Thursday, October 27, 2011

Anderson: Food Intervention Part 2

Anderson opened today's show talking about food; trying new foods and having a healthy relationship with food.

Anderson first guest was a 16 year old girl that weighs 320 pounds and is not happy with her weight. Ayanna joined Anderson to talk about her desire to lose weight and why. She was later joined on stage by her parents, sister (age 13 who weighs 225 pounds)and an aunt who is encouraging the whole family to lose weight and eat healthy so they can lead productive lives. 'Anderson' put together a "team" - nutrition coach, pediatrician & fitness expert - who joined the family on stage to offer helpful tips and formed a plan for the family to achieve their goals. Whole Foods donated a gift certificate, a local DC gym is giving Ayanna, her mom and sister a free gym membership for a year with trainer; and Samsung gave Ayanna a camera to document her progress. 'Anderson' will be following Ayann's progress, plus Anderson said he would go to DC to run with her and hang out ~

Next up, Anderson was joined by six 1st graders to help him try "new" foods -- shrimp, lima beans & olives ~

More talk of food, Anderson was joined by a nutritionist and member of the audience to discuss healthy eating and the contents of a hot dog ~

The last segment was about 'Anderson's' Family Dinner Challenge. The Smith family, members of the club, joined Anderson on stage to enjoy dinner around the table ~

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aries moon said...

I hope Ayanna can stick with a plan and lose the weight. There was this one little girl (one of the picky eaters) who had me laughing with her sassy attitude, she was a hoot. I love to see Anderson interacting with kids, he doesn't talk down to them or go all cutesy.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I didn't really like today's episode of 'Anderson'. I ended up fast forward though the first 30 minutes because it was so boring. Anderson's reaction to trying new food as always was funny.

@Aries Moon, that girl with the sassy attitude was funny! I liked her.

aries moon said...

@ACAnderFan, sassy attitude girl should probably have her own talk show!

Anonymous said...

Anderson needs to stop making faces like a child, when he eats vegatables he dislikes.
He's a grown man who's been all over the world and it just doesn't suit his intellect.
Just because you're with children, doesn't mean you should act like one.