Friday, October 21, 2011

Anderson: Meet the Johnstons: One Little Happy Family

Anderson opened today's program sharing one of his new favorite YouTube videos and asking viewers to send him theirs. Then he introduced us to the Johnstons, a married couple of achondroplasia dwarfs standing about four feet tall and their five children (two biological and three adopted); all dwarf as well~

The Johnstons shared the challenges they face in their daily lives and how they cope. It was a heartwarming story of how two parents teach their children about the importance of self esteem in helping them deal with the challenges they face from strangers, and life in general. Amber feels it is her mission to educate people. We met Trent's parents and the health challenges of dwarfs was also discussed. Anderson had a surprise for Amber, a front loading washer and dryer, and gifts for each of the children.

Next up Anderson introduced us to 13-year-old Dugan Smith who survived bone cancer and his parents ~

Dugan's doctor, Dr. Joel Mayerson, was in the audience to discuss Dugan's case. There were surprises for Dugan as well; a baseball signed by CC Sabathia (NY Yankees star pitcher for the non-baseball fans), then CC made an appearance and gave Dugan a jersey, invited him to an event in NYC on November 12th (and be part of CC's team, CC's wife was in the audience and there were three tickets for Game 4 of the World Series this Sunday donated by Major League Baseball.

Anderson was in the audience for a couple of Ask Anderson questions and left us with the three things he wants us to remember from today's show ~

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's episode of 'Anderson' was good, a little slow moving but good. Dugan Smith is a very inspirational person. He has such a positive outlook on life despite all he's been though.

Anonymous said...

So this is what it has come to, interviewing 'dwarfs.'
Right about now Geraldo Rivera is having himself a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

Overall, I liked today's show. It was refreshing after the hot mess they aired yesterday.

It may be Anderson's style to give people enough rope and let them hang themselves, but I wanted to reach into my TV and shake him for not getting on the loud mouth mom when she wouldn't let the psychologist (or anyone else for that matter) talk... I can't imagine having her for a mother. My heart bleeds for her child, who from all appearances may grow up to be just like her.

The parents and children on today's program were refreshingly polite and inspiring. The mom's from Thursday's show could learn a lot from the Johnstons and Dugan! I found both stories inspiring and uplifting!

The video request at the beginning of the program seemed a little strange. Are they trying to replicate "The Shot" from AC360?

I liked the "Ask Anderson" idea, but the actual segment, not so much. I only found the first of the three questions of interest. Not sure why Anderson stuttered and stammered so on the Skype question -- he had to know what it was in advance. Something tells me he's never been to Montana -- beautiful state, but I don't think he'd last more than 2 days before he'd be heading back to NYC! And really, another Snooki question? I hope if they do the segment again, they can come up with better questions as I think it could be good with a little more prep.

And maybe it's me, but the ending -- I don't need Anderson to tell me what to take away from the show. I can think for myself. And I don't need the Sunday Supper Club pushed down my throat. Family dinners are big at my house and always have been. The talk show wants people to tweet pictures of their Sunday dinners -- when's Anderson going to share his?