Friday, October 14, 2011

Anderson Cooper Flashback Friday - Psychics

On Wednesday, Anderson aired a special investigation on psychics. If you missed it, you can read our post by clicking here. The show caught the attention of Mediaite who posted an article titled Anderson Cooper Channels Maury Povich With Show About Psychic Addiction with some criticism of Anderson for taking on this topic. But AC360 fans know this is not the first time Anderson has taken on the topic of psychics ~

AC360, January 19, 2007 ~

Well, Craig -- Craig and Pam Akers would try almost anything over the years to find Shawn. They even consulted a famous psychic on national television. Four months after Shawn disappeared, the Akers appeared on "The Montel Williams Show" with self-proclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne. Browne told the distraught parents that Shawn was dead, and told them in great detail where to search for his body.

To some, she's a window into the future, a spiritual leader who can communicate with the dead. To others, Sylvia Browne is nothing but a con artist and a fake
. ~

Well, that was famous alleged psychic Sylvia Browne on "The Montel Williams Show" in 2003, four months after Shawn Hornbeck disappeared. She said that Shawn Hornbeck was dead. She was wrong about that. She said, a Hispanic man with dreadlocks had taken him. She was wrong. And she told Shawn's grieving parents where to search for his body. She, of course, was wrong about that as well. As you know, Shawn was found alive, not stuck between jagged boulders, but in an apartment in suburban Saint Louis. Mr. Browne -- or, I should say, Ms. Browne's mistakes does not end there. And it doesn't surprise famed debunker of the paranormal James Randi, who also runs an educational foundation. He joins us now. ~

And a follow up on AC360, January 30, 2007

But first, the story of Shawn Hornbeck's homecoming captured the attention of the country. Several days after Shawn was found alive, we reported that while he was missing, his parents had turned to self- proclaimed psychic, Sylvia Browne, for help. Browne told Shawn's parents he was dead and even told them where they could found his body. She was wrong, of course. After our report, we spoke to Sylvia Browne's business manager and the psychic herself, who insisted that Browne has helped thousands of people. We asked for some proof, and they sent it to us. Tonight here's what we found when we checked out their claims for ourselves. ~

Well, before the break, you heard of self-proclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne's predictions, predictions her own people gave us as examples of success stories. Whether or not the predictions were actually correct may be a matter of interpretation. Joining us now, two people with drastically different opinions on the subject, Sylvia Browne's business manager Linda Rossi, and psychic debunker James Randi. ~

But wait, there's more!

On Monday's Anderson ~

Psychic Medium John Edward

Can our loved ones who have passed away communicate with us?

Anderson spends the hour with world renowned psychic medium John Edward, who uses images and clues he receives from the other side to connect people with deceased friends and relatives. Anderson and his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, separately sit down for readings with John Edward and what he reveals is surprising.

Edward also performs readings on several audience members during the hour.

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aries moon said...

While I like seeing Gloria Vanderbilt with Anderson, I don't care for the subject of psychics and especially not so soon after they already covered the topic on "Anderson". I would've rather have seen the show about germs/phobias (with Sanjay) that I think was originally scheduled for Monday. Anderson seemed to be a total skeptic about psychics on the last show--don't know why he'd want to explore the subject again. When I hear the name John Edward, I immediately think FRAUD.

Broadway Bound Bunny said...

I can remember watching Sylvia Brown on Montel's show years ago. Back then I was amazed at the things she would tell people, but now I cringe when I think about all the false hope she gave some people and the "bad news" she gave others. I feel the same way about John Edwards I kind of want to watch, but hate to hear what he might say to Gloria and AC. I don't think these people realize the hurt and pain they may be causing people.

If they have Edwards on they should counter balance it with the Amazing Randy who has a 1,000,000 check waiting for proving psychics are not frauds, if I remember correctly. Larry King had Randy on a few times and it was interesting.

Anonymous said...

Gloria is back on for ratings.
If phobias/germs were scheduled than the reason it was flipped had to be because the last show rose with Gloria's appearance.
Anderson will do anything now to increase his ratings and this past week was a dud.
Perhaps Sanjay will be on later in the week.
Phobias seems like a more interesting topic.