doesn't seem to do.
Of course Ellen then danced her way through the audience, which is twice the size of AC's.
She is a hard act to follow but she knows how to engage the viewer as well as the audience and Anderson is having trouble doing both.
In a way she is very much like Jon Steward. They both know how to set the tone of their show, and they both have fun with it.

Anonymous said...

I think Anderson for sure needs to engage the audience. I was in the audience a couple weeks ago. And the only time he directly involved/addressed the audience (That didn't involve questions from the audience directed at the guests or, talking to the audience because the teleprompter told him to) was once when he waved at someone. Then at the very end in between shooting promos, he took a few questions. As it would have been awkward for him to just stand there in front of us all. And it wasn't even a show with a super heavy topic.

I think Anderson is great but he is one of the most awkward people I've ever come across in real life. He really needs to learn how to give and take from an audience. Not just read off a teleprompter. I think that energy would transfer to people watching on TV. He should be using the live audience to his advantage.

Claire said...

Just to add my thoughts to something @Judy said in her comment, people who have successful talk shows bring their passion to the program. Ellen/Jon=comedy, Rachael Ray=cooking, Dr. Oz=health, etc. And they are all real. They share enough of their lives to make you feel like you know a little about them and can relate. Even though Anderson has 'shared' life things on his talk show, it seems staged, not natural sharing to me.

Polly Lankford Smith said...

I thought Anderson did a brilliant job integrating adoption, foster care, and the absolutely gut wrenching story of Dani and how she is growing and improving day by day. These are real issues. He brought in one of the most successful child trauma experts to talk about child abuse and neglect and what 'we' can do to help change take place. Great show. Thank you Anderson.

Anonymous said...

@Claire and 5:22am: You are both absolutely correct in your assumptions.
I remember an ATA poster who paid
some two hundred dollars to hear AC at a speaking engagement, and then there was a mixer afterwards and the poster remarked that although Anderson shook her hand, he never made eye contact but kept speaking to Arianna Huffington about a trip he was about to take.
She said she was so disappointed and everyone who read her comment was disappointed for her.
Anderson gives the impression that he is personable, but he is not a people person, and his mixed reviews prove this.