Friday, October 21, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday 10/21/11

KEEPING THEM HONEST, IRAQ: Anderson Cooper and Jessica Yellin reporting
DIGGING DEEPER: Bob Baer, Robin Wright and John Burns

GADHAFI DEATH INVESTIGATION: Anderson Cooper reporting
FOLLOW UP: Lindsey Hilsom (ITN) and Dan Rivers

STEVE JOBS DEATH: A CBS 60 Minute report
FOLLOW UP: Anderson and Dr. Sanjay Gupta discuss

BABY RING: Sandra Endo reporting

THE RIDICULIST: Turtle Man's Makeover

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN: Susan Hendricks

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast


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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Did we really need another black market baby piece? They just talked about black market babies on the talk show last week. I think Anderson needs to move away from black market babies and find something more interesting.

I liked that Sanjay was on. Anytime he's on its always the best part of the program.

judy said...

I agree.
Sanjay should co-anchor AC's talk show.
USA Today had a piece about the new biography that is due out the first wk in November about Steve Jobs.
One fascinating bit is, that he didn't like to bathe. Yes, it is in Friday's Life section.
According to Bill Maher, cablers are not giving Obama enough credit in foreign affairs.
It was no accident, according to reliable sources....his panel which included Rachel Maddow and Thomas L Friedman of the NYT, that Gahdafi was hit three times in the neck, head and back.
Shall we say this 'drone' had perfect aim, and the protestors just didn't get lucky.
This is something 360 would never admit: That the POTUS does lead behind the scene in foreign affairs because the Republican obstructionists are not there to impede his decisions.
Something tells me, that AC's day show will end up, in bits and pieces on 360, as fillers.
The black market babies is just one example.
Let's hope he leaves out the show on the 'little people.'

Anonymous said...

I really liked tonight's 360. I thought it had a pretty good mix.

I was a little put off with the Anderson in the KTH segment, but then again it's President Obama and he just can't win on 360. I was glad to see they at least covered the story vs. more of the Republican crazy.

I know the black market baby report was the same story as covered on an episode of the talk show, but I learned so much more from the segment on 360. It was factual and well put together. After watching the talk show, I had a negative impression of the surrogate mom, but that changed tonight. Too bad they think they have to dumb things down and go for sensationalism in daytime. Sandra Endo's report and Anderson's follow up discussion were just so much sharper and more informative.

I'm looking forward to the Steve Jobs segment on 60Minutes and as always, I enjoyed Sanjay's insights.

I hope Anderson takes Turtle Man up on his offer. Anderson loves him some Turtle Man! Now that may make a good daytime episode....