Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Anderson: Carré Otis

Anderson introduced viewers to today's guest, Carre Otis and gave us the background of her story, before Carre joined him on stage ~

Anderson read from Carre's recently released book and the two discussed various aspects of her life; including drug abuse, her relationship with Mickey Rourke, his strange marriage proposal and their even stranger honeymoon. Let's just say there was domestic violence and the marriage finally ended in divorce. Anderson spoke with a woman in the audience named Jayne, who survived an abusive relationship for about 8 months before finally ending it. Anderson read a bit more from Carre's book and they talked about her eating disorder; and Anderson quoted the line, "Beauty is not a size..." Coco Rocha, a current NYC model, joined Anderson and Carre and said that last year she was told she was too big and this year she was told she was too thin. There was discussion on how modeling starts too young for girls and they are not prepared for the kind of pressures they face. The program ended with a tour of Carre's home (in Colorado) where she talked about being re-married, raising two girls and living life away from all the publicity that once surrounded her.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I really liked today's episode of 'Anderson'. I found the discussion about Carre's eating disorder to be interesting. Also really liked the discussion with Coco Rocha. Good episode of 'Anderson'. I actually remember when Carre Otis was on Red360 years ago.