Monday, October 17, 2011

Anderson: Psychic Medium John Edward

Anderson opened today's program mentioning last week's program on psychics, before introducing John Edward.

The opening clip and Anderson's "reading" ~

Gloria wanted in on the action and here's John's "reading" with her ~

Anderson, Gloria & John discuss Gloria's "reading" and her belief, while Anderson claims he remains skeptical ~

Next us was video of John's interaction with two of Anderson's cameramen during Anderson's "reading." They were in the audience, along with family members and discussed their experience and impressions. Some other members of the audience were also "read" by John.

Anderson shared a little more from his "reading" that did not make the video ~

For more information and clips from today's program, please visit by clicking on the hot link below.

AC360 Transcript
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Anonymous said...

Anderson should know that all John Edwards had to do was Google his mother to find information for his "phony" readings.
He should have warned him mother ahead of time.
Public people are an easy target.
We could all have done her reading.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:21 I totally agree. I'm very skeptical about the whole psychic thing. And watched out of pure curiosity.

Most of what he said to her was things that we have heard or read about before.

Although I don't think warning her would have done anything. She's been into that stuff now for years.


On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's 'Anderson' was just weird. Psychics and famous people just don't mix. All John Edward had to do was read Anderson's book, Wyatt's Book and some of Gloria's book which it seems like he did in order to get his information about AC and Gloria.

Dorothy said...

I thought the show was very interesting and he seemed to really help the people he talked to. I'm not sure I'm a total believer in psychics per se, however, I do think that there are people that can channel from those who have passed on and are ligit - maybe not the thousands that read your palm for $10, but who is to say. I have heard and read alot of good things about John Edward and I know the peace he has brought to my girlfriend who lost her son, so right there I have to think he is helping people who are in bad place to take a step forward. We all have our own ways, real or not, that we use to get that foot out in front of the other.

Wonz said...

It's Wonz. I've been watching the talk show since day 1. If I hadn't, there wouldn't be a blog post here each day. Today, I'm throwing my 2-cents into this discussion.

I'm a long time fan of Anderson's, but I'm having some issues with the talk show. My main issue is honesty. I know it's a little thing, but to me indicative of a bigger issue -- Anderson opened the program today saying they received thousands of e-mails in response to the show on psychics last week; but this was simply a lie, because at the time today's show was taped, the psychic show had not yet aired. Some will say no big deal, but in my mind, if they will script that lie, where do they stop? And Anderson saying he didn't know his mom knew Marilyn Monroe -- she wrote about knowing Marilyn in the book of hers that Anderson has talked about proofreading on numerous occasions. Just "Keeping Them Honest" to borrow a phrase.

I guess I was hoping Anderson would raise the bar in daytime. For instance, the woman who's husband was leading a double life and had her kids living with him in FL while she only had supervised visitation bothered me. This is the U.S. people and unless the biological mother is deemed unfit in some way, custody is given to the biological mother. Anderson simply accepted what she said and didn't ask why. That's not that Anderson Cooper I've been watching over the years; and it left me questioning the credibility of his guests. Cut the audience questions, cut the number of guests, if it's a timing issue - but don't leave viewers wondering and questioning credibility.

I'm thinking some of the reason for Anderson's awkwardness is his seeming need to stay on script, rather than being truthful, honest and letting the conversation flow. Maybe in time this will come as he becomes more comfortable in his role of talk show host. For now it seems to me that instead of reading news off a prompter -- he's reading talk show lite off a prompter and following "stage left" - "stage right" - "go to the audience" prompts.

Just my observations and opinions after watching the show since day one and paying close attention because I'm blogging it....

If Anderson is happy in this role, than I wish him much success.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed today's program; maybe because I lost mmy mmom over a year ago. I can understand the appeal of talking with a psychic. Even if it's all made up, I don't see the downside. Even if what they say is made up, what's the harm if it brings some peace of mind and some healing to the grieving. There is nothing to be gained by believing that your loved one suffered at the end or is suffering now; you can't change it. All it does is break your heart and add to your guilt. I know how painful it is living without Mom and anything that would relieve it sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...

)I pretty much tuned out today when John Edward was describing Wyatt to Anderson and it was totally in contrast with what Anderson has written about him and what Wyatt wrote in his book, Families. Anderson basically told John Edward it wasn't true and John pushed back saying the symbol was there (indicating Anderson was wrong.) When Anderson didn't push back I could see where the narrative for the show was headed and lost interest.

-- Jenn

MichellenLomita said...

The only part of this show I wanted to see was Anderson's full reading--just to see his reaction to the psychic, but that particular segment isn't posted on his site. I'll miss it unless they post the video tomorrow; don't know why they'd withhold the part of most interest to viewers. From the preview the psychic sounded like a fake
Anyway. I agree with Wonz about the honesty,from watching the Pet Extravaganza, the only full hour I've seen. Anderson pretended fear of a little snake when on 360 he draped a big one over his neck and said he raised them as a kid. Might have to wait for him to start another new program that I'll enjoy, in an evening time slot. Love him but not tuning in to his shows! Only a couple minutes here and there.

judy said...

Wonz, I think for once, maybe twice, we agree, but then we can always agree to disagree as they say.
I could see this coming. I know that sounds unfair, but I think we all admired the Anderson we first met during Katrina, and the one Larry interviewed.
The Anderson we have now, is not "keeping them honest." I don't think he's keeping himself honest.
I don't think he's doing what he initially set out to do, and I don't think he's having fun doing it.
I could be totally wrong and I've only watched the Pet Show and the one with Gloria's life, and a few clips from this site.
You can see it in the expression on his face. Most of the time he's dead serious and tense with the audience.
The Pet Show was fun to watch and he really seemed like himself.
As some commenter noted recently, he's more relaxed on 360.
As always JMO.

Anonymous said...


Anderson's reading as shown on the talk show today is in the first video on this post. It begins 4 minutes in. The second part of Anderson's reading centered on the two cameramen in the room and then Anderson refers to another part of the reading toward the end of the show. His full-reading was not part of the program. If the talk show posts it, we will add it as en extra.


Anonymous said...

I watched the show even though I had a feeling of what was going to happen, I"m psychic, lol. No, I just knew Edwards was going to go someplace he shouldn't. So many things he mentioned have been on the Internet where anyone could read them and take their cues from that. The fact that Edwards probes in such a way that you don't know he is doing it is what really bothers me.

Someone commented in an article I read that all Edwards had to do was read up on Gloria and her family to find out what was in their background. And when he brought up Leopold I thought oh boy.

I am glad Anderson is a skeptic, you could see the look on his face when Edwards described Wyatt telling him to tell AC he was sorry for being distant.

And Wonz thank you for saying everything I'e been trying to say for the last few weeks. We've said it about 360 in the past - who decides on topics. Now we are asking it about Anderson, I wonder if he sets out topics he'd like to do and then the producers and staff tweak them for daytime? Well folks it isn't working. I'm sure the topics might work if they'd take a different angle to the topic.

Griff said...

I never forget J.E. from an episode of Oprah, where he claimed to have contact with a girl who drowned. He told the griefstricken mother that the girl in the end gave up and realized she should die - something no mother should hear - and the mother almost cried out in pain. I don't know if he is psychic or not, but he had no compassion with the poor woman, so I doubt he is very sensitive...

I re-read some of Wyatt's book yesterday and he mentions the farm and the boys a lot. I'm still waiting to hear Edwards say something he can't google.

MichellenLomita said...

Wonz, Thanks for the info. about the reading. I watched the video--seems they teased us with a short segment of the full session. Fans most looked forward to this part of the show, yet it turned out not much of anything. While respecting Anderson's privacy here, better not to show it at all than just a little piece. Fairly convinced this psychic isn't the real thing. It's obvious from Wyatt's book and photos how deeply he loved Anderson. I agree with Anon 10/18 6:02 AM; I'm relieved Anderson appears savvy enough not to let Edward play with his mind. Actually thought AC looked slightly afraid at first, but quickly caught on.

Anonymous said...

@ Wonz: You say: "For instance, the woman who's husband was leading a double life and had her kids living with him in FL while she only had supervised visitation bothered me. This is the U.S. people and unless the biological mother is deemed unfit in some way, custody is given to the biological mother."

However, there is no federal law of child custody, so each state has its own law governing this subject.

I don't know what the other 49 states do but, in California, the test is what custodial arrangement serves the best interests of the child. There is no presumption favoring the biological mother against the biological father (or vice versa), it's a matter of many factors to be considered on a case by case basis.

Anonymous said...


I checked the talk show web site and while they posted a video they called "Anderson's Psychic Reading with John Edward. (Entire Video)" it was shorter than what I included in the first video on this post.

I found it very interesting that the part where John Edward describes Wyatt as "not being emotionally nurturing"...and Anderson said that was "wrong" in so many words, was completely edited out. So what they posted wasn't even the complete video shown on the program yesterday, let alone the complete reading.

Wonz ~

sydney said...


Maybe the openings are taped at a later date so what Anderson said about the emails was possible? Just a thought.

FTR, I didn't watch this show. Although I've been DVRing them, I've only watched a few of them. Honestly, the subject matter of many have not been of interest to me. For example, this week Wednesday's show is the only one that I'll probably watch.

MichellenLomita said...

ATA is the best! Thanks again, Wonz. Finally saw the video as it appeared on the show. Know now to come here to watch the clips unedited. Somewhat disappointed in the show's site for doctoring the videos, but maybe things will improve. The part about the Iranian woman and Anderson's brother was creepy on Edward's part. Psychologically unhealthy for people who believe him.

Anonymous said...

@Sydney -

The reason that jumped out at me is because there were no talk show tapings last week -- Anderson was on vacation... so there's no way that was a true statement made in front of the audience of the program shown Monday. Had he not been on vacation, I probably wouldn't have picked up on it.

I agree with you on the topics. I said I would give him a few weeks to find his "groove" but were I not blogging, I would be done watching daily.

Wonz ~