Monday, October 10, 2011

An Anderson Cooper Special Report - Bullying: It Stops Here

Anderson Cooper opened the special by saying, "We've come here, all of us, drawn together by the power of absence. The absence of kids and of young adults, of future parents and friends, healers and leaders, none of whom will ever be. All of whom have left us because as young adults or as children they were bullied beyond their capacity to endure. They are the reason we are here. We owe them and we owe them more than talk....there's been too much talk and not enough action."

Dr. Phil McGraw, Rosalind Wiseman, Kelly Ripa and Jane Lynch were introduced. Dr. Phil and Rosalind talked with Anderson about what kind of progress has been made in the last year. There was also discussion of the lack of intervention on behalf of the kids who witness bullying.

Anderson introduced a study conducted over the last year at the Wheatley School on New York's Long Island with sociologist Robert Faris who is doing groundbreaking research on bullying.

Three students from Wheatley, Sociologist Robert Faris and Kelly Ripa joined Anderson to discuss the results. The concept of social combat - using bullying to climb the social status hierarchy was introduced and discussed. After the break Wheatley's principal joined the discussion and getting students to intervene when they witness bullying was the topic.

Next was a report on the Anoka-Hennepin School District in Minnesota that has a policy of barring teachers from talking about homosexuality. The issue is being taken up in the courts. Four students from the district who are fighting to get the policy changed shared their bullying stories and Jane Lynch & Sunny Hostin joined Anderson in the discussion. (Most of this segment was shared on AC360 Friday night.)

A documentary called "The Bully Project" was discussed next. The video of the kid being bullied on the bus in the opening segment was replayed and Lee Hirsch, Director of the documentary joined Anderson, Kelly, Dr. Phil and Rosalind for discussion of parent intervention and the role of the school. Jane Lynch joined the panel via satellite.

After a break there was more discussion of the documentary and the role parents need to play in stopping bullying.

Anderson then introduced Maurice Elias, Prof of Psychology at Rutgers University to talk about what the school has done in the year since Tyler Clementi's suicide. Stuart Snyder, President/COO, Cartoon Network explained the Facebook app - Stop Bullying Speak Up. Anderson wrapped up the special by thanking his guests and citing resources on the

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judy said...

After viewing a good portion of this bullying special, I would like to point out that here again, this was the perfect opportunity to have TEACHERS on the panel, and there were none.
All of these people on AC's panel claim to be "experts."
Have they ever spent time in a classroom, a lunchroom, or watched children interact at recess? NO
They did show interaction on a school bus, BUT, having been on school buses many times, the kids were not being supervised at all, and there were no adults around except the bus driver.
No Dr.Phil, it is not the bus drivers job to stop bullying or even to break up a fight.
And the reason children don't "tell on one another," is the same reason people have a witness protection program!
Is that too difficult to figure out? (Anderson, Dr.Phil, Kelly Ripa)
So if I were to grade this program after viewing it, I'd give it a C.
It exposes a problem IN PARENTING and not schooling children.
Children should learn discipline and proper behavior, and that includes bullying other people, AT HOME.
Schools have enough trouble just teaching kids the 3 R's without tall tales of "The teacher doesn't like me. She yelled at me and I didn't do nothing." Right.