Friday, October 28, 2011

Anderson: Mark Wahlberg Returns to His Hometown

Anderson opened today's show talking about the Wahlberg's and gang violence, the connecting thread to today's three stories ~

A teen shot by someone he thought was a friend, as part of a gang initiation and left for dead, is Anderson's first guest. Ross and his parents were on stage to talk to Anderson about the event, his recovery and life today. 'Anderson' tracked down the man who saved Ross's life and they were re-united on stage.

Anderson's next guest was Mark Wahlberg. They spoke of Mark's rough times and his life today and also the family dinner Anderson shared with the Wahlberg family last weekend in Boston ~

Anderson's interview with Mark Wahlberg continued after the break with talk of Mark's involvement with the Boys & Girls Club (past and present), Anderson's visit to the Dorchester Boys & Girls Club where he spoke to three teens and learned to shoot hoops, and the presentation of college scholarships to the three teens who were in the studio audience ~

Anderson's final guest was Nafeesa, a gang girl in LA, and her mom Valerie. Valerie directed a documentary Gang Girl: A Mother's Journey to Save Her Daughter, in hopes of saving Nafeesa's life. Valerie worries that Nafeesa will end up dead. After a break, an ex-gang member of 20 years joined the discussion to give Nafeesa a wake up call.

Anderson closed the show by thanking his guests, reminding everyone that the contest to have him come to your house for dinner begins next week, and encouraging viewers to tune in Monday for the 'Anderson' Halloween show.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I couldn't really get into today's episode of 'Anderson', it wasn't very interesting. Although watching Anderson try to get the ball in the hoop was pretty funny!