Thursday, October 13, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday, October 13, 2011

John King was in the AC360 anchor chair again tonight ~

Follow up: John's interview with Eric Fehrnstrom, Senior Advisor, Romney Campaign

ALL BUT SETTLED OR ANYTHING GOES?, White House targets Romney; Cain polls well: Discussion with John, Gloria Borger, Susan Molinari & Ken Blackwell

KEEPING THEM HONEST - Jobs Bill Battle: Report by John King
BATTLE OVER PRES. OBAMA'S JOBS PLAN: Follow up with Jessica Yellin & David Gergen

BREAKING NEWS - GUILTY VERDICT IN CONN. HOME INVASION TRIAL, Sentencing phase will begin Oct. 24: John & Deborah Feyerick discuss

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

MICHAEL JACKSON DEATH TRIAL - DAY 12, Defense will present its case next week: Report by Ted Rowlands
Follow up: John & Sunny Hostin

BULLYING CAUGHT ON TAPE, "Bully Project" filmmakers spent a year in schools: Clip from the Bullying Town Hall with Anderson, Lee Hirsch, Kelly Ripa, Dr. Phil & Jane Lynch

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judy said...

Yes, there is justice, the guilty verdict in the Conn. home invasion trial is a perfect example of this.
Both of the defendants could face the death penalty and SHOULD.
If there was ever a right to use death as a punishment, it would be here and I am pleased with this jury's verdict.
It was quick and it was Just and nothing else would have been suitable.
These 'two' were monsters. To follow a family home and then to torture them, and that is exactly what they did, is pure EVIL.
My faith has been restored in the justice system.
And anyone who is against the death penalty must think again and think about this case in particular.
These two, were guilty WAY beyond a reasonable doubt.

aries moon said...

The death penalty should be abolished. It is barbaric and not a proven deterrent for crime. If ONE person is put to death and later proven to be innocent, that's reason enough for it to be abolished. If certain groups of people are being placed on death row more than others for similar crimes, that's reason enough for it to be abolished. It's unfortunate that this country won't do away with it like other nations have done.

Anonymous said...

The only thing more barbaric than what these two evil doers did, is giving them both 'life in prison.'
It just gives liberals a bad name.
Sorry, I don't agree here.