Thursday, October 20, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday, October 20, 2011

LIBYAN PM - GADHAFI KILLED IN CROSSFIRE, Says ousted leader was alive when captured:
* Report (with new video) by Anderson Cooper
* Anderson's phone interview (recorded earlier) with Ben Farmer, Afghanistan Corespondent, The Daily Telegraph
* Anderson speaks to Dan Rivers, who is live in Tripoli
* Packaged Background Report by Tom Foreman
* Anderson's discussion with Fouad Ajami, Bob Baer & Fran Townsend

KEEPING THEM HONEST - Ron Paul's Bad Mouth: Anderson Cooper defends his debate moderator actions from Tuesday night (apparently 360 has spent the last two days calculating debate minutes from all the angles)

KEEPING EXOTIC ANIMALS, Ohio has some of the least restrictive ownership laws: Packaged Report by Jason Carroll
Follow-up: Anderson spoke earlier with Jack Hanna about keeping exotic animals

360 BULLETIN: Susan Hendricks


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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I liked the keeping them honest segment about Ron Paul. It seems like he had plenty of time to talk and give his answers.

Good piece by Jason Carrol about people keeping exotic animals. It seems like Ohio needs stricter laws for keeping exotic animals. Actually no one should be keeping wild animals as pets or on their property. I liked Anderson's discussion with Jack Hanna. I feel bad for the animals since it seems like they were living in small cages.

Anonymous said...

I fully expected Anderson to devote the whole hour of 360 to the big news of the day. He covered the revolution in Libya from the beginning, night after night and seemed so passionate about it.

The KTH segment seemed self serving as Politico or another sight debunked the Ron Paul whine yesterday and the animal story was pretty much filler that could have been held until tomorrow night or Monday. Many people had to work today and couldn't watch the news unfold -- Anderson has the prime spot on CNN and IMO squandered it tonight. Instead of replaying the one video over and over, there were many guests he could have had on to talk to about what this means for the people of Libya, the US and the region. Nick Kristoff, Ben Wedeman, Nic Robertson all come to mind; not to mention Peter Bergen and Fareed Zakaria. Arwa Damon is on the Syrian border and that aspect wasn't explored at all.

At least we didn't get a Conrad Murray trial segment - so yea!

hovalova said...

I just watched the Anderson Cooper segment about Ron Paul supporters complaining about Dr. Paul being short-changed in airtime coverage during the Republican presidential debate on Tuesday, 10/18/11. Regarding the last part of that segment, I sympathize with the Ron Paul supporters' perception that Dr. Paul was neglected a final comment. As I watched the debate on live TV, I got the impression at the time that Ron Paul was neglected a final say. Upon reviewing the last nine minutes of the debate, every candidate was effectively allowed to get in a final comment, except for Ron Paul.

Evidently, this was not just my perception that Dr. Paul was neglected, but also candidate Rick Santorum's perception as well. I found a YouTube video online which has the last nine minutes of the debate. Near the end of the video if you turn up the volume and watch and listen closely at time interval 8:16 through 8:20, you can see Mr. Santorum turn to Dr. Paul, tap him on the arm and say, "You didn't get a chance to say anything!" In fact, he says it twice since Dr. Paul didn't hear him the first time. So, from that comment, it seems clear candidate Rick Santorum had the same impression I did that an impromptu final comment session was in play, and thought Dr. Paul was neglected a final say. Since all the other six candidates had been allowed to speak toward the end of the debate, it effectively became a final comment session for everyone, except Ron Paul.

While there may not have been a formal declaration or intention by debate moderators that there would be a final comment session, I feel that Anderson Cooper should have offered Ron Paul a thirty second comment before cutting off the debate since all the other candidates were effectively allowed a final comment. After all, when the debate was declared to be "out of time", Anderson Cooper still offered Michele Bachmann a thirty second comment and afterward, called upon Newt Gingrich to make a brief comment. And that was it ... no such offer extended to Dr. Paul, the only remaining candidate.

Again, that's when Rick Santorum turned to Ron Paul, tapped him on the arm and said, "You didn't get a chance to say anything!

So, yeah, I think the Ron Paul supporters have a valid argument, at least on that part of your Keeping Them Honest segment anyway. And it seems even Dr. Paul's competitor, Rick Santorum, sympathized with that argument during the debate too.

The YouTube video I refer to above is found at:

Anonymous said...

I too expected the whole hour to be devoted to Gadhafi, and what will transpire in Libya.
I don't understand how Anderson can say he had been following it all day, when he was really taping his trite day show about Halloween.
Yes, grown-ups celebrate Halloween, but the journalist who spoke about journalism to more than one elite uninversity and in addition, to journalism majors at Columbia just two short years ago, couldn't devote his entire show to the killing of a tyranical leader?
Well we all said something would suffer and the 'something' is 360.
Yes, speaking about Ron Paul and how many minutes he was actually allowed to speak, was 'self-serving. Translation: Ron Paul's campaign manager complained about AC and how he didn't moderate the debate. How dare he!
We have now learned that Ohio's laws need to be revamped as far as supervising where exotic animals are kept.
Had they been stricter, most of the captured animals would still be alive.

Anonymous said...

I think that Ron Paul is not 'heard' as often as others, but since I don't know the background workings of a debate on TV, I don't know if this was a deliberate moderator choice or a producer's decision to not allow him a final comment.
However, I will say that I was looking forward to hearing about Quaddafi's death on 360 and think that CNN missed the mark on not covering it. I hope these oversights are not due to being involved in another show. After all, 360 is also a show that needs attention and a full effort.

Claire said...

As far as equal time on debates, it probably is the original plan to give each debater a certain number of questions, but it's also the rule that if another debater is brought up in someone's response, they get 30 second response time. There was a lot of going back and forth especially between Romney and Perry that they got much more time. I'm assuming since the moderator has no way of knowing just how much time is going to get eaten up with back and forth when more than planned does, some questions have to be cut due to time. No offense to Dr. Paul, but I look forward to when the fringe also rans are not invited to participate.