Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Anderson: Conquering Your Fears

Anderson opened today's talking about fears, what he's afraid of and his coping mechanisms.

Dr. Todd Farchione, from Boston University, joins Anderson on stage to talk about how people can cope with and overcome their fears ~

Anderson confronts his fear of heights with the help of Dr. Farchione ~

Other people's fears were discussed and Dr. Farchione helped a woman confront her fear of worm's before surprising Anderson with some "bugs with lots of legs" and silliness ensued ~

Anderson's final guests were a young woman whose fear has overcome her life; and her mom. Carrie takes her survivalist backpack with her everywhere and her fear has consumed her life.

Anderson with one of the many items in Carrie's backpack. They went through her bag and she explained her reasons for each item.

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Anonymous said...

Anderson should do OCD, Obsessive cumpulisive disorders, of which many are aflicted.
There are those people who can't even get out of the house, or they can't drive because they keep thinking they ran someone over.
It is a very time consuming mental disorder that deserves attention.
I do not beleive AC is afraid of heights.
He has flown way too many times and he's also flown in army helicopters, sleeping.
This was just another stunt for audience attention.

Anonymous said...

Also didn't Anderson climb a cliff or two doing PIP?

Anonymous said...

I think the heart monitor definitely gave him away for the touching the bugs segment. His heart rate didn't go up at all. Why can't Anderson just be himself? Why all the pretending/stunts for the daytime show? I'd like it better if he would just be himself and let his natural snarky humor come through....

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Wednesday's 'Anderson' was OK the best parts were Anderson trying to overcome his fear of heights. That was pretty funny. I also liked him touching the bugs in the container that was funny too. The girl who is prepared for the world to end is taking it way too far. I mean she carries around axes and machetes and all kinds of other stuff, that's just not normal.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 8:08. I noticed that his heart rate was normal too. And I know everyone is different physically, but I'm scared of hospitals and heights. And this past year was the first time I ever had to go to a hospital. One of the first things they did in the ER was take my heart rate. It had shot up to 170. I could feel my heart pounding in the palms of my hands. The girl who was scared of worms her heart rate was 140 something, she was for sure scared.

He should stick to being himself. He not a good enough actor to be someone he's not.

Also I can believe the being afraid of heights and still being able to fly. Like in planes it's easy to feel like you're not actually in the air.


MichellenLomita said...

Anderson didn't seem afraid of being suspended from the ceiling, just the natural nervousness most people would feel, and he looked like he was putting on a comic act with the audience with the bugs. I bet he really does fear clowns, though. Interesting to watch his reaction if a spooky clown had jumped out and surprised him. Remember one 360 on his birthday he mentioned "evil clowns" and his eyes darted to the side like he expected to see one. Actually, this man who dove with great white sharks and reported from the most dangerous places is incredibly brave, not afraid of anything much. I watched only the height and bugs vids, which were interesting and funny.

Claire said...

I only watched Anderson's suspension in air and part of the woman with the worms. I think the word fear has a very large range, or at least it did on the parts of today's show I saw. Someone who is truly afraid of heights is not going to allow themselves to be suspended in air, but that was Anderson and you take him with a grain of salt nowadays. But the woman who supposedly had a fear of worms, I'm wondering why snakes were never brought up, but IMO maybe she just really dislikes worms. Again, no one with a true phobia of worms is going to stick their hand into an aquarium full of them. What was the point of the whole aquarium??

Anonymous said...

"Dr. Farchione helped a woman confront her fear of worm's ..."

Fear of worm's what? Their tempers? Their extreme political positions? Their sarcastic humor?

Anonymous said...

I am afraid of heights, but only when I am in open spaces - the cherry picker would be one. I actually think Anderson does all the moaning, groaning and whining for effect and to get an audience reaction. The bug box was totally ridiculous.

MichellenLomita said...

@Claire I agree about the woman with the worms. Heart rate increase is the normal reaction to plunging your hand in and coming up with a fistful of live ones; she appeared more revolted than terrified. I'm afraid of rats; if someone mentions a rat might be lurking close by I start sweating. I've had nightmares about them and have to shut my eyes and stop my ears if there's a rat scene on TV. I used to fear elevators until working on the 25th floor acclimated me. Once a hotel elevator I was on kept going up when I pressed the down button, and my legs buckled so I had to lean against the wall. Anderson and the lady didn't show phobic fear or even close to it. It was fun to watch, but his show needs to work on honesty.

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys are analyzing this a little too closely/harshly. >:| Everyone has different ranges of fear and no one has considered that maybe, just maybe, someone like Anderson, who actually knows how to cope with stressful situations as a result of his profession, has a different concept of fear and therefore his reactions are appropriate for who HE is. You can't compare your heart rate to his own, or even that woman's, when his physical fitness is so distinctly different. The heights part, his heart rate jumped from a bottomed out 74, all the way up to 90-something. That's a significant fluctuation. Enough that it's a clear indicator that he wasn't at all comfortable up there. Sheez.

Anonymous said...

@Cas: Tell that to the many people who have a fear of flying.