Thursday, October 27, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday, October 27, 2011

PERRY TO SKIP DEBATES? Texas governor criticizes GOP forums: Erik Erickson & James Carville

'OCCUPY WALL STREET' SHOWDOWN, Wall Street CEO takes on the 99%: Anderson talks to Peter Schiff & Cornel West

WIDOW WON'T REGAIN EXOTIC PETS FOR NOW, Ohio authorities issue quarantine, animals will stay at zoo: Anderson reports and talks to Jack Hanna

360 BULLETIN: Fredricka Whitfield

MICHAEL JACKSON DEATH TRIAL NEARS END, Defense calls final two witnesses: Anderson with Randi Kaye & follow up discussion with Dr. Sanjay Gupta & Marcia Clark


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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

360 was OK. I am glad they are keeping up with the animals in Ohio. The best part of the show was Anderson's interview with Jack Hanna. I don't think the widow of the man who had the animals should be allowed to have them. A person should not own wild or exotic animals. Its not fair to the animals.

aries moon said...

360 finally got around to having a real segment on OWS even though it took someone defending Wall Street to spur them into taking up the issue, not sure why that is, but at least the effort was made. It might be helpful for viewers if 360 didn't feel it necessary to have their guests "squaring-off" in a combative debate--how about just letting each representative explain their position separately so that it's easier to digest? I did like seeing Cornell West on the program again. It was hard to listen to Peter Schiff making excuses for the non-job creators and corrupt, greedy one percenters, but it was better than 360 continuing to ignore this story altogether--I hope AC keeps his word about doing more on OWS.

If Rick Perry can't handle a standard debate, he's probably not a good bet for running the country. In fact, I'm already sure he isn't.

judy said...

Of course Rick Perry doesn't want to debate, he can't, we all quickly learned that.
But after being Governor of the second largest state in the US for almost ten years, you'd think he would have learned his way around a
lecturn or a podium.
But than W. wasn't the brightest or sharpest pencil in the pack either and wasn't he from that great oversized state called Texas?
Anderson seems excited about his haunted fire station.
Why not celebrate by bringing some of his audience there, just for a show and tell. An Oprah thing.
Let's get real...we all know, HE wouldn't actually live there, or rarely BE there anyway.
Probably bought it as an investment property for tax purposes or get some kind of deduction because it was, according to the NYPost, had some historical value.
And no the Ohio woman who had the exotic animals does not deserve a second chance. Enough innocent lives were taken for no reason, thanks to her husband.

Anonymous said...

360 started out pretty well with a good look at Gov. Perry and discussion with Erickson and Carville. During the OWS segment and it seemed like Anderson just lost control or willingly gave up by letting Schiff and West argue with each other and go off on tangents. Nevertheless, it was great to see OWS get some 360 coverage.

Anderson had a pretty good discussion with Jack Hanna but he stumbled at the start of the segment. So I wondered if Anderson was just having an off day or was tired.

The Jackson doctor trial wasn't worth watching but it's never been worth watching.

I hope the daytime show isn't keeping Anderson from being at his best for 360 but he wasn't at his sharpest. I wonder if Anderson had more time to prepare for the OWS segment maybe he would have kept better control of his guests or asked more questions.

I hope Anderson succeeds in every endeavor but Thursday's 360 worried me. And I also wonder: when is his next report for 60 Minutes? Is he still on contract with them?


Anonymous said...

Jaanza: If AC has to keep promoting and promoting in Boston and DC, it is a telling sign that his day show is doing poorly.
If he's in Oprah' spot in DC and is only bringing in l.4 million, it is not doing well.
Oprah, on a downslide did 3 million.
Truth be told, he probably thought it would be a whole lot easier than it actually is and with R&K, he wouldn't have had to do this constant promotional tour.