Monday, October 31, 2011

Anderson: Is Anderson's House Haunted?

Today was the 'Anderson' big Halloween show and the stage was decorated to set the tone.

Anderson's costume was revealed and Phil Donahue paid a visit to the set ~

There were pictures of Anderson dressed up as a child and then talk turned to his firehouse and the "rumors" that it's haunted. 'Anderson' invited psychic medium, Lisa Williams to the firehouse and there was a brief video of her visit to three rooms of his new home ~

The rest of the show was made up Anderson's discussion with Lisa about her visit to his firehouse and Lisa's visit to a viewer's home; the "alleged" haunted town of Monticello, Florida and the paranormal investigators that 'Anderson' sent to check things out. Lisa offered advice to home viewers who think their house may be haunted. There was a pumpkin carver who spent the show carving the image of an audience member into a pumpkin, who revealed his work and offered a couple of pumpkin carving tips. Members of the studio audience were dressed in costumes and pictures sent in by viewers and affiliates were shared. The show ended with 'Anderson' awarding prizes for the best costumes.

For additional clips and information on today's program, please visit by clicking on the hot link below.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I didn't really liked today's episode of 'Anderson'. The first 10 minutes or so when they were showing Anderson's "supposed haunted" firehouse wasn't too bad. I did however really like the way they had the set decorated for Halloween, it looked cool.

Anonymous said...

Anderson does not look a think like Phil Donahue.
He doesn't even resemble Phil and all he did was emphasize the fact that he is very thin and is losing what gray hair he has.
Nor does he ACT like Phil.
I still don't know why he is afraid to have live call ins from the audience at home the way Phil did many years ago.
Phil Donahue would interact with the folks at home by saying repeatedly "Caller are you there?"
And that was forty years ago!
So NO, he's not Oprah and he certainly isn't Phil.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the clip of seeing Phil Donahue and he did have encouraging words to say to Anderson, who is continually making a fool out of himself by even comparing himself to Phil.
But Phil was gracious and loved it when he said "You have a great studio but it is on fire!'
At least this show had a theme but this is the reason Anderson didn't report on Gadhafi's slaying?
Forgive me but I think Gadhafi was a wee bit more important than celebrating Halloween in day time.
Im finding this day show business really annoying.
Especially when it interfers with Breaking News on CNN!

Anonymous said...

The show doesn't air live so live call ins wouldn't work. It's filmed two shows a day ahead of time, which helps Anderson balance it with his other show.

Anderson is a gray haired, polite, male talk show host who goes into the audience for questions. Phil is an obvious comparison. Daytime people aren't expected to be just like their costumes anyway. Regis has dressed up as the Situation and Kelly like Lady Gaga!

The talk show show didn't interfere with breaking news. Anderson was on CNN during the evening when he's supposed to be there, and CNN's morning and afternoon people covered the story earlier in the day as they are perfectly capable of doing. CNN didn't have Anderson come in to anchor during the afternoon after he'd done filming, so there's no reason to think they'd have put him on in the morning anyway.