Friday, October 14, 2011

Anderson Cooper Interviewed by Larry King, Circa 2006 - Part 4

In Part 4 of Anderson's interview with Larry King at the time his book, Dispatches From the Edge, A Memoir of War, Disasters, and Survival, was released, Anderson talks about his early days as a reporter, the anchor desk and being in the field. (If you missed parts 1, 2 & 3, please click on the link and follow back.)

KING: That's still your favorite thing, right? Going out to the hunt?
COOPER: It is.
KING: You like it better than the desk?
COOPER: I do. I like the desk because, I mean, it's a mental exercise of the desk when you're anchoring. And especially during breaking news coverage. You know, I mean, there's nothing better when the teleprompter is blank and it's just you and, you know, the people watching. I mean, you know what it's like. And it's all live, and the electricity is incredible.
It's the closest to being on the field as there is. For me, there's nothing like that feeling of, you know, your truck screeching to a halt and you run toward what everyone else is running from. And you know, I've seen some just extraordinary things and keep learning. And every time I go, I feel like I learn something.

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