Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Anderson: Life Swap

Today's Anderson was divided into three topics, the common thread being children. The first segment focused on a very technology addicted family, the Nunez's, who went to live with a totally technology free family in the middle of nowhere.

Sixteen year old Philip Garber sat down with Anderson to talk about the teacher who asked him not to speak in class because he stutters. After speaking with Philip about his experience Cooper talked with one of his former teachers and a speech pathologist. Lastly 8 of Philip's peers joined him on stage to demonstrate how people with stuttering problems can sing without any hesitation in speech.

The show ended with Andre Jefferson and his family recreating the exploding popsicle stick video that has gone viral on YouTube.

For more information on this, along with additional videos and other information from today's program, please visit andersoncooper.com by clicking on the hotlink below.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I didn't really like today's episode of 'Anderson'. It seemed like a bunch of not very interesting stories that were thrown together. Tomorrows episode looks better.

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the show, but just from what I see here, it looks like it was all over the place. I've actually seen a few episodes like that (if that is the case). Where it's going in on direction, then it's like the show sees a shiny object and looses focus.


Anonymous said...

"Lastly 8 of Philip's piers joined him on stage ..."

Are you sure they didn't join him on the dock?

Anonymous said...

While I didn't see the show I thought the fact that Anderson covered the story of the student who stuttered and was told not to talk by his teacher was great - no one else covered it. You guys don't happen to have a clip of the segment do you?

Anonymous said...

Let me state that I don't hate Anderson, nor do I wish to see him fail, as some here seem to think any criticism indicates.

I wanted to scream at the television when he said he woke up in the morning sighing, thinking about what he had to do that day. Perhaps if he hadn't taken on a second full-time/third job, he wouldn't feel that way.

And the YouTube videos are on the talk show now, instead of having a SHOT on 360? What's up with that?

I think Mr. Cooper needs to pick a show and go with it. I don't see how he can be in Boston Sunday/Monday for talk show stuff, fly back to NYC in time to basically read prompter for 360 and now is traveling to Philadelphia after 360 Thursday for talk show stuff on Friday; and still do justice to 360. If he wants to be a talk show host, maybe he needs to leave news like he did when he hosted The Mole. This would make me sad, but a mediocre talk show and a mediocre nightly news cast (check the ratings, they are falling for 360) just isn't working, IMO. I think he wants to have it all, but as many women learned a long time ago, it's not possible; we are only human and have to choose our priorities.

If Anderson's priorities have changed, so be it, but how long can he pretend to do it all?

-- Jenn

judy said...

@jenn: I agree with you completely in your analysis.